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Many journals focus on historical or sociological topics or concentrate on particular religious traditions, such as Judaism or Islam. Religious studies journals have been laggard in gaining accessibility through the Internet, but libraries specializing in religious history have started to catch up. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the academic journal, see Religious Studies journal. See also: History of religion. Main articles: Evolutionary origin of religions , Evolutionary psychology of religion , and Revelation. Main article: Psychology of religion.

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Nine Theories of Religion. New York: Oxford University Press, Sharpe, Eric J. Sloan Wilson, David. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, Stark, Rodney. New York: HarperCollins, Get involved in the democratic institutions and conversations around you. Build trusted relationships in your community among people of diverse opinions.

For example, serve in your neighborhood, get involved with your business or professional association, run for a school board, or coach a sports team. Learn more about each of these areas on this section of LDS. As you study the content, prayerfully seek the Spirit to know what Heavenly Father would have you do to understand and protect religious freedom. Religious freedom allows people to exercise their agency in matters of faith.

See how one person can still have an impact. See how religious freedom affects everyday conversations, workplaces, and public schools. Church leaders talk frequently about religious freedom.

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Philosophy of Religion Philosophical issues and questions: Arguments for the existence of God Challenges to religious belief — The problem of evil and suffering Challenges to religious belief — Religious belief as a product of the human mind The nature and influence of religious experience The nature of religious language Religion and Ethics Ethical thought and theories Deontological Ethics — Natural Law applied to abortion and voluntary euthanasia and Proportionalism applied to immigration and capital punishment Teleological Ethics — Situation Ethics applied to homosexuality and polyamorous relationships and Utilitarianism applied to animal experimentation for medical research and the use of nuclear weapons as a deterrent.

Determinism and free will. Each paper is examined by written examination of 2 hours and each paper counts for a third of the qualification. Religious Studies Why choose Religious Studies? Who is God? What is the right way to live? Get to grips with what people believe and what makes them act as they do. It is also about society and culture such as that in India, and also teaches you how to analyse philosophical and ethical theories.

Religious Studies will appeal to you if you are enthusiastic and thoughtful enough to want to understand the deeply held convictions of others and to examine your own prejudices, assumptions and beliefs. Our Approach We look at philosophical, ethical and religious beliefs and practices in an objective, open-minded and exploratory way, encouraging debate and also enabling you to step imaginatively into the shoes of religious believers.