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Shelves: edu , grs , nonfiction , book-i-would-never-choose-to-read-o. In the past, younger students who liked to read nonfiction were often faced with reading books that were far above their reading level. Although non-fiction, the books read more like a story, which also adds to their appeal. This would be a good book to use in the fall in a multidisciplinary unit: read the nonfiction account of his life, talk about statistics and averages in math, have students find out more about the history of baseball or the time period in social studies, etc.

Nov 01, Kiyu Nishiki rated it really liked it. It is not easy, but that can't be the reason why you can't do it. This is his word. I think it's really nice word. I was moved by it. He was poor when he was child. He was taken to Saint Mary Technical High school because he was bad boy. He learned the rules of baseball by his teacher, Macias. Then, he bacame professional baseball player, and made some great records. He throws left hand, and bats left. He said to be a God of baseball. View 1 comment. Jun 12, Chandler Jordahl rated it really liked it Shelves: info-bios.

Babe Ruth was not always an idol. He grew up in a poor family and definitely gave them a run for their money. This biography takes you threw Babe Ruth's life from birth to death, and all of his challenges and accomplishes in between. All of the books in this series provide a great simplistic approach to informational text. A perfect fit for young readers or struggling readers. I am currently using this with my 4th graders to explore biographies and how to dissect the information.

I love the time Babe Ruth was not always an idol. I love the timeline included at the end! Highly recommend for all elementary classrooms! Mar 02, Kaleb Munro rated it it was amazing. Who was Babe Ruth by Joan Hulb. This book is about a legendary baseball player named Babe Ruth, Babe was a baseball legend in the ss he broke every batting record that existed he was a inspiring player to watch in that time. But what is his story?

Babe Ruth in my opinion is one of the best baseball players of all time he could hit pitch and run bases. With a legend in the making who knew Babe was going to grow up and become the greatest baseball player of all time. I recommend this book to baseball fans and for people who need a easy read but want to learn more about sports. I enjoyed this book and learned a lot about this baseball legend. What I really was impressed with was that the author was very objective. She told the good and the bad. She did not make him out to be a saint. He had faults and they caught up with him at times and affected his career and personal life, including his marriage.

I think that balance is good in biographies. Kids need to know people are not perfect. People can still inspire us to greatness even with flaws. I think kids wil pages. I think kids will enjoy this one. Highly recommended for Grades Apr 16, Ashton Temple rated it it was amazing. May 19, Adam N rated it really liked it. I really liked the book I learned a lot more than I thought.

I thought the illustrations were pretty good. Some facts about babe Ruth are his real name is George Herman Ruth.

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When he was eight his parents gave up on him and took him to Saint Mary's industrial school. When he was 19 he was picked to go to the Baltimore Orioles. During him season he hit home runs and made 80, dollars. He died and suggest 16 May 29, Ethan W rated it really liked it. Where to start? He broke many records. Home runs in one season. Home runs in one game. Now that's amazing he was breaking his own records.

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He was pretty old in my opinion he retired at I like how they went over seas and showed other countries baseball. I find it weird how fans could throw food at them. The reason I give it 4 stars is because I don't really like non fiction books. May 14, Jackson B rated it really liked it. I liked this book because of all the movies made out of it I never knew that it was so captivating.

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I have always liked baseball but not enough to go to a bunch of games and Babe Ruth has convinced me of the importance of baseball. I didn't like when he would keep returning to getting drunk and partying all night and playing the next day. I liked that he got to learn and excel at baseball through the orphanage. I didn't like that he was divorced, that shouldn't have to happen to a marriage, but I liked this book because of all the movies made out of it I never knew that it was so captivating.

I didn't like that he was divorced, that shouldn't have to happen to a marriage, but he found someone new that he loved. It was sad to have him die but he died watching baseball on the television. I recommend this book to people that want to come across some new knowledge and learn about someone that got us through the war. I also like that he was a funny guy a prankster. He also was a bad kid so he got sent a place were bad kids go to. I highly recommed this book. You would learn more about Babe Ruth.

Nov 06, Kate Schwarz rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-with-kids , middle-grade , early-reader , baseball. Dozens of these books have been in and out of my older two children's hands for the past few years. But this is the first I've read--with my youngest child, first grade. And it was just fantastic--tons of facts, told in an interesting way, with lots of pictures to keep him visually interested as well.

This is such a great series! Apr 22, Kama rated it really liked it. Biographical Nonfiction Grade level: I liked learning about Babe Ruth because my younger brother just started picking up baseball. May 25, Nic Recene rated it really liked it. One thing I like about this book is that you can really feel what the 's felt like. One thing I didn't like was that they didnt talk about him calling his shot. I would recommend this book to anyone who like history. Nov 27, Alicia Cantu rated it really liked it Shelves: children-s-lit. This biography goes about the life of Babe Ruth in a fun and interesting way.

It will keep children interested in what comes next in his life and how he got to where he got with baseball. Reading about his journey in text that isn't small and boring is a good way to teach children about how he lived his life and started his career. Genre: Biography Grade: 1st and higher.

Feb 09, Brooklynn Gookin rated it it was amazing. I like this book because you get to learn about baseball and Babes life. Nov 30, Remington Isaacs rated it it was amazing. Oct 07, Catherine rated it really liked it Shelves: history , childrens , biography , nonfiction. He had an interesting life. It's interesting seeing what was considered a large paycheck when he was alive.

Another early morning read. Enjoyed it! Mar 03, Sondra rated it liked it. I appreciated that this showed his positive and negative traits. It remains the only time in World Series history that the final out was recorded on a caught stealing. He won both games, pitching all nine innings. He never reached strikeouts in one season Reggie Jackson had 18 seasons where he had or more strikeouts.

Ruth: None. In , he almost had as many homers 46 as strikeouts He had a tumultuous, but respectful, relationship with Lou Gehrig Lou Gehrig and Ruth formed the best one-two punch of all time. The two initially were close friends before having a falling out. He knew his place on the Yankees.

The real reason the Red Sox sold Babe Ruth

So, did he call that shot or what? Ruth saved the best for last. Only Mickey Mantle, with 18, had more career homers in the Fall Classic. Did he really call his shot? What led to his final home run Playing for the Boston Braves, Ruth hit last three homers in one game against Pittsburgh on May 25, Bush was a chief instigator that day, actually leaving the Cubs dugout to heckle Ruth. When Ruth hit No. Lou Gehrig was No. Empty comment.

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