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References in classic literature? In ensnaring me you have fallen into the trap yourselves. View in context. Abraham, like his parents, seemed to have been limed and caught by the ensnaring inn. Of course such a marriage was only what Newland was entitled to; but young men are so foolish and incalculable--and some women so ensnaring and unscrupulous--that it was nothing short of a miracle to see one's only son safe past the Siren Isle and in the haven of a blameless domesticity.

The new stent--a wire net-like device fixed to the end of a catheter--is threaded through an artery from the groin to the blood clot in the brain, where it is embedded and opened, ensnaring the clot.

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Treatment breakthrough improves prognosis for stroke victims. Was this why humans were so ensnared by their world and their minds so limited?

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He smelled like dark chocolate, spices and man, a combination that ensnared her senses and made her want to taste him. Tradition says he was ensnared and poisoned by Stephania, the widow of Crescentius.

The human souls which have descended into corporeality are those which have allowed themselves to be ensnared by sensuality and overpowered by lust. She tore out of his room, the scent of his blood ensnared in her senses. She fed, ensnared by his scent, until she was soothed then tucked her head in the crook between his neck and shoulder.

The scent of her desire ensnared him, dragged him closer to the edge of his control. Even with his belly full, Xander's senses were nearly ensnared by the scent of food.

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In Assam they are sometimes speared from boats, and in the Himalayas they are said to be ensnared by bird-lime. Though good-hearted he was weak and licentious; and once out of the hands of the fanatical party he became ensnared by women and entangled in harem intrigues. Brand refused to be ensnared in Kruger's policy, and the negotiations led to no agreement.