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Includes an extended comparison of Rome and Carthage. Polybius c.

Origins of Rome

Thomas, Plutarch c. Suetonius c. With Occasional Remarks. Probably addressed to Theodosius the Great.

A Brief History of Rome

Claudius b. Herodotus c. The document as a whole shows the Roman exploitation of Egypt. Dio Cassius c. David Wilson-Okamura [At Virgil.

History: The Roman Empire Documentary

Augustan Encomiums , c. Petronius Arbiter c. Allinson, Has annoyi-TML markup!


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  • The High Empire (27 BC – 305 AD).
  • The Low Empire (305 AD – 476 AD)?
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Not simply because I am a Latin teacher, but because I am an habitual learner. I am thoroughly enjoying A History of the World in Objects right now. Next, I will brush up on my Roman History for my M. Ed in Latin by reviewing this podcast along with my readings. I highly recommend these freebies for anyone who loves history. I really like reading and listening historical stories. It gives me the feeling of being socially connected.

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  • The Other Gia.
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