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    Ahora no. The series is written by by Chuck Dixon. Ted McKeever was originally announced as artist an produced the piece of which eventually became the wraparound cover of issue 1 , but for unknown reasons, Guido Guidi took over the job, designing the characters' new 19th century forms and drawing three of four four issues of the series with 3 drawn by Antonio Vasquez and Luis Czerniawski. Five years after the original mini-series, the creative team returned to the universe with a two-issue tie-in to IDW's Infestation 2 event.

    In , the series was brought into the modern day as part of the X-Files: Conspiracy crossover. In , a version of the story was folded into the IDW continuity via the Revolutionaries series.

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    The story opens with the Transformers engaged in a battle on Ice Age Earth , and having adopted bizarre animal alternate forms as a result. When the climate cools, both sides retreat underground and enter a period of stasis, not awakening until the 19th Century. Soon both sides are making alliances with humans and utilizing the technology of the age to continue their war, with the Decepticons attempting to reach an electrical generating station in New York City to fuel their war machine.

    John Henry and Mark Twain , along with other historical figures, play prominent roles in the book. It is not possible to pin down exactly when this story takes place, due to some contradictory information that doesn't match up to real life. The Civil War is not mentioned, so it is most likely after Mark Twain lived in San Francisco from to , and he appears to live there in this story.

    However, he claims in issue 4, to have one daughter, which would place the story between the birth of Susy Clemens and the birth of Clara Clemens. The finale of the story involves a race to New York, where it is noted Thomas Edison has completed his first electrical generating facility; this must be Pearl Street Station , which was not operational in real life until The sequel, Infestation 2 , was explicitly set in , and returning human characters did not appear to have aged as many as twenty years.

    The Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook see "Continuity" , below would go on to posit that the events of the miniseries took place years before the present day.