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Alex is a "droog" - a juvenile delinquent who lives for sex, violence and subcult high fashion. The narrative takes the form of a memoir, in Alex's distinctive gang-slang.

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The state "programmes" Alex into virtue; later deprogrammed, he discovers what good and evil really are. The novel, internationally popularised by Stanley Kubrick's film into what Burgess called "Clockwork Marmalade", is Burgess's tribute to his cradle Catholicism and, as a writer, to James Joyce. JS Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. In one of the first split-screen narratives, Burgess juxtaposes three key 20th-century themes: communism, psychoanalysis and the millennial fear of Armageddon. Trotsky's visit to New York is presented as a Broadway musical; a mournful Freud looks back on his life as he prepares to flee the Nazis; and in the year , as a rogue asteroid barrels towards the Earth, humanity argues over who will survive and what kind of society they will take to the stars.

JJ Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. John Carter, a Confederate veteran turned gold prospector, is hiding from Indians in an Arizona cave when he is mysteriously transported to Mars, known to the locals as Barsoom. There, surrounded by four-armed, green-skinned warriors, ferocious white apes, eight-legged horse-substitutes, legged "dogs", and so on, he falls in love with Princess Dejah Thoris, who might almost be human if she didn't lay eggs.

She is, naturally, both beautiful and extremely scantily clad Burroughs's first novel, published in serial form, is the purest pulp, and its lack of pretension is its greatest charm. Disjointed, hallucinatory cut-ups form a collage of, as Burroughs explained of the title, "a frozen moment when everyone sees what is on the end of every fork".

A junkie's picaresque adventures in both the real world and the fantastical "Interzone", this is satire using the most savage of distorting mirrors: society as an obscene phantasmagoria of addiction, violence, sex and death. Only Cronenberg could have filmed it in , and even he recreated Burroughs's biography rather than his interior world. Butler's fourth novel throws African American Dana Franklin back in time to the early s, where she is pitched into the reality of slavery and the individual struggle to survive its horrors.

Butler single-handedly brought to the SF genre the concerns of gender politics, racial conflict and slavery. Several of her novels are groundbreaking, but none is more compelling or shocking than Kindred. A brilliant work on many levels, it ingeniously uses the device of time travel to explore the iniquity of slavery through Dana's modern sensibilities. The wittiest of Victorian dystopias by the period's arch anti-Victorian. The hero Higgs finds himself in New Zealand as, for a while, did the chronic misfit Butler.

Assisted by a native, Chowbok, he makes a perilous journey across a mountain range to Erewhon say it backwards , an upside-down world in which crime is "cured" and illness "punished", where universities are institutions of "Unreason" and technology is banned. The state religion is worship of the goddess Ydgrun ie "Mrs Grundy" - bourgeois morality. Does it sound familiar? Higgs escapes by balloon, with the sweetheart he has found there.

It is a boy quarrels with his aristocratic parents and climbs a tree, swearing not to touch the earth again. He ends up keeping his promise, witnessing the French revolution and its Napoleonic aftermath from the perspective of the Italian treetops. Drafted soon after Calvino's break with communism over the invasion of Hungary, the novel can be read as a fable about intellectual commitments. At the same time, it's a perfectly turned fantasy, densely imagined but lightly written in a style modelled on Voltaire and Robert Louis Stevenson.

Chris Tayler Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. Campbell has long been one of the masters of psychological horror, proving again and again that what's in our heads is far scarier than any monster lurking in the shadows. In this novel, the domineering old spinster Queenie dies - a relief to those around her. Her niece Alison inherits the house, but soon starts to suspect that the old woman is taking over her eight-year-old daughter Rowan. A paranoid, disturbing masterpiece. The intellectuals' favourite children's story began as an improvised tale told by an Oxford mathematics don to a colleague's daughters; later readers have found absurdism, political satire and linguistic philosophy in a work that, years on, remains fertile and fresh, crisp yet mysterious, and endlessly open to intepretation.

Alice, while reading in a meadow, sees a white rabbit rush by, feverishly consulting a watch. She follows him down a hole Freudian analysis, as elsewhere in the story, is all too easy , where she grows and shrinks in size and encounters creatures mythological, extinct and invented. Morbid jokes and gleeful subversion abound. The trippier sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and, like its predecessor, illustrated by John Tenniel. More donnish in tone, this fantasy follows Alice into a mirror world in which everything is reversed.

Her journey is based on chess moves, during the course of which she meets such figures as Humpty Dumpty and the riddling twins Tweedledum and Tweedledee. More challenging intellectually than the first instalment, it explores loneliness, language and the logic of dreams. The year is - and other times. Fevvers, aerialiste, circus performer and a virgin, claims she was not born, but hatched out of an egg. She has two large and wonderful wings. In fact, she is large and wonderful in every way, from her false eyelashes to her ebullient and astonishing adventures. The journalist Jack Walser comes to interview her and stays to love and wonder, as will every reader of this entirely original extravaganza, which deftly and wittily questions every assumption we make about the lives of men and women on this planet.

Carmen Callil Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. The golden age of the American comic book coincided with the outbreak of the second world war and was spearheaded by first- and second-generation Jewish immigrants who installed square-jawed supermen as bulwarks against the forces of evil.

Chabon's Pulitzer prize-winning picaresque charts the rise of two young cartoonists, Klayman and Kavalier. It celebrates the transformative power of pop culture, and reveals the harsh truths behind the hyperreal fantasies. XB Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. Clarke's third novel fuses science and mysticism in an optimistic treatise describing the transcendence of humankind from petty, warring beings to the guardians of utopia, and beyond.

One of the first major works to present alien arrival as beneficent, it describes the slow process of social transformation when the Overlords come to Earth and guide us to the light. Humanity ultimately transcends the physical and joins a cosmic overmind, so ushering in the childhood's end of the title EB Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. Chesterton's "nightmare", as he subtitled it, combines Edwardian delicacy with wonderfully melodramatic tub-thumping - beautiful sunsets and Armageddon - to create an Earth as strange as any far-distant planet.

Secret policemen infiltrate an anarchist cabal bent on destruction, whose members are known only by the days of the week; but behind each one's disguise, they discover only another policeman. At the centre of all is the terrifying Sunday, a superhuman force of mischief and pandemonium. Chesterton's distorting mirror combines spinetingling terror with round farce to give a fascinating perspective on Edwardian fears of and flirtations with anarchism, nihilism and a world without god. Clarke's first novel is a vast, hugely satisfying alternative history, a decade in the writing, about the revival of magic - which had fallen into dusty, theoretical scholarship - in the early 19th century.

Two rival magicians flex their new powers, pursuing military glory and power at court, striking a dangerous alliance with the Faerie King, and falling into passionate enmity over the use and meaning of the supernatural. The book is studded with footnotes both scholarly and comical, layered with literary pastiche, and invents a whole new strain of folklore: it's dark, charming and very, very English. This classic by an unjustly neglected writer tells the story of Drove and Pallahaxi-Browneyes on a far-flung alien world which undergoes long periods of summer and gruelling winters lasting some 40 years.

It's both a love story and a war story, and a deeply felt essay, ahead of its time, about how all living things are mutually dependant. This is just the kind of jargon-free, humane, character-driven novel to convert sceptical readers to science fiction. Coupland began Girlfriend in a Coma in "probably the darkest period of my life", and it shows. Listening to the Smiths - whose single gave the book its title - can't have helped.

This is a story about the end of the world, and the general falling-off that precedes it, as year-old Karen loses first her virginity, then consciousness. When she reawakens more than a decade later, the young people she knew and loved have died, become junkies or or simply lost that new-teenager smell. Wondering what the future holds? It's wrinkles, disillusionment and the big sleep.

It's not often you get to read a book vertically as well as horizontally, but there is much that is uncommon about House of Leaves. It's ostensibly a horror story, but the multiple narrations and typographical tricks - including one chapter that cuts down through the middle of the book - make it as much a comment on metatextuality as a novel. That said, the creepiness stays with you, especially the house that keeps stealthily remodelling itself: surely that long, dark, endless corridor wasn't there yesterday Carrie O'Grady Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop.

It wasn't a problem at first: to be more voluptuous, to have a firmer, more rounded bottom and breasts, to be pinker and more healthy-looking is far from a disadvantage to a girl working in a massage parlour in a sex-crazed dystopian society. But the changes don't stop there: her hunger dominates her preferred foods are now flowers and raw potatoes , her pleasant plumpness becomes rolls of fat, her glow turns ruddy.

A curly tail, trotters and a snout are not far off. Darrieussecq's modern philosophical tale is witty, telling and hearteningly feminist. Joanna Biggs Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. The setting is a post-apocalyptic future, long past the age of humans. Aliens have taken on the forms of human archetypes, in an attempt to come to some understanding of human civilisation and play out the myths of the planet's far past.

The novel follows Lobey, who as Orpheus embarks on a quest to bring his lover back from the dead. With lush, poetic imagery and the innovative use of mythic archetypes, Delaney brilliantly delineates the human condition. Dick's novel became the basis for the film Blade Runner, which prompted a resurgence of interest in the man and his works, but similarities film and novel are slight. Here California is under-populated and most animals are extinct; citizens keep electric pets instead.

In order to afford a real sheep and so affirm his empathy as a human being, Deckard hunts rogue androids, who lack empathy. As ever with Dick, pathos abounds and with it the inquiry into what is human and what is fake. Much imitated "alternative universe" novel by the wayward genius of the genre. The Axis has won the second world war. Imperial Japan occupies the west coast of America; more tyrannically, Nazi Germany under Martin Bormann, Hitler having died of syphilis takes over the east coast. The Californian lifestyle adapts well to its oriental master. Germany, although on the brink of space travel and the possessor of vast tracts of Russia, is teetering on collapse.

The novel is multi-plotted, its random progression determined, Dick tells us, by consultation with the Chinese I Ching. Foucault's Pendulum followed the massive success of Eco's The Name of the Rose, and in complexity, intrigue, labyrinthine plotting and historical scope it is every bit as extravagant. Eco's tale of three Milanese publishers, who feed occult and mystic knowledge into a computer to see what invented connections are created, tapped into the worldwide love of conspiracy theories, particularly those steeped in historical confusion.

As "The Plan" takes over their lives and becomes reality, the novel turns into a brilliant historical thriller of its own that inspired a similar level of obsession among fans. Nicola Barr Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. A woman drives around the Scottish highlands, all cleavage and lipstick, picking up well-built male hitchhikers - but there's something odd behind her thick pebble glasses Faber's first novel refreshes the elements of horror and SF in luminous, unearthly prose, building with masterly control into a page-turning existential thriller that can also be read as an allegory of animal rights.

And in the character of Isserley - her curiosity, resignation, wonderment and pain - he paints an immensely affecting portrait of how it feels to be irreparably damaged and immeasurably far from home. Determined to extricate himself from an increasingly serious relationship, graduate Nicholas Urfe takes a job as an English teacher on a small Greek island. Walking alone one day, he runs into a wealthy eccentric, Maurice Conchis, who draws him into a succession of elaborate psychological games that involve two beautiful young sisters in reenactments of Greek myths and the Nazi occupation.

Appearing after The Collector, this was actually the first novel that Fowles wrote, and although it quickly became required reading for a generation, he continued to rework it for a decade after publication. David Newnham Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. Before long, he is embroiled in a battle between ancient and modern deities: Odin, Anansi, Anubis and the Norns on one side, TV, the movies and technology on the other.

A road trip through America's sacred places is spiced up by some troublesome encounters with Shadow's unfaithful wife, Laura. She's dead, which always makes for awkward silences. The author of such outstanding mythical fantasies as Elidor and The Owl Service, Garner has been called "too good for grown-ups"; but the preoccupations of this young adult novel love and violence, madness and possession, the pain of relationships outgrown and the awkwardness of the outsider are not only adolescent. The three narrative strands - young lovers in the s, the chaos of thebetweenalcoholics, English civil war and soldiers going native in a Vietnam-tinged Roman Britain - circle around Mow Cop in Cheshire and an ancient axehead found there.

Dipping in and out of time, in blunt, raw dialogue, Garner creates a moving and singular novel. This classic of cyberpunk won Nebula, Hugo and Philip K Dick awards, and popularised the term "cyberspace", which the author described as "a consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions". A fast-paced thriller starring a washed-up hacker, a cybernetically enhanced mercenary and an almost omnipotent artificial intelligence, it inspired and informed a slew of films and novels, not least the Matrix trilogy.

When three explorers learn of a country inhabited only by females, Terry, the lady's man, looks forward to Glorious Girls, Van, the scientist, expects them to be uncivilised, and Jeff, the Southern gallant, hopes for clinging vines in need of rescue. The process by which their assumptions are overturned and their own beliefs challenged is told with humour and a light touch in Gilman's brilliantly realised vision of a female Utopia where Mother Love is raised to its highest power.

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Fantastic book. I love your humour and had a couple of chuckles out loud. Look forward to reading about Kim again and the rest of her team. All gel together nicely. I am an avid reader of crime fiction, and I was hooked from the start love you choice of Kim as the main character a refreshing change she would be on my dinner guest list. Just finished your book Silent Scream. I liked it very much. It was very fast paced never boring, always evolving. And you made Kim so real. Like someone you know and can relate to, yet totally intriguing.

Thanks for such a great read! I liked this book so much and I truly believe it should be put forward as a possible t. The characterization is great, you really get drawn into this quite diverse team. I very much look forward to reading the next book. Many congratulations on your success. Will definetly spread the word over here in Germany. Tks a lot for a great read. Just finished reading Silent Scream. Fabulous book, could not put it down. Already pre-ordered your next book, now going to order your other books.

I also think Silent Scream would make a great t. It was a real page turner and very hard to put down. I will without doubt purchase more of your books. Thank you so much for a touching, thrilling and excellent read. Dear Angela, Just finished Silent Scream. You have hit on a real winner. I am a fan of Stephen Booth and his quirky characters. His setting in the Peak District is woven into the characters. Unlike Booth, your book is all plot and character. You wove a great tale, created some great characters and and introduced me to the Black Country. Looking forward to the next one.

Ohio Reader. Hi Angela, I did like your book and your character Kim Stone is great. I am about to buy the 2nd in the series, looking forward to reading it and hope there will be lots more too. I have also read Middle Child and enjoyed that as well and cried at parts, it was so good and felt I wanted to know more about the sisters and their cruel, horrible mother. Thanks for such good books. Brilliant book could not put it down,brought back so many memories for me. I am 73 and lived in Duke street near to the area so well described in your book. Most of my family are buried In the Powke lane cemetery under the name of Todd.

I remember the piece of land opposite the cemetery,there was once a small farm at the bottom and my best friend Mary Cunningham lived there until it was demolished. I also remember the funfair which sometimes arrived on the site. Your book held my attention from the first page this is my ideal read, look forward to the next one..

I am recommending this to the rest of my family who will be as thrilled as I was as it will bring back so many memories for them also. Looking forward to your next Kim Stone thriller. Silent Sceam is Brilliant!!! Ordered and started to read Middle Child on my Kindle straight away. Already looking like a good read. Was interested in the location as my parents come from the Aston and visited the Black Country Museum with my cousin a couple of years ago. Keep up the good work welcome to your new career you will be a huge success!!

Colin, Adelaide, Australia. It is the result of American TV but it seems to be catching on elsewhere. I will certainly be looking out for your name and will recommend you to friends. Read silent scream in one sitting! Thank you:. Hi Angela This is not the type of book I normally read but I heard about it on Facebook and thought I would give it a go.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and agree with everybody else that it is a proper page turner and being able to identify with the area is a bonus. I am looking forward to the next book in the series. What a superb read! I live in the Black Country, and I hope she will be making some appearances locally, as it would be great to meet her. Just finished silent scream. Keep up the story lines excellent. This was just a great thriller. You can really tell when an author cares about their characters and the story, and this book has something to say.

Fab book read in one sitting; eager for the next one; not a bad word to say about it, just loved it. Just finished Silent Scream and absolutely loved it. A real page turner—hard to put down. You go, Girl!!! Liz McDonald. I absolutely love that you have used the Black Country as a setting for such a good drama, I have been brought up around the areas you mention, the Bull and Bladder, Merry Hill Centre etc. Excellent — good detail and not predictable — thank you -have pre-ordered Evil Games.

You are an inspiration to us struggling first time writers. Fabulous read. I could not put it down. I liked the main character and relationship with her. Like when I can not guess who done it. Look forward to another Angela Marsons book. Hi Just finished Silent Scream. Really, really enjoyed it.

Please keep them coming. Thanks for a great new character. Everything is very open with a precise clarification of the challenges. It was definitely informative. Your site is very helpful. Many thanks for sharing! Thankyou for pouring yourself into Silent Scream.

It has left me shattered and shaking, very much aware of just how fortunate and privileged my life has been. I have, of course, pre-ordered Evil Games — but you dont I hate the apostrophe-less keyboard on this tablet seem to be charging enough! I have just read Silent Scream. Living in the area where the story is set made it even more enjoyable. I could visualise the locations. Excellent read. Looking forward to reading more from you and DI Stone.

Well done. Just recently found Silent Scream via Kindle. Great read and I look forward to more. Even being in the US I still found it telling and enjoyed the setting and story. Congrats on a successful book. Kim Stone is a wonderful character whose no-nonsense approach I love dearly. Coming from Yorkshire I was raised with many people just like that. Be like Kim, I say, tell the truth and shame the devil. Keep up the fine work Ms. This post and many other on your site are very interesting.

You should show your content to bigger audience. There is a big chance to go viral. You need initial boost and visitors will flood your site in no time. Simply search in google for:. Got your book at random on Kindle opened the first page headed Rowley Regis, winner! Born in Smethwick, lived in Langley — Rowley rag, Bromsgrove mental hospital, road names, all familiar. Living in SW France now a good reminder of my original home. Finally good heroine, spiked but fun. Thank you. You are right up there with them! As an advertising copywriter I love writing too, so I tend to be critical, but hey, nothing to complain about!

These days I mostly write and record songs albrookessongs. You have found your vocation, keep them coming! It is great to find a new author writing thrillers I very much look forward to reading your next novel. Keep writing — you obviously have a talent. I was recommended Silent Scream by Amazon. I finished reading it at 6. It was fantastic.

Heaven (Heaven Trilogy Series #1) by Angela Johnson, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

I have just completed reading Evil Games. What a great read Kim stone is my hero she has such great values. Being a bit loner of myself my dog is a very important part ofg my life I was so pleased when Barney came into her life a wonderful subplot. Please keep writing Kim Stone novels Angela. Have just read Evil Games —! I get through at least three books a week so I like to think I am a bit of an expert! I I am looking forward to more of your work. I have just read the last page of book 2 and loved it as much as the first. I hope their. Thank you for providing a great new crime series.

Loved Silent Scream. I will definitely look for more. Good read. There is something about Kim that you want to know more about. Her relationship with the other members of her team is being expanded upon and Bryant is still there making them a formidable duo. The plot within the story is intriguing, and Kim reveals more of herself. When can we expect another release. Kim only has a week off!!! Looking forward to the film!! I grew up in Birmingham but had my first sales rep job in and around the Black Country so it was easy to follow the dialect, esp of Stacey and the older characters.

Looking forward to my sons reaction to these books now as we share a common interest in crime thrillers. Thanks Angela. I read Silent Scream and loved it. I immediately looked on Amazon for other books that you had written and bought them all. Also, found myself talking about them to others. I read about 10 books per month so if one stays with me I know it is really good. Then I recommend it and will re-read. Thanks for the hours of pleasure you have given to me and others. Keep up the good work. I have now read all four of your books and have enjoyed every one of them.

Read Silent Scream recently and immediately ordered Evil Games. I have now read that and I have to say I loved both of them. I am totally hooked on this series! It is such a thrill for me to find a new author whose characters grab me as well as yours. Sidekick Bryant always there to offer humour and support, and a team that gels. Keep the books coming your on a winner. Just finished reading Silent Screams, it was fantastic. You did a superb job of keeping me interested and hanging on ever word. Just finished silent scream and evil games. Thoroughly enjoyed the stories and your character Kim.

Please keep writing I am eagerly awaiting the next book. Just added you to my list of favorite writers. Read both books now. With both I found that once picked up they could not be put down. Love the fact that they fly the flag for the Black Country. Compulsive and driven reading. Please find more adventures for her. I have just taken three days to read your first two Kim Stone books. Fantastic books.

I am always on the look-out for new Crime authors and now I have found another one — Angela Marsons. Love Kim Stone. She is one tough cookie. So glad you gave her a dog. Her life is far from complete but Barney will help in so many ways. Look forward to more books with this complex but tough detective.

I was first drawn to your books because of the area in which they are set. I finished The Middle Daughter in the early hours of this morning. It was so well written that it felt true and made me cry for those three little sisters. I just wished that in the story the mother could have been found out and punished but I suppose the story would have gone in a different direction if she had. I recommended your books to a friend who lives in Netherton as its such a change to have a heroine living in a very familiar area.

Please keep on turning your excellent stories out. Silent Scream was an engrossing and well written book. Burned a couple of late night candles because it was difficult to put down. Stellar on all counts! Hi Angela, I have just been on a 10 day cruise on the German waterways and felt that I should download a book on my kindle to read in the quiet periods.

Well done Angie, I hope that you will be as prolific as Barbara Cartland,! Just finished Silent Scream and could not put it down. I concur with the comments about some repetitive addresses, and the black country accent was not too authentic, but it did not detract from the enjoyment. I have read Silent Scream and just finished Evil Games and loved these hard to put down books. I love the gritty, no nonsense and strong character of Kim Stone. I hope this is the beginning of a series of stories as I am already looking forward to the next instalment.

Read Silent Scream a day or so ago. Bought Evil Games as soon as I was through with it! Fantastic reading! I love this type of book. Going to check out your other books. Looking forward to your new books also! I usually read Jeffrey Weaver… you are right up there. Thanks Angela for another great book could not put it down did not want to answer the phone because it took me away from the story, more of Kim Stone will be great.

Love Kim Stone and her sense of humility. What a character! Just read Silent Scream followed by Evil Games. Totally amazing books. Best I have read for a long time! I am a total convert Angela! Hope you are penning the next masterpiece? Well done! Just read Silent Scream and Evil Games back to back. Great books. Hope you are working on the next Kim Stone story as we speak. You have done a remarkable job and I have recommended your books to several of my family and friends. Love the use of local dialect. Keep it up! The characters are wonderfully portrayed and the plot absolutely gripping.

I loved Silent Scream very much. Great page turner, I never got bored. Congrats on your success!! Thoroughly enjoyed this book.

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A good friend recommended it to me. Very good writing to keep reader in the dark as to the identity of the killer. Read Silent Scream on recommendation from my sister — she was not wrong. What page turners both books are. Now the rest of the family are hooked as well.

No Girls Allowed

Living in the Black Country it is all so familiar just love it. Angela Marsons and Kim Stone rule. Just read silent scream and evil games back to back…. I am now looking forward to reading the next one. Just finished Silent Scream. I am already missing Kim, Sgt. Bryant, Dr. Matthews and Cerys Hughes. Going to get the next book. Was kind of squenching up my nerves in anticipation of what I might read on the next page. The need to squench is surely the sign of a great suspenseful read.

Thank You Thank you. Etc…… Loved the book and reading about the publishing of it. Loved the two first books with D I Stone and have ordered the Lost Girls released at the end of the year. Cross with the publishers Bookouture though for many printing errors in the second book. Nothing at all to do with Angela Marsons great writing but can be distracting.

Shame and I blame the publishers for doing that to such a good author. Surely they check before going to full print. An excellent read! It was everything that a seriously well written crime novel should have without question. Wow, what a page turner! I enjoyed every single word. I loved all the characters, all so believable. I loved the dialogue and banter between Kim and her colleagues and the great wit that came through.

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Some of the cutting comments made me smile. I knew every road, pub and building mentioned. I had not had that experience before in all my 60 years of reading! I got so into the story line that I had to stop myself believing it was a true story. Angela, you have done us proud in the Back Country and really put us on the map.

Thank you! I have to say I love mystery thrillers and start many, but rarely finish or race through the last chapter. Silent Scream held me to the end and I enjoyed getting attached to the characters! Thank you so much for a great read. Silent scream — fantastic, evil games — awesome. Both books pulled me into the life of Kim and the challenges she faced not just now but from her harrowing childhood.

Total page turners more, more, more please. I picked this book up in the library without realizing it was set locally. It was a gripping story made even more interesting by the fact that I knew so many of the locations. Angle just finished Evil Games after finally getting my reserved copy HUGE waiting list at Stourbridge library as we are all eager to read your work. Read SIlent Scream first and was eager to get to know Kim better plus the plot kept me guessing all the way through and read both books as fast as i could.

Dear angela, I love kim stone — thank you so much for creating this great character. Have now purchased Evil Games and will start that tonight. I liken you to James Patterson who I also adore. Carry on writing please as you have a natural talent that needs to be loved by everyone. Just finished Lost Girls which I bought from Amazon at 6 mins past 12 on the 6th.

Another cracking story. I galloped towards the end this afternoon with a crazed dog putting a ball in my lap desperate to go out. He had to wait. You are very clever. Just finished Lost Girls. Really good read. Would want Kim Stone on my side if I was in trouble!! I love the at her character is developing through the three books. Thanks for your work and skill in writing. Read Lost Girls via Net Galley in one day.

Then I bought Silent Scream…. Purchased Evil Games last night. Love these stories. Can so easily picture these books as movies. Hi Angela. I read Silent Scream when it popped up as a recommendation on Amazon a while back… I loved it! I was very relieved when I discovered that the sequel was due out a short while later. Evil Games was thoroughly satisfying. I Just read all 3 Kim Stone books this week — loved them and looking forward to book 4.

Just read all three Kim Stone crime thrillers one after another. Keep writing such good books Angela. Hi Anglea My wife has the Amazon account therefore, she sends me their Kindle offers. I thought I would give it a try make a change from travelling FTL and dodging energy bolts! Absolutly brilliant, downloaded the next two without reading anything else in between. Great stories and edge of the seat reading. Just read Silent Scream in one day. The main characters are all believable and come to life with you providing just enough detail to enable your readers to gorm good mental images and to get to know them.

Keep up the good work! Massive fan of your work. As many comments say, I could not stop reading and now am at a loss waiting for the next episode for our Kim. What a mixed up brutalised, heart of gold character that you just want to hug and care for. Sandy, Sydney. Delighted to have found your books, now onto my third and thoroughly enjoying each one. Thanks for writing! Have just finished the trilogy in five days over the Xmas break. My partner is not happy : : :.