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Email Address : loyalvictoria gmail. The lodge entrance is the first door up the driveway on the right.

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The lodge room and dining room are on the first floor. The toilets are on the ground floor. There is a steep flight of stairs with an electric chair lift. The Hall is on the left after the lights for Tesco and before a large road sign. At the traffic lights, continue across into Tavistock Road and the Hall is on the right past 3 bungalows.

In his book, Win the Customer, Not the Argument , Don Gallegos details why and how excellence in customer service is integral to any business. Gallegos describes an angry customer returning a gallon of milk to a grocery store. The customer service team was trained to give a full refund, no questions asked.

Even though the milk carton had a label from a competitor, the customer service team took care of the customer and issued a refund, earning a lifetime of loyalty. Your people, and their ability to communicate effectively and strategically, are keys to effective customer service. A customer service team able to handle complaints pleasantly and to diffuse a frustrating situation in a calm and timely way will go far in differentiating your organization from others.

Customer loyalty is not just about repeat business.

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Customer loyalty exists when a customer chooses to do business with a company even when a less expensive, more convenient, or higher quality alternative is available somewhere else. It is no secret that retaining existing customers is less costly than recruiting new customers. That means cultivating customer loyalty is critical to the financial success of any business.

Involving both customers and employees in developing standards for customer service promotes buy in from these important stakeholders. Conduct employee training to establish expectations in the delivery of customer service. Strive to provide courteous, efficient, and prompt service.

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Make sure customers have the full, undivided attention of employees and treat each customer as an individual. Anything an organization can do to un-complicate things for the customer leads to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Establishing multi-channel strategies makes it easy for customers to shop online or in stores. Creating free shipping and flexible return policies helps eliminate customer anxiety.

Customers already in the stores are rewarded with future savings. Retail and Consumer Practice Advisory Leader with a retail consulting firm. Excellence in customer service will bring repeat business through your doors.

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The customer supply chain is a long one, with customers both internal and external to the organization. Conducting customer service surveys of all customers in the chain helps to identify quality of service, timeliness of service, promptness of service, and satisfaction with facilities in terms of cleanliness, hours, payment methods, parking, and general access.

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Then, resurvey periodically to gauge the effectiveness of your improvement initiatives. Understanding customer needs and expectations is a prerequisite to providing an excellent customer experience.

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If you would like to learn more about how NBRI can help you discover ways to improve your customer service and drive customer loyalty, contact us now at