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While the wounded Rafferty is distracted by Dwight, Miho throws a metal rod into his gun's barrel.

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When he tries to shoot Dwight, the gun backfires causing the barrel to lodge itself in his skull. Finishing the job, Miho purposely botches the decapitation, causing blood to spew from his neck, similar to "a Pez dispenser". Dwight and the Old Town girls then discover that Rafferty is actually a 'hero cop', and his death would shatter the Truce between Old Town and BCPD, leaving them open to a hostile takeover by the mob.

Realising this, Dwight offers to get rid of the bodies. Unfortunately, since there isn't enough room in the trunk of the scrapheap car they supply him with, Jack's body sits in the front with Dwight. As his frustration rises and the instinctive bottling of his rage and fear that is his weakness begins afresh, Dwight begins to hallucinate and imagines that Rafferty is talking to him, mocking him at every turn. This interferes with Dwight's driving and he attracts the attention of a motorcycle cop. At the mocking suggestion of Jack, Dwight slams on the brakes, driving the gun barrel further into Rafferty's head as he slams against the dashboard.

The cop, believing Jack is merely stone drunk, tells Dwight that he's simply driving with a busted tail-light, and lets him go with a warning. As Dwight is about to dispose of the bodies at the Santa Yolanda Tar Pits , Irish mercenaries attack and cut off Jack's head to give to the mob. Miho pulls Dwight out of the tarpits and then pursue and kill the mercenaries, retrieving the head. Back in Old Town, he calls the mobsters, offering to exchange the head for Gail. They agree, and the exchange is made.

However, Dwight has packed the head with a mercenary's grenades and detonates it. The head explodes, eliminating Rafferty's head, the evidence, and the Old Town girls hiding on the rooftops to shower the mobsters with bullets, killing them all. Miller has confirmed there will be a graphic novel coming soon showing the rise and fall of Rafferty. During the making of the film, del Toro told makeup artist Gregory Nicotero that he felt that he needed to have some minor prosthetic work so that he could look even more like the character.

In response, Nicotero squared off his chin and gave him a longer, thinner nose. The resulting look was not only strikingly similar, but was also subtle enough to not be obtrusive, given the make-up used for Mickey Rourke's Marv and Nick Stahl's Yellow Bastard; in guest director Quentin Tarantino's words, "you forget that that's not what [Benicio del Toro] looks like. Quentin Tarantino directed the scene in which Dwight hallucinates that Jackie-Boy's corpse is talking.

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One notable suggestion Tarantino brought to the character was that his voice be affected by his partially severed neck and vocal cords, ranging from a throaty yet sibilant gurgle to a hoarse, guttural whisper. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a Wiki. Jack Rafferty. Without an autopsy, the SS grabbed the body and sped to Love Field in a hearse. The bravest of the brave was Dr. McClelland who wrote in his report that the President died from a massive gunshot wound to the left temple. Here is his report as filed in the Warren Commission Hearings: The cause of death was due to massive head and brain injury from a gunshot wound of the left temple.

Warren Commission Hearings, vol. XVII, p.

Jackie Christian-Carter's Gender Transition At Age 4 Is So Brave It Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

Any shots fired from the left of Dealey Plaza would have hit Jackie first and that of course would be an impossibility. In any murder investigation, family members are usually the first suspects. Doctors who challenged the official dogma that the bullet entered the right side of the President's head jeopardized their medical careers. Immediately after the assassination, Cardinal Cushing ordered Fr. John J. Cavanaugh to the White House to hear Jackie's confession. The very next morning, Fr. Cavanaugh, the Kennedy's spiritual advisor, showed up to hear Jackie's confession:.


There was to be a brief Mass for family and friends that morning at the White House. Father John J. Cavanaugh, a former president of Notre Dame University and a longtime Kennedy family friend, knocked on the door of Jackie's bedroom at A. What am I supposed to confess, Father? Instead, she demanded to know how a caring God could "let something like this happen. The hierarchy knew exactly what Jackie did.

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She had to confess the murder before she was allowed to attend the funeral mass for her dead husband. The Latin Church confessional is a veritable license to sin. No matter how heinous the crime, as long as you confess to the priest, he claims to have the power to absolve you. Jackie did exactly that and was absolved after saying the appropriate penance.

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  7. That was why Jackie could look the world in the eye and deny she had any part in the murder of her husband. She may have believed she was forgiven but her conscience told her that she was guilty. From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say: Do penance, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand Matthew , Douay-Rheims Version. All Jackie had to do was confess to her priest, do the required penance, and all was forgiven.

    She was never told to change her incestuous ways like having an affair with Bobby Kennedy—her dead husband's brother.

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    According to Latin Church canon law, the priest is bound to secrecy, and cannot tell the government about any crime that he hears in the confessional. Nevertheless, the priest must tell his bishop everything he hears in the confessional, the bishop notifies his cardinal, who in turn notifies the Vatican. That is why the confessional is the most sophisticated spying system ever invented by fallen man. Andersen, Christopher. Jackie After Jack. Crenshaw, Charles A.

    Paraview Press, New York, Dallas Times Herald , November 22, Weisberg, Harold.

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    Whitewash: The Report on the Warren Report. Hyattstown, MD, Warren Commission Hearings Online. Back to Main Menu. Jack and the "Pink Panther" arriving at Love Field. Jackie holding the Lambchop puppet. George Bannerman Dealey — Triple underpass at Dealey Plaza where the final shot, or shots, were fired. William Greer — Roy Kellerman — Jackie had the small pistol hidden in the Lambchop puppet. Jackie's leap was the signal for Clint Hill to join her in the back seat. SS agent Clint Hill b. Clint Hill, Jackie's bodyguard and partner in crime.. The mortally wounded President was rushed to the nearby Parkland Hospital.

    Charles Crenshaw — Trauma Room One where President Kennedy died. Robert McClelland b. Cardinal Cushing —