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She put him 1st. He never worked. Yes as the oldest child, I was his supply and his scape goat. He fooled all of us. He died. My son is 4 years old and the event he just experienced is identical to the description I read of confusional arousal. I read this after he was back asleep but about minutes into it he told me he had to pee, and did. And very shortly after he was very sleepy and back to bed.

This was terrifying for me but reading this really did help. My son is 4 years old, he just had his second night terror ever and indeed its terrifying for the parents.

The first one lasted about 30 minutes, months later this one lasted 20 minutes. For the first 15 minutes I could not of course get through to him at all. While he laid there screaming and thrashing he screamed he had to pee, then jumped out of bed squirming like he was about to pee his pants. I asked him all the quesrions, can I take you to the bathroom, yes. Can I turn on the light, yes. He peed, and abruptly he calmed right down.

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I asked him if I could pick him up and laid him down and right back to sleep he went. I read your article and wanted to say this time the urinating and turning on of light helped quickly end the situation. Thank you for the read!! I just started to notice this from my 2 yr old last night. She had 3 episodes of these confusional state last night.

I read from the comments that it is mostly related to children needing to go pee. Thank you. My daughter is 6. I am so unclear as to what is going on with her. Throughout the night she has awakened kicking her feet violently and then sits up. She is so upset, she vomits. The cycle has started both nights at am and last on and off till sunrise.

She laid right back down and went back to sleep. Does she spontaneously talk about them? Also, have you tried taking her to the bathroom and sitting her on the toilet when they first start? Have you taken her temperature? My daughter has confusional states normally at least once a night. It had been more but her excema seemed to be triggering them at one point when it was very bad when the covers moved over her skin now thank fully understand control. If I take her before she needs it she just refuses to go.

Any suggestions?

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My daughter had night terrors from age or so. At some point a light bulb turned on in my head, I had an intuition to get her to use the bathroom. It seemed to work! I then searched night terrors and urination and found something in my search that suggested I was onto something. So for her last few episodes she had, I guided her to the bathroom and it worked every time!!! Just after doing this a few times her night terrors stopped completely!

Occasionally I get reminded of our experiences and I try to suggest this strategy to others so I joined a group to share. I decided today to research night terrors and urination again, which led me to this article. I definitely think some of these children are struggling with their bodies not knowing yet to wake up and empty their bladder and then resulting in these night terror type episodes. She always urinates. Then she would just sit there.

I have to wipe her, pull her pants back up and lead her by hand or carry her back to bed. These happen maybe once a month. The episodes still scare me and she does not seem to be able to recall them. Thanks for the great article. My son who is 11 still suffers from these. He sometimes demands to be taking to the doctor as he feels he is dying. All of the time he needs to go to the toilet. My son is doing the same thing.

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This has been going on every night for 5 weeks. Have you heard of anything to do to help stop this.? Although at first my 3 year old will refuse to pee, at second or third attempt he will do so and in a matter of seconds the night terror stops. Once I found this out it was definitely a relief. Before, he would keep crying and screaming for more than 20 minutes. I had even tried wetting his hands and feet but with no success.

Apparently emptying his bladder works the best, at least for us! Thank you for the article. I will definitely share it! Just wondering at what age do night terrors typically occur? Do babies or toddlers have night terrors? They tend to be more common in boys, and are much less common after age 7. Recently, my 10 year old son has been waking up every night about an hour after he begins sleeping.

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He always yells out for us, gets out of bed, and moves quickly to find us. His arms and hands are shaking while he appears very upset. He is inconsolable but talking with eyes open. He uses the bathroom to urinate and sometimes throws up from being so worked up. Shortly after, he returns to his bed and usually does not get up again except for a few times when he has awoke several times. His words do not always make sense but sometimes they are related to schoolwork, teachers and classes.

He does not remember anything the next morning. This information about a full bladder is very interesting to me and I certainly can not argue against a possible connection based upon my experiences. I still wonder if some of the school issues and his other physical changes might also be factors. It is a helpless feeling as a parent to have to watch your child exhibit these behaviors. I am thankful that he does not recall the events each night. Exhaustion may be causing him to sleep deeper than normal. In addition, I wonder if he may be stressed out about school and the combo is coming out in this sleep pattern.

If this is the case, can you help him get to bed earlier? Perhaps over the weekend he could catch up a bit by also sleeping in? Hi, My 10 yr old has just started having this same behaviour an 1hr after being asleep. What you have described is exactly on point to what we are currently experiencing. As your situation occurred in I would be very interested to hear if he outgrew it and the episodes resolved. Thankfully, our night time experience has improved over the past 2. The night time waking continued for about a year or so. But gradually lessened over time.

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He still has nights where he seems restless and finds it difficult to sleep but moving to the couch or another location seems to help calm him. Also, he is now fully aware when awake. Looking back, I believe that he was dealing with some anxiety and probably hormonal changes. Talking about the episodes only seemed to make it worse so we rarely discussed what had happened at night with him during the day. It only seemed to made him more anxious about bedtime. However, things have improved and I hope that will be the same for you too. My son is doing the moaning and rolling around about same time every night within a 3 hour window, between 1 and 4 am.

Most of the times he needs to pee and wakes up fine to go and then is right back to sleep as soon as head hits the pillow. Tonight started out with rolling around and moaning and trying to snuggle into my shoulder. I asked if he needed to go potty and he shook his head no and I immediately asked him again and he gets up holding himself and said yes.

I asked him if he wanted his potty chair, which is in the room next to the beds, or if he wanted the toilet. He said not his chair so we trekked upstairs to the bathroom and I got his pants down to go to the bathroom and as I was sitting him on the toilet he started freaking out and screaming. He stopped screaming and throwing stuff after he urinated on my area rug. Then he was crying and when I asked if he was done pottying he said yes so he went and got his underwear and pj pants so I could help him get dressed.

He let me help him and then sat in the rocking chair while I did a quick clean up on the rug. I carried him back to bed and he crawled onto his blankets and was snoring in seconds. Would this be an instance of confusional arousal? He will be 3 in December. This sounds like a combination of confusional arousal and an irrational fear. Though in this case, it might be a rational fear. Go ahead and sit. You can pee now. Or if they try, it sends them over the edge.

My 4yo daughter has had two night terrors over the past few months. Both times after a few minutes of intense crying and thrashing and not responding I put her on the potty and as soon as she urinated the night terror immediately stopped and she fell right back asleep.

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Thank you so much for letting us know. He seemed to wake up on the plane we thought we were home-free with a sleeping baby , screamed inconsolably for 10 minutes, and then passed out again like nothing happened. Those wakings subsided once he learned to crawl. He was never really one to wake up crying, and the thrashing around made it obvious. I could nurse him back to sleep. And of course, front teeth coming in. I have been nursing him back to sleep, then he does it again at am.

All this from the baby who had never really had trouble getting through the night, and had been weaned at night. We never even really had to cry-it-out before. Is it possible night terrors are the disturbance? We will try to preempt the night terrors starting tonight. I think your observation that the last tough time was when he was learning to crawl is very fascinating. By chance, is he trying to learn a new skill now?

Walking perhaps? Hi help!!

Daughters of Night: Possession

My daughter is 6 and has been having night terrors for a year or so now, mostly every night but then sometimes goes a week without one then pop it starts again. We went to a sleep charity and had a sleep study done that found she had 68 episodes of sleep apnea in one night. She also suffered with enlarged tonsils and lots of tonsillitis so she had a tonsillectomy and adenoids out a few months ago. Her tonsils were grade 3 and she had abnormally large adavoids so they definitely needed taking out BUT unfortunately we are still having night terrors.

We have tried everything I can think of, from no TV, relaxing massages before bed, sleeping in our bed, me sleeping with her in her bed, earlier bedtime, waking her after 40 mins of sleep just before a terror due but she would just have one half hour after this.. We tried taking her to the toilet like this suggests but she does nothing when there and most of the tume its impossible to get her to sit as she is that fraught running round and jumping about.

BUT she generally always has a wet pull up in the morning which I can only guess happens between 11pm-6am while am asleep cos I check all the other times. The only thing I can think of that could trigger the terror is her being too hot, she has always been a hot child and even in winter kicks off her duvet. She is physically punished when she wakes up one morning to see bruises on her back.

Other bodily harm occurs throughout the hauntings. She is then dragged to the cellar and attacked. Carolyn is the only one who is constantly singled out by the demon. The father is not dealt with at all. While the daughters are also horrified and attacked by the spirit, punishing the daughters is just another way for the demon to get at Carolyn. Carolyn cares for her daughters, and it is devastating for her to see them attacked. This is quite a simplistic characterization, for Carolyn is written to merely serve the theme of the story rather than as a dynamic female character.

Being a mother is her main characteristic, but she is established as warm and caring one, thus allowing the demon to prey and try to destroy her strong bond with her daughters. But why is the demon attempting to destroy this relationship between mother and child? Why is the demon trying to attack this loving family and destroy their content life? When Carolyn brings in paranormal investigators Lorraine and Ed Warren, with some research they discover that the demon is that of a woman named Bathsheba.

They learn that in the s, Bathsheba was married to a rich farmer named Sherman. Together they had a child, and when it was a week old the father caught Bathsheba sacrificing her baby to the devil. Bathsheba then hanged herself after proclaiming her love for Satan, cursing anyone who tried to take her land. Carolyn learns that Bathsheba specifically seeks out the punishment of mothers, all who have lived on this property before her, in order to have them sacrifice their children to the devil. While female characters are often the ones singled out for possession, The Conjuring takes another interpretation by viewing possession through the lens of motherhood.

We have often had possessed fathers who go on to wreak havoc on their family, such as The Amityville Horror who the real-life Warrens also investigated and The Shining. The mother character is often the one to protect her child against the man. It is perhaps more believable and less horrifying when a father figure turns on their family, for it is more common or widely seen for fathers or stepfathers to be abusive to a family.