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Men provide a diverse perspective within the nursing profession, bringing their own skills, strengths, and motivations to the table.

Men in Nursing: Fact vs. Fiction

Some patients may be more comfortable receiving certain types of care from male nurses, thus the presence of men on a hospital unit can be an advantage for both staff and patients. With an expanding number of female physicians in the healthcare space, patients of all generations are becoming increasingly aware of changing gender norms within the healthcare system, and throughout society as a whole. In an effort to reshape the profession more quickly, the American Assembly for Men in Nursing AAMN has launched a 20 x 20 campaign , a recruiting initiative to increase male enrollment in nursing programs to 20 percent by In contrast to past nursing recruitment campaigns, this campaign is designed to minimize gender image and instead focus on knowledge and competencies for men in the nursing profession.

The AAMN continues to advocate for the expansion of roles for men within the profession, as well as the active recruitment of men into nursing careers. Additionally, organizations such as the American Association of Colleges of Nursing support the proactive diversification of the nursing workforce in the interest of a strengthened profession that more closely mirrors the general population, and more readily addresses the diverse healthcare needs of that population.

They include the recruitment of men in their views on nurse diversity. Sean Dent has been a nurse since He is an acute care nurse practitioner with over 20 years of experience in healthcare. I was absolutely flabbergasted at the impact that he could have on a human being by simply paying attention and showing that he cared. For me, it was a personal experience as a patient.

A man's guide to a nursing career

About 12 years ago, I was injured and hospitalized for 2 days. I was cared for by a female nurse and a male nurse, and my experience of the two could not have been more different. To say that the female nurse neglected and judged me would be kind; I was seriously neglected by her. Meanwhile, the male nurse took the time to acknowledge my problems and learn more about me. He was a male nurse, and that seemed highly unusual to me; second, he was African American. He truly broke the mold for me in multiple ways. As soon I got home from the hospital, I decided to research local nursing schools.

I applied right away, began my prerequisites, and within two years, I was in nursing school. I never looked back.

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I feel valued. I wanted this, and I also chose to advance my career and become a nurse practitioner. A stigma strengthened by the media is that men who go into nursing must be gay. I actually met my wife in nursing school when we were classmates, and we were married six months after graduation! When I began my career, I would be offended and angered by some of these judgmental questions and comments. We care for patients at the most vulnerable and scary times of their lives, so we need to do whatever we can to make sure they feel cared about, even if it means not being their nurse. Ask yourself why you want to be a nurse.

Becoming a nurse should have nothing to do with being male or female; it has to do with who you are as a person. There are however, a few things male nursing students can do to make the most of their education and overcome gender stereotypes and biases. If a man wants to take inspired action in terms of pursuing a nursing career, here are some actionable steps in that regard:. Interview, connect with, and shadow a variety of men and women in the nursing profession who you look up to and admire. Consider finding a mentor who can guide you through the process of entering the nursing profession.

Follow salient social media feeds about nurses and nursing, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn; get involved in some of those conversations. Use social media and local connections to begin building a robust professional network, even before you begin school. There are myriad scholarships available for nursing students, but many are not specifically for men. Mentorship through positive relationships.

Mentorship is an important concept for new nurses, as they work to navigate the profession and learn needed skills for… Read more…. Patience: An antidote to despair. Some say having patience is a good thing.

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