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Released by Concierge Medicine Today , the private-pay medical industry's oldest news and information trade journal, Atlanta-based healthcare writers, Catherine Sykes and Michael Tetreault have released the version in a practical question and answer format. They're reducing hospitalizations significantly, compatible with nearly every insurance plan in America and people are saving more money on their healthcare costs each year. More people are enrolling in high-deductible health insurance plans that cover major, unforeseen events, leaving the everyday expenses to the consumer--just like auto and homeowners' insurance.

The Patients Guide To Concierge Medicine and Affordable Direct-Pay Healthcare is available to help patients decide for themselves if this model of healthcare meets their needs. Regardless of what they might have heard or already know, this publication can help guide them through the decision-making process of choosing their next doctor. The Affordable Care Act will enable self-employed and self-insured individuals and companies to move their coverage to these doctors in a faster, more timely manner.

With the introduction of mandated health insurance coverage, long lines at the doctor's office and the uncertainty of keeping their physician, choosing a concierge doctor or direct-pay physician is a real, affordable and simple option for the families, companies and individuals who will be looking.

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Share on Pinterest Kurt Mosley was speaking to a group of physicians when the subject of concierge medicine came up. Written by Nina Lincoff on June 30, We limit the number of patients each of our primary care physicians treat. As a result, you partner with your primary care physician on your medical care.

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During your appointment, you enjoy more one-on-one time with your doctor. You can use the time to thoroughly discuss any health concerns you have.

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If you have questions after hours or while traveling, you can always reach your doctor by calling Duke Signature Care at Our advanced electronic medical record system is also accessed by every Duke doctor in every Duke facility so your care will always be coordinated. As part of a nationally ranked medical center, they have access to the latest research, technology, and medical advances, many of which are discovered at Duke Health. You work and talk with the same group of people that get to know you, and you know them.

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