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Writers: Corey Pearson original story , Corey Pearson screenplay. Share this Rating Title: Harmony 5. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image. Learn more More Like This.

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Cold Blood Action Mystery Thriller. Skin in the Game The Public The Wedding Guest Feedback II Horror Thriller.

Donovan Reid Plus One Comedy Drama Romance. Beth Miller Eamon Farren Jimmy Jessica Falkholt Harmony Tessa James Eve Jerome Meyer Mason Lewis Fitz-Gerald Lenox Antoniette Iesue Harmony's Mother Jordan Cowan Tick Salvatore Coco Junkie Tiriel Mora Homeless guy Monica Sayers Nurse Akos Armont David Linden Ines English I certainly don't regret asking Harmony out in high school, and I never will.

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I love harmony! Harmony's one of the coolest people ever! Normaly a beautiful, musical and caring girl. She may seem shy to all that don't know her, but she is outgoing and down to earth to those she knows well. Once you become close friends with Harmony, she will open up to you and your relationship will last a life time.

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Your relationship with Harmony will last a life time. Harmony is beauitiful. Harmony is the girl you regret rejecting in high school. Harmony is just beautiful. She knows her worth.

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It arose less than a millennium ago in the music of western Europe and is embraced today only in those musical cultures that trace their origins to that area. The concept of harmony and harmonic relationships is not an arbitrary creation.

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It is based on certain relationships among musical tones that the human ear accepts almost reflexively and that are also expressible through elementary scientific investigation. These relationships were first demonstrated by the Greek philosopher Pythagoras in the 6th century bce. In one of his most famous experiments, a stretched string was divided by simple arithmetical ratios , , ,… and plucked.

By this means he demonstrated that the intervals , or distances between tones, that the string sounded before and after it was divided are the most fundamental intervals the ear perceives. These intervals, which occur in the music of nearly all cultures, either in melody or in harmony, are the octave , the fifth , and the fourth. An octave, as from C to the C above it, encompasses eight white notes on a piano keyboard, or a comparable mixture of white and black notes. A fifth, as from C to G, encompasses five white notes; a fourth, as from C to F, four white notes.


In other words, a string divided in the ratio yields the octave c of its fundamental note C. Likewise, the ratio or two-thirds of its length yields the fifth, and the ratio , the fourth. These notes—the fundamental and the notes a fourth, a fifth, and an octave above it—form the primary musical intervals, the cornerstones on which Western harmony is built.

The organized system of Western harmony as practiced from c.