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People traveled hundreds of nautical miles on fishing boats from the African west coast, with many of them drowning in the Atlantic. They were disasters that would repeat themselves in the Mediterranean Sea. How to address the issue? The question remains as current today as it was back then. But it is also a topic that is timeless since fleeing has been part of humanity's experience from the very start.

These are three examples in which people who fled Communist states or dictatorships were welcomed," he noted. Not everyone in the former East Germany waited until the Wall came down to go west. In , a truck driver from Dresden daringly set out with his wife and daughter in a tiny rubber boat across the Baltic Sea. It should be noted, however, that many others died trying to flee by sea. Before they could make it to Denmark, a search light went on. They released the boat and continued swimming. Captured by East German guards, Rohrbach then spent two years in prison.

Today, she's still an adventurer, traveling far and wide for her research and book-writing. Axel Mitbauer, a GDR national swim team member, used pure muscle to flee.

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He smeared himself with masses of petroleum jelly to protect himself against the icy temperatures. Over 5, people tried to escape the GDR via the Baltic — by boat, air mattress, swimming or even submarine. At least adults and children died in the endeavor. There were the more classic escape attempts, such as by this woman, who is pictured being pulled out of a West Berlin shaft in October The shaft led to an escape tunnel connecting East to West Berlin. One of several ingenious underground border crossings, 57 people escaped through the so-called "Tunnel 57" over two days before it was discovered in an East Berlin street.

In September , this woman first pushed her dog and then her shopping bag out of this window and into a rescue net provided by West German fire fighters.

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Though some people tried to pull her back into the building that stood on the border in East Berlin, she persisted and climbed out a back window to freedom in West Berlin. While most attempted escape by foot, thus risking being shot or stepping on mines, one group was exceptionally inventive. In September , 14 East Germans, among them children, were smuggled across the border in a refrigerated truck as they lay under the carcasses of slaughtered pigs being transported to the West. Surely the most compelling of escape attempts was by hot air balloon. They reached a height of 2, meters 8, ft.

That endeavor inspired both the British-American film, "Night Crossing," as well as the thriller, "Balloon," directed by Michael Herbig, which is out in German cinemas on September And that was something that occurred over decades: The US always had such an 'open door policy' toward Cuban refugees — as long as there weren't hundreds of thousands of them.

So anyone who went from subjugation to freedom was welcome. One of the photos in the exhibition at the International Maritime Museum: Vietnamese refugees depart the Cap Anamur in Hamburg; between and , more than 11, refugees were rescued at sea via the revamped ship and brought to safe harbor. It was different during the Third Reich.

The exception at that time was Shanghai, where you could enter without a visa and stay there in exile. These are things we know today. It should also not be forgotten that entering another country in was much more expensive than it is today. Crossing the border was more difficult, and an escape also had to be well prepared. Lindner believes that one cannot point blame at these countries either. They didn't want people who were a burden on the social system.

Erik Lindner delved into the subject of escape across the sea in his book published in German and English. To offer more insight into the subject, Lindner first looks back to Greek mythology — to the tale of story of Aeneas, who fled Troy and managed to begin a new life in the West after a dangerous odyssey. And that is at the beginning of the history of Europe.

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  4. Basically, Lindner said, he hopes that his book will contribute to broadening the view on the subject and that people can see that the motives for fleeing have been the same for millennia. These are actually a handful of valid reasons that exist today, just as they did a thousand years ago. He also sees a recurring pattern, for example, in the flight from hunger. In the middle of the 19th century, there was a great famine in Ireland due to years of bad harvests.

    Almost one in eight Irish people died then. One million of them left their homeland, most of them emigrating to the US, Canada or Australia. Yet even after the catastrophe was over, the exodus did not cease. By , Ireland had lost almost half of its population to migration. Kennedy, was also among the Irish famine refugees. Historian Lindner also makes parallels to contemporary life.

    The fundamental message of Erik Lindner's book is that there have always been and will always be refugee movements. It was recovered by the Turkish army in As of , Mersin had five piers at its port, with one privately owned by a railroad company serving Mersin, Tarsus , and Adana. Mersin has its highest rainfall in winter; mainly December and January which gives Mersin its healthy, nurtured coastline.

    The driest months are summer with hardly any rainfall at all. Today, Mersin is a large city spreading out along the coast, with skyscrapers, huge hotels, an opera house, expensive real estate near the sea or up in the hills, and many other modern urban amenities. The seaside of Mersin is the longest seaside in Turkey as well as in Eastern Mediterranean.

    The population of the city was , Mersin Provinces 1,, according to estimates. The population of the sub municipalities within Greater Mersin is shown below: [9]. These are established neighbourhoods where there are many well-known shops and restaurants with years of experience and reputations to protect. The city centre is a maze of narrow streets and arcades of little shops and cafes, with young people buzzing around on scooters. The old quarter near the fish market is where you will find the stalls selling tantuni and grilled liver sandwiches.

    The biggest shopping mall of the city, Forum Mersin is home to more than shops [10] and attracts all kinds of people for shopping. One of the most distinctive features of the city as a whole is the solar heating panels, they are everywhere, on top of every building. Turkey now plans to construct its first nuclear power plant some 80 miles west of Mersin.

    Environmental groups, such as Greenpeace , oppose this plan.

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    The local cuisine is famous, and restaurants specializing on the Mersin Cuisine can be found all over Turkey, and includes specialties such as:. Historically, Mersin was a major producer of cottonseed oil. Banana, olive and various fruits are also produced. The port is the mainstay of Mersin's economy.

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    There are 45 piers, a total port area of , square metres acres , with a capacity of 6, ships per year. Adjacent to the port is Mersin Free Zone established in , the first free zone in Turkey, with warehouses , shops, assembly-disassembly, maintenance and engineering workshops, banking and insurance, packing-repacking, labelling and exhibition facilities. The trading volume of the free zone was USD Mersin has highway connections to the north, east and west. Mersin is also connected to the southern railroad.

    Mersin port is an international hub for many vessels routing to European countries. It is now operated by PSA. Mersin University was founded in and started teaching in —, with 11 faculties, 6 schools and 9 vocational schools. The university has had about 10 thousand graduates, has broadened its current academic staff to more than 2, academicians, and enrolls 22, students. Toros University , a private university is also in Mersin. Because the city has been a crossroads for centuries, the local culture is a medley of civilizations.

    Mersin International Music Festival was established in and takes place every October. The Mersin Interfaith Cemetery , sometimes also called Tolerance , is renowned for being a common cemetery of all religions. It includes graves of Muslims , Christians and Jews. Anthony of Padua. In order to swim in clean water you need to get out of town, perhaps an hour along the coast. Mersin hosted the Mediterranean Games. For this purpose, eleven new sports venues were built. Mersin is twinned with:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the city.

    For the province, see Mersin Province. For the electoral district, see Mersin electoral district. For other uses, see Zephyrium disambiguation. Turkish Municipality in Mediterranean, Turkey. dictionary :: to go shopping :: English-German translation

    Turkish Municipality. Main article: Sports venues in Mersin. See also: List of twin towns and sister cities in Turkey. Retrieved 4 May II, cols.