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Django Reinhardt Easter Egg. Django Reinhardt Nightingale. Django Reinhardt Range. The J. Project Tangled Web. Lori Carsillo A Dream or Two. Read the article Omer Klein Trio: A Mediterranean Medley With his knack for composing unique narratives and his flawless harmonic precision, Omer Klein really comes into his own in trios. Read the article More articles. News Cassius: Sweet Dreems Just two days after Zdar's accidental death, his duo with Boom Bass released their new album Read the article Car Seat Headrest moves up a gear Will Toledo's band pieces together highlights from their show tour for an in-your-face and raucous live album.

Okeh A large red Electric label. Okeh , and Okeh , and small black labels have not been verified to exist. His newly acquired 2nd copy has master number C JR6 only lists take b and take c. Differences between takes are minimal. He thinks that someone, working on an issue of the Williams titles, misread the master numbers reading an 8 for a 3 and took out the Armstrong cards. Could well be! Nominated for nine Oscars, it only received one for the script. Decca album during the s. They are noted in JR6 as The performers are not named in the script but were dubbings and it seems that Decca had no original metal identified by Buddy Collette in as Raymond Tate masters.

Can anyone supply a copy of the clarinet , Buddy Banks tenor sax , Cee Pee Johnson guitar text that came with the Decca 78 album? Who knows what and tom-toms , Johnny Miller bass , Alton Redd drums and really happened? I have seen a copy and it categorically vocal. The actual performance would have lasted at least states that the original metals had been destroyed, hence the three minutes but, as so often happens in the film world, it need to make dubbings - Ed.


Cee Pee Johnson appeared in several films at this time and his tom-tom playing recalled the Also I would like to hear the two titles by the California masterly tympani playing of Vic Berton in the s. Lars Walter Sweden notes that labels of sunburst Decca and do not mention this and wonders if the session's third title on Decca does. Does anyone have this? If you feel we should review a specific item, please provide details or, better still, why not have a go at reviewing it yourself?

An Encyclopedic History. By Allan Sutton. ISNBN: Heavy-duty library binding. Limited edition of copies. This is the book I have been waiting for since I began doing discographical research in But none of these were based on original research and often had many errors and misunderstandings Rust, for example, gives the wrong location for the Gennett studios at the time the QRS recordings were made there.

Allan Sutton has proved in his previous work for his Mainspring Press Company that he is a tireless researcher who goes back to the original sources, including trade journals and court records. The result is really an Encyclopedia on the 78 era including phonograph cylinders. There are well over 1. There are MANY facts published here for the first time and it will take me weeks to digest it all.

Sutton was rightfully given a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Association for Recorded Sound Collections in , but his attitude to other researchers, past and present, has often been dismissive - an unfortunate trait. There are no acknowledgements whatsoever of anyone helping him in his research, and he is not infallible, as has been shown in the past. For instance, twenty-six jazz pirate labels. Also, a check of The World's Encyclopedia of Recorded Music, London , reveals the present books lacks 39 American labels with classical music most of them very obscure and probably with very small production runs.

Also, the 8 reissues from Paramount V vinylite , are not mentioned. The Commodore label itself with original recordings instead of reissues without the Music Shop moniker started in January French Swing was the first, from April Blue Note, the third, from January In addition to the studios mentioned, Commodore used the Baldwin and Reeves studios.

The Lion appeared on one side of an LP in Also, the Lu Watters titles were reissued from Jazz Man. Notice that the Roost catalogue series skipped which were on the 3 Deuces label and also the matrix numbers which were assigned to these titles. Author Ratfcliffe meticulously researched the region in which Hurt grew up — Avalon is in the center of the state near Greenwood, but, having only or so residents at its peak, no longer exists as a community. He follows the family roots through slavery into the sharecropping days of the latter 19th Century Hurt was born in though the mid 20th Century.

But the lesser-told part was that the supervisor of the session was Tommy Rockwell — friend to Bix Beiderbecke, Frank Teschmacher and the Chicagoans — who personally sought Hurt to make additional recordings, paying his way to New York and his hotel expenses. The author relates how Hurt, uneasy about traveling so far, asked Rockwell to accompany him on the long train journey. No, all issues are original recordings for Wallin's! One astonishing fact I learned from this work was that in the s the jukebox owners forced Signature and other labels After the New York session, Hurt returned to Avalon to make records with a maximum length of 2 minutes to get Mississippi to await more recording opportunities.

One more plays! Meyer sought Hurt for his start-up label, Lonesome Ace, that used Paramount This is an essential work for all record collectors and facilities to record and press his records. Meyer recorded the researchers. The price in reasonable, but note that only country banjoist Dock Boggs and the balladeer Emry Arthur. By Philip R. University Press of Mississippi.

Fortunately for future listeners, he continued arrived in the post, playing for family and friends so he was still sharp when the my first thought was next wave came calling. And it IS difficult: Mississippi The sad part is all too predictable: money brings lawsuits J o h n H u r t s p e n t and they started flying not long after Hurt reclaimed his most of his life in a songster career.

Hoskins had forged a partnership with rural area of his Richard Spottswood to manage and record Hurt, but promptly state, farming and had a falling out. The author, thankfully, takes no of the man is someone very extraordinary. He was a gentle sides in his detailed reporting of these legal battles, but they soul, a dedicated family man, a hard worker and a stoic who did compromise the happiness that Mississippi John Hurt could endure the worst with grace and humor.

Compiled by Rich Conaty. Rivermont BSW www. One wonders howfor reeler. There are few discerning already germinating in the period covered by this CD and evening 42 years: some goodare soloaswork. I only met demise in , in spite of the red star! Walter histhe co-star the that time and that we still hear today. But in an and interview given, the Big Broadcast.

But waiting six expected to stick rigidly to the 3-minute formula, otherwise final CD at ofathe series, was at the planning at the isthe Redclub Nichols. Each track is annotated by someone who Jersey Walk, one of the more sought-after items by Lee Morse. Some of the than a few bars, but the Harry Reser-led group here gets a would have heard 94 years ago! Except, of course, they would the Bessie Smith library - according to John Clark. In the case of Vocalion from whose items.

Few recordings tracks. Frog DGF87 www. If you have printed matter to sell, please call or write. We also issue catalogs. Evanston, IL or Out Of Nowhere is one of my favourite tunes; the rendering here, by Bob Haring, with vocal by Smith Ballew, is sadly somewhat run-of-the-mill, but is lifted by an interesting celeste solo on the verse. This is an excellent hot side, with really good piano by Ivor Moreton and fine clarinet work from the leader. This CD is worth it just for this splendid and rare record! Tracy was apparently more popular in the UK than in the US and has the distinction, in the context of this CD, of having actually appeared in the Big Broadcast in It romps along at a fair old pace and features some excellent trumpet work.

By the time Jimmy Joy recorded I Got Worry for Brunswick in May another rarely recorded number , his glory days as a red hot band on OKeh were long past, and he had adopted a much more orthodox dance band style. I Got Worry is the hottest of his later output, with a short but fiery trombone solo and a punchy arrangement. His work by the band. Her vocal is also rhythmically very good, and the Leo McConville? Over records offered on each auction with no minimum bids. You are missing out on a lot of fun if not on our mailing list.

Fax Email: DNReiss verizon. It was made for Bluebird and features some excellent sax work in a spirited and well executed swing arrangement. Frances Maddux was popular enough by to have her own picture label on Liberty Music Shop. Unfortunately, the recording quality is pretty dire towards the end. This CD is a fitting tribute to the man.

The arrangement is good but the. Winners only notified. Condition, as ever, guaranteed. Basically, there are two ways of bidding; first is the simple Straight Bid - you offer a fixed amount for an item and if yours is the highest bid, you win at that price. Secondly, and easier for those more familiar with internet auctions and for those collectors unsure of what to offer, is the Maximum Bid. In the event of a tie the fixed bidder, or earliest-placed bid wins. Please make clear the system of bidding you are using and currency you are bidding in Pounds Sterling, Euros or US Dollars. If you have a maximum budget to spend, please advise with your bids.

NOTE: Some of the categorisation of certain instrumental-based artists has been, by necessity, arbitrary so please check all sections. Over plus years Morris amassed a great collection, notable not only for the quality of the records, but for the superb condition of most of the items. Texas Stomp. Road-Man Blues. Fine sides! Br E- Great sides with red hot backing!

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Guitar solo. OK E- Fine playing copy of this Bechet classic! Col D E few lt scrs nap Fine Acc! Mountain Jack Blues. Pm E, slightly pimply surface typical of this period of Paramount but plays fine. Great sides and rare! Marvellous music! Col D E Fine copy of essential Bessie item!

Johnson pno. Vic E Great Thomas Morris group acc. My Handy Man.

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Lonnie Johnson gtr. Vic V E Rare and very fine sides! Vic E Memorable sides with a Duke Ellington small group backing - uncommon too! Mel E- needs a very large 0. OK E Delta Guitar blues! Dec E- Fine sides by Shreveport slide guitarist! Ger Br E lt rubs nap. Django, Big Boy Goudie. Picc EE- few v. Orig Sleeve. Hot side! Louis Bl. PaE R E- Excellent acc. HOLT Piano solos. Hom H Fine piano solos!

EBW E Rare and hot! Zurich, !

BrE E- Rare Paris sides by renowned black film star! PaE R E- scfs and lt scrs. Super rare Cambridge University college Band sides! PaE R EE- solos both sides! London , fine acc! Zon E- Mississippi riverboat band in London, ! Ahola etc! What A Night To Love. Zon E- Great side! Imp E Excellent solos s1! Fr Col DF E- few scfs. Rare Paris sides! Garland Wilson pno. Good acc. Hot Club Parade. Benny Carter, Gene Rogers etc. The Man I Love. Imp E- Fine Norman Payne tpt solo s1!

Kitten on the Keys. Aco G EE- extra spindle hole. HMV B E great folk rag sides! Buffalo Rag. High Society. Standard A E- usual oversize spindle. First version of New Orleans classic, - complete with piccolo obbligato! A Southern Belle. Vic 1-sided Vic E ST. Zon E Ragtime was played everywhere! Jumbo E- Great piano! EBW E. Voc E excellent s1! OK E- Fabulous St. Louis sides!

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Gully Low Blues. Save It Pretty Mama. Mighty Sweet. Can Br 1st issue of take b of Piggly Wiggly, master pressing! Voc E- Fine side 1, Pettis etc. Cliftophone BrE E Great side!

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  • My Sweetheart. Four or Five Times. Pur E- Astonishingly hot! Bix, Tram etc! Tin Ear. Col D E- Two excellent sides! Mighty River. Armful of Trouble. A Bench in the Park. Jazz Classics! Voc E sol s2. Too Busy! Low Down. OK E- N. Loveless Love. You Were Meant 4 Me. Cam E- Fine side 1! PActE Rare and mega-hot sides! Aus Re G E- Fine side1, only issue!! Along Came Luv. What Happened To Rosie. Red Gnt E tiny rc, nap Rare! Jump Steady Bl. EBW E v. Voc sol should soak off. Yancey Special. Col A E- San Francisco Col D E- 2 fine Don Murray features.

    The Book of Etiquette. It Goes Like This. Or EE- lt scrs s2. Fine hot s1! HRS 15 E. Fine hot s1 - only record! The Mess. King of the Zulus - Chitlin Rag. Beef Stew. Voc E Fine Irving Fazola sides. Memphis Shake. Singing Vagabond Song. Vic V E lbl trs both sides. What a stomper! Dallas Blues. Per E s1 a real sleeper, featuring Bix influencer Joe Rose in full chorus solo! Vic scuffy E- plays E. Cam E More Rollini and the gang! I Got Rhythm. My Blue Heaven. I also offer very competitive consignment rates to sell quality Jazz and Blues 78s. What Do You Have?? All my records are play graded.

    You pay actual shipping cost, no packaging or handling fee. Shipping to anywhere in the world, by surface or air, as preferred. All bids remain confidential. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and any item can be returned for a full refund within 14 days. On request I am willing to send pictures and sound clips of the records. Laminated West Coast pressing w. A-1 stamper! Plays strong! Maybe less than five existing copies. Only two known copies! Choice copy! Victor sold only copies! Auction of Classic Blues Payment can be made by bank transfer or Paypal Visual grading with additional comments If you need scans just ask!

    Less than five listed in 78 Quarterly. Super fine jazzy accompaniment. Homer, NY , Phone Email lanewc verizon. All records graded aurally. LPs have been stored in plastic outer sleeves. All bids in US dollars only. Postage and insurance if requested are extra. Packing is free. Use the correct bid numbers. Include your mailing address, phone and e-mail. Parker, Bird on Tenor , Stash N-. B1 Astrup, A. B, Bruyninckx, W. B8 Carey, D. B9 Carey, D. B10 Carey, D. B11 Van Engelen, P. Amsterdam, Micrography. Bid on both volumes as a set, not sold separately. Turkestana ltl ec nap bw E- Vi Ar F.

    You Made me Love You-Sting on.. Aunt Hagar.. Mamma Spank! Do Doodle Oom-West Indies V Od Ar R. Ask cost for shipping more records. No packing cost!! Payment via bank transfer or Paypal.

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    Some needed restaurations. They play as graded with a ' conical stylus and 2,5 grams stylus pressure. Their issues are described for explanation. Postage is strictly at cost. Payment can be made with Paypal or Eurotransfer. After restauration a crack has become sort of a scratch. A crack is frequently caused by tensions in the material. Therefore, the audible effect of a restored crack - and of lamination cracks too - can often be diminished with the rumble filter.

    A small fine crack is restored and not audible. Then V. Scratches sound moderately 10', 12' and 45' on sA, 30' 19' and 20' on sB. Offers invited. Standard grading and abbreviations. Satisfaction guaranteed. Packing, handling, and shipping are extra. Insurance is additional -- please indicate if desired. Paul Ash O. Vincent Lopez O. Bar Harbor O. Bar Harbor Soc. Joe Morris O. Bix Beiderbecke O. Benny Benson O. Sid Peltyn O.

    Fred Rich O. Dan Russo O. Andy Sanella All Star O. Frank Signorelli O. Don Clark O. Coon-Sanders O. Philip Spitalny O. Mike Speciale O. Tuxedo O. Ted Wallace O. Jack Gardner O. Duke Yellman O. Johnny Hamp O. Billy Hays O. Bill Carlson O. Al Manthe O. Cliff Jackson O. Ambrose O. At another test session two months later, though, it was a completely different story.

    This time Reinhardt and his brother were joined by Grappelli, guitarist Roger Chaput and Louis Vola, who had put down his accordion and taken up the bass. The five musicians immediately knew they had something special, and so did Delauney. On December 28, , he arranged another recording session for them, and the Quintette du Hot Club de France was officially born.

    In Reinhardt and Grappelli, Europe had at last produced world-class jazz musicians--and, as a bonus, the all-string makeup of the Quintet introduced new rhythms and unique sonic textures to the jazz vocabulary. Reinhardt still continued his session work with dance bands and pop singers, but now he was given featured solos. Volumes 10 through 12 cover the War years, a terrible time for France, but, oddly, the period when Reinhardt came into his own as a composer. Grappelli had been stranded in London at the start of the war, and Reinhardt had reconfigured the Quintet in his absence.

    Instead of three guitars, violin and bass, the new Quintet had Joseph Reinhardt on rhythm guitar, a drummer, a bassist and clarinetist Hubert Rostaing. A version with lyrics by Jacques Larue was recorded by singer Lucienne Delyle and became a wartime bestseller. Over the years Reinhardt would keep returning to this tune; in fact, there are 13 versions on this collection. After the war was over, Grappelli returned to France, and the two friends started playing together again. Grappelli and Reinhardt released a handful of records at this time, but during their separation their styles had diverged.

    The swing of the s had given way to the modernistic sounds of bop, and nobody was really sure what was going to sell. Barclay let Reinhardt choose his own material and, more surprisingly, record with an electric guitar. Volumes 14 and 15 include the Blue Star sessions, which show Reinhardt toying with the new bop vocabulary. These two volumes also include a large number of tracks recorded for radio, which feature the Quintet in a looser, blusier mood than ever before. Later that year, Grappelli and Reinhardt reunited for a series of concerts and radio shows, and, as with the earlier reunion, the music was pleasant and well played, but not truly inspired.

    Still, these shows led to a long stay in Rome in , where Grappelli and Reinhardt recorded dozens of tracks for Italian radio. After that final session with his old partner, Reinhardt found himself in a quandary. He was interested in pursuing the modern sounds coming from America--he jammed with bop pioneer Dizzy Gillespie, for example, though, sadly, they never recorded together--but his older audience only wanted to hear the prewar chestnuts.

    At the same time, the younger audience dismissed him as a relic from an earlier time and ignored his new direction. So, rather than fight the public, he retired to a little house in the tiny river village of Samois-sur-Seine, 60 kilometers south of Paris, where he spent his days fishing and playing billiards.

    From to he only made a handful of recordings, mostly for radio.