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10 Facts about Washington and the Revolutionary War

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John Harris. From Wikipedia: John Harris was a British author.

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He published a series of crime novels featuring the character Inspector Pel, and war books. American troops reach Sicily to conquer the place, but are surprised when the locals offer to peacefully surrender, provided they are allowed to hold a soccer match and a wine festival. Things get serious as the Germans reach the place to rescue the Italians from what they presumed to be an attack.

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It is based on the novel of the same name by Howard Singer. Some elements of the screenplay were taken from actual incidents with some of the Pacific Fleet's submarines during the war. Sergeant Grimshaw William Hartnell takes on his last platoon before retirement, which is filled with failures and incompetent people. The film follows Grimshaw as he struggles to get his squad through basic training. He makes plans with the bully in the squad, Blanchard Murray Hamilton , but it backfires and leads to unforeseen circumstances.

The film satirizes the U. Based on the novel and Broadway play, the film focuses on Lieutenant Roberts Henry Fonda , who is stationed in the "backwater" areas of the Pacific Ocean, and his attempts to join the fighting in the waning days of World War II. It is the story of French Army officer Henri Rochard who must pass as a war bride in order to go back to the U. Smith and Herbie Abbott and Costello unintentionally end up enlisting for the army, where they meet Randolph Lee Bowman , a spoiled playboy, and his valet Bob Alan Curtis.

In spite of differences with the rest of the team, Randolph tries to redeem himself as Smith and Herbie continue with their habitual scamming.

Funny Place To Hold A War

The film is Charlie Chaplin's shortest feature film. Set in France during World War I, the main part of the film actually occurs in a dream. The two nations would finally negotiate a deal allowing for joint military occupation of San Juan Island in October , ending the Pig War as a bloodless stalemate—save for one unfortunate hog. Circus and hippodrome at Constantinople Credit: Getty Images. In AD, massive mobs flooded the streets of Constantinople, burning large parts of the city and nearly toppling the government of the Emperor Justinian—and all of it in the name of chariot racing.

These ancient hooligans acted more like street gangs than sports fans, and the most powerful groups—known as the Blues and the Greens—became notorious for their barbarism. Conflict erupted in January , when Emperor Justinian refused to release two members of the Blues and Greens who had been condemned to death. In a rare instance of unity, the two factions banded together and began to riot.

In a few short days, they had burned the headquarters of the city prefect, clashed with imperial guards and even attempted to crown a new emperor. Faced with a full-scale revolution, Justinian finally resolved to put down the rebellion by force. After bribing the Blues to gain their support, the emperor launched a devastating assault on the remaining hooligans.

By the end of the attack, the riots had been quelled and some 30, members of the mob lay dead around the grounds of the hippodrome. In one of the most bizarre conflicts of the 20th century, a dog inadvertently triggered an international crisis.

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The incident was the culmination of a long period of hostility between Greece and Bulgaria, which had been at odds since the Second Balkan War in the s. Tensions finally boiled over in October , when a Greek soldier was shot after allegedly crossing the border into Bulgaria while chasing after his runaway dog. The shooting became a rallying cry for the Greeks, who soon after invaded Bulgaria and occupied several villages. They were even set to commence shelling the city of Petrich when the League of Nations finally intervened and condemned the attack.

An international committee later negotiated a ceasefire between the two nations, but not before the misunderstanding had resulted in the deaths of some 50 people. In , a British mariner named Robert Jenkins displayed a severed, decomposing ear before the members of Parliament.

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