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The best chance for these candidates to go head to Appealing to those who are tired of manufactured candidates and the political elite. Presidential Debates carry unparalleled importance in the US the political elite. His no holds barred attitude towards political arena with 67 million Americans tuning into speaking engagements directly challenges that of Hillary watch the debates and even more expected this and every modern candidate for that matter.

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Chap 15, The Beauty and Sir Basil

Results published by Spiked Telegraph. As well as having a high amount of correct or mainstream enough risks setting the UK on a Universities being ranked in the RED category, what is dangerous path. All these examples display an inten- tion to lead one day when they are surrounded by the tion to extend conformity at the expense of important suppression of those with different views.

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However, the Cold War. Instead, in return and refinement of the practise. The Russian motive for 10 Current Affairs doping is the same as the East German one: To increase national pride and soft power through success at sporting events. Dr Grigory Rodchenkov has been forced seek refuge in the US and run- Olympics where doping remerged at the forefront of international sport. By Calumn Wilson 11 More info at www. SC Community Opinion O ktoberfest is a celebration where one can embrace Bavarian culture and wear lederhosen whilst drink- ing copious amounts of German beer. Instead of beer being the Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Therese main attraction however, the event itself was set around a horse race.

He told me about the difficulties of maintaining a secure place to run the festival In many places around the world there exist little as previously it was run in a public park, which caused pockets of German communities. For many Germans abroad, Oktoberfest worked well, as the local nightclub Kittys could share is a way to celebrate cultural identity, whether for senti- their staff and their licence to sell alcohol and the beer mentality or for fun. In Taybeh, on the west bank in Palestine, there has been an Oktoberfest since When asked about the city and how the festival makes These are brewery celebrates Oktoberfest openly.

The festival good people that really want to help the community. The Oktoberfest in Dundee not to be confused with the commercial cele- festival is more than a cultural gimmick; it is a celebra- bration in the city centre and has previously fundraised tion that gives back to the community. The bookshop has everything from Fiction in Abernyte is a lovely day out. You can even indulge in a free tea or cof- clothes and art. Email me at cafe in Newport-on-Tay, is a lovely place to relax and en- community.

However, this monster is different to the one 4. The Walking Dead comic series Connor expected, not the one from his constant by Robert Kirkman nightmares filled with darkness and screaming. Focusing on deputy Rick Grimes, who is shot whilst on Instead it is an ancient monster who has come to the job and later wakens from a coma in the middle of get something from Connor. Patrick Ness is successful in creating comic has had major success and was made into a a tale filled with fear and humour depicting the popular TV series in Even though the TV show world of monsters both real and imaginary.

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For this reason, The ability to have real life stories experienced by such it has been possible for programmes and films, which a large audience means that controversial topics gain would otherwise not get the recognition they deserve, more recognition. This may encourage certain issues to be noticed by the masses. The consequences of this to be addressed and consequently remedied to suit all have been far reaching with the ability to have power- involved. Blackfish hit Netflix in and since - Naomi Forrest then has continued to raise awareness surrounding the lives of killer whales kept in captivity.

Now, writing this on the plane, again, for the third time in the year that I have to leave my family, I still get a burning in my eyes because of the 22 tears that want to come out remembering that moment. It made me sad and uncomfortable and it best as I could. Being in a situation so new taught me affected my well being and academic performance. Things fall into place eventually. You everything is getting better.

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You evolve. One of the many fears I had all the way here to experience it. And I would like to think that was a fear I shared So, university is about getting a degree and studying with most of the fresher students moving to new flats. Everything from coming to university. They were very nice and we much.

Without studying abroad, I would still be the same got along well. That was at the beginning.

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A s the year draws to a close, we are once met again with the blustery month of October. A less common October-ism? Black History Month. Black History is American History. Woodson in The Meanwhile, others believe that celebrations month has become an annual commemora- are absolutely essential, with the present tion and remembrance, not only celebrating day proving that oppression still rests on significant members and historical events the shoulders of the black community at an of that shaped the African diaspora across international level.

Black People are still traditional norms, as we know them today. Black History Month detention for wearing their natural afro hair. Some tend to ask, the young and old generation to learn and why do we need celebrate Black History? Or connect with their heritage. After reaching a certain this experience can be quite excluding for age, I realised the main reason; black history children in the black and Asian community, itself was and still is, severely underrepre- as nearly all information being taught them sented.

Evidence of black presence in Britain ignores their cultural heritage, and therefore, dates back to the Roman times, yet, there something that they could relate to. Carter is still a persistent belief that it began with G. So I turn back to the very question that In school, we are encouraged to learn all started the whole conversation; why do we aspects of history that has moulded Britain need to celebrate Black History Month?

Britain has been deemed successful in integrating multiculturalism. Whilst it is used to highlight the symbolic Nonetheless, when it comes to learning about accomplishments that the black community history, there is almost an exclusive theme have made towards British History, there is a that stems from a Eurocentric perspective.

Children learn about Florence Nightingale, Black History Month embraces not only the but many are unaware of Mary Seacole, a hardships, but the joyfulness, the representa- Jamaican nurse of Scottish and African de- tion and the gift of heritage. Striving for scent who nursed wounded soldiers during the Crimean War. The book was published in London with the help of the Countess of Huntingdon. She became an ganisation in the s and s. In , she chaired an enquiry into race relations fol- lowing the racially motivated murder of Kelso Cochrane Una Marson was the first Black female in London.

Marson, born she co-founded the Association for the Advancement of in Jamaica in , was a poet, publisher and activist Coloured People. First black person to play international football. However, not only is there a page for it, there is a do not appear to be as fragile as their predecessors. The community for the page, ranging from vast colonies of naissance of social media for the post millennial gen- hundreds of thousands of contributors all the way down eration was Bebo, for me at least, it was the first taste to niche groups with a few members. It set the groundwork for many of the features that we see today on Facebook, Twitter, In that group you will find an entire range of posts from Instagram and Snapchat.

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Navigating away from the silence of your surroundings letting you clear your head. Designed by Dylan Purcell-Lowe and Ammar Jangbarwala, Somabar disguises itself as a coffee machine, but brews up something which is certainly not By Mila Georgieva recommended first thing in the morning - cocktails. Born mostly from frustration in queuing and As of now, Somabar is available for slow service, Somabar is a truly futuristic bartender - using precise measure- pre-order. This is the same for virtually every field, of their male counterparts as they entered their on every level of education, in every country for middle age.

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Norman Doidge, a Canadian psychiatrist, has with a synaptic cleft between them. With practice, our brains can strengthen certain condition of a patient with uncontrollable dizziness and pathways and connections and, as we learn new things, vertigo. It is a fairly new concept in perpetual feeling of falling. Our brain is also able to clean out old, unused ative infection.

However, she is involved in an experiment connections, known as synaptic pruning. Chronic high levels of stress can lead to growth of the amygdala, the centre for emotion processing and the Almost as soon as the hat is on and the patient closes area of the brain that shows excessive neural reactivity in her eyes, she no longer feels as if she is falling, her brain patients with anxiety disorders.

Although there are treatments to deal with these conditions, it serves as a warning to take better care of our The most amazing part comes when the hat is removed, most important organ by reconsidering our lifestyle and with no support she is able to stand on one leg without outlook, as it has been shown that simply a positive atti- losing her balance. With only twenty minutes of use, the tude and regular exercise can help to protect our brains brain has been able to recruit pathways to act in place of and reduce stress.

Over the course of a year, this This all goes to show we are not doomed to have declin- was done more frequently and now the patient no longer ing cognitive function, we can influence and improve it requires the hat; her brain has created a new pathway to with our outlook on life and simple lifestyle choices such replace the broken one.

With our everyday lifestyles becoming more and more Heather Gordon sedentary, and increasing amounts of time spent in front of a screen, this could be causing us all damage. Chop the onions roughly and sweat them until soft in under a bag full out of your local a slice of butter or oil into a pot supermarket peeled and chopped 2. Once the onions are soft, add the chopped carrots in with a splash of water, stir well and allow to cook for five minutes, stir accordingly 3. I myself give a little extra time to ensure they are extremely soft so minutes 4. Add your stock cube to the pot while they are boiling and allow time for it to dissolve 5.

Now take the pot off the heat and liquidise. Once it is mashed put back on the heat, season Water to taste, drain the liquid off of the tin of butter beans and add them to the mixture. Add mls of water, stir well and boil for 10 minutes Salt and Pepper to season 46 8. After the 10th minute you have a quick, easy and healthy meal Enjoy! Soup 4. Cosy up and watch films By now you will have already wasted your student loan By now you will start to get coursework issued to you and you will have to budget until the next instalment.

We that you will devote quite some time to, but remember all know the truth about university: nights out and so- to take breaks. There are so many films that have an cials are what we prioritise and budget on first. But why autumn theme, or even a horror theme. After all it is eat than soup? It super cheap, healthy and easy to make Halloween this month too… and lasts a long time! See our super tasty recipe for car- 5.

Candles or diffusers If you have not already invested in a jacket or coat, do it as soon as possible. Hoodies and jumpers are great, but The days get shorter and night lasts longer, get a few not for autumn in Scotland. It is sometimes a chilly place candles to get a nice autumnal glow to your flat or room. Toni McKinney 3. Acceptance is Culture. The theme for this issue is Oktoberfest, the yearly Bavar- you are from, what your likes and dislikes are, what art ian beer festival that is held in Munich.

This year it marks you like, what music you like or what religion you follow. Since then, the yearly Oktoberfest celebra- give you a completely different answer: culture is like tions have become a part of the German culture. So culture, what about it? What does it really mean? Through generations and a vast amount of people believe that culture is just to do generations, we have formed so many unique traditions with religion, but that is entirely untrue.

A culture does and behaviours. Our parents and ancestors are the ones not just define who you are, it aids people to recognize to thank for the way we live our lives, our religions and who you are too. It helps people to understand where other aspects of our existence. Everything that is passed 48 Lifestyle down to us, was thoughtfully created to live long and absolute most of what you have and embrace anything prosper with us until the end of time.

We celebrate our cultures to show how important they A super important time would be while studying. Your are, a prime example: Oktoberfest. Over the world time here at the University of Dundee is an opportunity there are so many cultural celebrations that take place to meet new people who have been brought up in alter- every year, St. Patricks Day in Ireland, Carnival in Rio native cultures.

With over 16, students and staff rep- de Janeiro, Yi Peng Lantern Festival in Thailand, Holi in resenting over countries at our beloved university, India, Day of the Dead in Mexico and Koningsdag in the I am sure that everyone will meet friends from different Netherlands. If you do ever find yourself traveling and countries, and be introduced to something entirely new.

Meet those new people and share your own culture back You will have the most amazing experience. All of a sudden I hear a call, an irrepressible pull towards the South of France.

I leap into the air and began to fly down to the South. I soar above rivers and mountains, and as I approach the South I see in the distance a large sandstone cathedral, it is pulling me towards it. They tell me they have been waiting for me. They place a red veil on my head and whisper to me the secrets of their lineage, the Magdalenian line. Then they hold a large mirror in front of me and show me the truth of my self, the essence of my soul.

I am a Magdalen. At the time I had not done much research on the Cathars, or the tradition of the Magdalen in the South of France. So I began to devour every book I could read on the subject, trying to piece together what I was receiving intuitively and uncovering somatically. I could feel the truth of this story. Every new piece I uncovered gave me chills.

Two years passed and I still had not gone to France. Then in the summer of I had a very abrupt and startling dream. I was at the airport and had a ticket to France in my hand, but I had no money, no passport, no luggage. The plane was leaving and I had to decide to throw caution to the wind and jump on the plane or go back home to get prepared, but miss the plane. I awoke and knew that I needed to go to France pronto. So that fall I borrowed the money and I took a pilgrimage to the South of France.

My ultimate destination was to go to the grotto where the Magdalen allegedly spent the last 30 years of her life in seclusion after she fled Jerusalem with the other Marys, Sara and Joseph of Arimathea. This is only about 90 miles away from Saints Maries de la Mere, the location where the Marys boat landed and they came ashore with Saint Sara, who became the patron Saint of the Roma Gypsies. In Saint Maximin la Sainte Baum there is a basilica, the basilica of Mary Magdalen, where her skull is venerated as a reliquary. It is taken out on her feast day every July and paraded around the town square.

I visited the reliquary and also made the arduous trek up the side of the mountain to the grotto that holds another reliquary of the Magdalen and where the waters of the grotto are said to have healing powers. In addition to visiting the basilica and the cave, I also made the pilgrimage out to Saintes Maries de la Mere to the church of the same name where the dark skinned Saint Sara is honored.

In her subterranean crypt the black Sarah is worshipped by the Gitanes, the Roma of that region, as their patron mother. Legend says she was a servant to the Marys, but why would a servant girl become a most revered Saint? After I returned from my journey I had a dream. In my dream I was observing a Roma wedding, and although I was not officially part of their group, I somehow understood their language and knew all of their songs. In fact, I got the party started by singing for them a song that told of their forgotten heritage, sacred and hidden knowledge that no outsider was ever told.

This was the story of the scion of Jesus and Mary Magdalen, a daughter named Sara, who was brought to the shores of France and who spent her life in hiding, threatened by the patriarchal forces who sought to deny the manhood of Jesus and destroy any evidence of his progeny. This daughter, Sara, journeyed to India where she lived and raised a family. Her progeny became the Roma people, who a thousand years later would leave India in a mass exodus that would take them back to the European continent McDowell, In my dream I explained to them that I only had one drop of Roma blood, but that was enough to awaken in me this preciously guarded memory that perhaps even they have forgotten.

After this dream I began to research the Roma. I hypothesized that the volatility and danger of this mystical legacy is what has forced the Roma to wander, protecting themselves by never staying in one place too long, unable to feel safe in this world until the Magdalen, Sara, and all great dark goddesses are restored to their rightful place. Walker, are the last active worshipers of the Goddess in Europe. This sacred lineage is hinted at in the fervent devotion and pilgrimage of the Roma to their matriarch, Sara Kali Black Sara , every May. The debate over who the Magdalen truly was - harlot, disciple, wife - rages on in both academic and esoteric circles.

Never has there been a figure of Christian history so hotly debated and able to fiercely polarize opinion. From New Testament scholars to feminist researchers, everyone seems to have a different opinion as to her personhood and role in the life of Jesus. Yet, conversely, she offers Goddess worshipers a more satisfying Christ narrative, often wooing them into relationship with a more human and relatable Jesus. Mary Magdalen: Dark Madonna, Female Christ 9 One need only look to church history to see that the efforts to suppress this story have a longstanding tradition.

It is beyond the scope of this paper to explicate each and every permutation of belief, tradition, and heresy around the Magdalen. However, I will offer a few of the more cogent and better documented arguments for the Magdalen as wife of Jesus, hidden in plain sight at the image of the dark Madonna. Starbird cites the Jewish tradition in Jesus time wherein a father is required to ensure his son is married by the age of She remarks that Jesus not being married would have merited mention in the evangelists record, as it would have been an anomaly.

She also notes that the apostle Paul, when speaking of celibacy, exhorts his readers to model their behavior after his example not after Jesus, presumably because Jesus was not celibate King, has also offered further documentation to the collection of extra- canonical scripture that supports the idea that Jesus was married Sabar, Even if we limit ourselves to the canonical gospels, the story of the woman with the alabaster jar, or Jesus anointing at the hand of Mary Magdalen, is one of only four stories that all four gospel writers include in their version of the Jesus narrative, the other three being Jesus baptism, the miracle of the loaves and fishes, and his crucifixion.

Clearly, this act is of integral importance.

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  7. If we interpret the act of anointing through the historical lens of what anointing symbolized in Jesus day it becomes an erotically charged event. Anointing was traditionally understood as an act performed to make sacred the beloved one, to signify the Messiah-King, and was done in accordance with the Isian mysteries in preparation for the Heiros Gamos, the bridal chamber of the King and Queen. Finally, it is critically important to acknowledge that the official story of Jesus life was carefully crafted by the men that participated in the Council of Nicaea A.

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    There it was debated and decided which version of Jesus story would be told based on the agenda of the council. Subsequently, the official version of the New Testament was not canonized until A. It was also around that time that the prominent role of women in the early church began to be all but erased from church history Hughes, The validation of Jesus marriage appears to balance more upon the misogynistic agendas of early church politics rather than historical evidence, for any story could have been true had the church fathers decided to ordain it as such Gardner, Steiner says that Jesus was not born a Christed one.

    That he required initiation into the mystery of Christ consciousness and this was done through the preparation of two vessels that, coming together at the age of 12, created a strong enough container for the eventual descent of the Christos energy. Upon his baptism, this Holy Spirit, or divine Sophia-Christ consciousness fully descended into the body of Jesus, making him the Christ If we read this drama through the lens of the Great Work, the Alchemical transformation through ascension upon the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, we find a precedent already exists for this kind of achievement Regardie, What ties these two concepts together, Isis Veiled and Unveiled and the two Jesus, is the understanding of where Isis sits, in her veiled and unveiled aspects, and where the Christ consciousness sits in the Tree of Life.

    The world of form sits at the bottom of the Tree, in the tenth sphere, or Sephira, called Malkuth, meaning Kingdom. This is the realm of Isis Veiled, the embodied lover. This is also the realm of the Dark Goddess, hidden, sexual, mysterious, and chthonic.

    Isis of the Earth instructs us to face our shadow, our ignorance, and leaving darkness behind, to ascend the Tree of Knowledge to Isis Unveiled, the Queen of Heaven. Isis Unveiled sits near the top of the Tree in the third Sephira, Binah or Wisdom, she who is the formless void of space, or the cosmic womb.

    To contact Isis, the mother, you must first know Isis Veiled, the lover who embodies the Earth Kingdom, sitting in Malkuth. Through her transformative power you are then able to ascend to the realm of the Christed One, Tipharet or Beauty, the sixth Seiphera which sits in the middle of the Tree. This leads to the Adam Kadmon, or divine human, residing in Kether. It is Binah or Isis Unveiled that first descended through the form of Sophia to give birth to the manifest universe. It is She that reaches down to us elevating our limited human form up into transcendent God consciousness through her sister-wife, Isis Veiled.

    It is her movement as the first mother, creatrix of all that is, was or will be, who becomes the lover to humankind, and through this great rite, the Heiros Gamos, manifests the Christos in humanity. She is the spirit who transforms wisdom into reality, into love, into creation, into a world existing with the actual life of God. This life More recently there have even been movements to give her the title of Co-Redeemer Steiner, So they are no longer two, but one. At the heart of Christianity are two beings: the being of Christ, who entered our world and turned creation inside out, and the being of Mary - for Christ could enter this world only through the being of Jesus-and-Mary.

    The presence of Christ, who entered our world through Jesus-and-Mary, means - for Christians - that human nature and divine nature, God and cosmos, are no longer two but one Steiner, If we hold the possibility that Jesus was in fact married, then his wife through the power of their union and intertwined essences would partake in the God-making as well. Through the sexual alchemy of divine union, both Jesus and Mary Magdalen became co-redeemers in the elevation of humanity from its state of forgetfulness the fall and together opened the veil Mark for all of humanity to partake in Christed being.

    Mary the Mother, the Queen of Heaven, is the principle of theogeny -- the birthing of God. Mary the Lover, the Beloved Magdalen, is the principle of theophany -- the revealing of God. Within this cycle I place the impregnation of the Magdalen with the Christos consciousness via the vehicle of the prepared one, Jesus, which is performed through the Heiros Gamos, or mystical union of heaven and earth. This transformed both Mary the woman and Jesus the man, into Christos-Christa. Together they birthed the Christ consciousness, anima and animus united, a working in which they were both required for achievement of this Great Work.

    Jesus work was achieved outwardly in teaching, miracles, and the ultimate sacrifice, crucifixion. His active yang and her internal yin united to create the Divine Incarnation, the potential for everyone to achieve Christ consciousness without the need for esoteric initiation. The tradition of initiation is typically understood through the Dying King - Risen God metaphor.

    I suggest that this is the male model for initiation and that in the work of the two Marys, Mother and Lover, we see the female model for initiation centered within the womb. Like an unending ouroboros, it is a mother-lover mystery, the hidden lineage of the dark Madonna. We see this very clearly in the story of Isis, where Isis the sister-wife of Osiris, the dying king, gives birth to Horus, the risen god, who then becomes her son-lover.

    Mary is the great mystery of the Christian tradition. Yet the Gospels mention her rarely. It is as if she lived in effacement She is intimately linked to Jesus as mother, friend and disciple. She participated in his ministry and his miracles. She stood at the foot of the cross, where Christ gave her to be the mother us all She was indispensable to the descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

    She was recognized from the beginning to be the new Eve as Christ was the new Adam. Prior to this it was understood that the Christos descended first through the mother, to give physical birth to Jesus, and then through the beloved transformer, the Magdalen, to give spiritual birth to the Christ. This is the hidden secret of the gospels, the sacred transformational magic of the God-making death and resurrection, the mystery of Osiris-Isis-Horus. The Christed Couple In Tantra there is a concept that through repeated sexual union we take on the karma of our partner.

    Together they participated in the Great Work of awakening and transforming their consciousness through the practice of making their marriage a holy and divine co-creation. A divine union designed to transform both of them into Christed beings. This is what the Magdal-eder, the tower, truly represents, an alchemical lightening bolt of transformation, cauldroned in the womb-container of sacred sexual consciousness that initiates the divine feminine and masculine.

    This is the legacy of being a Mary Magdalen, devotion to the Great Work of embodied divinity. And in spite of two thousand years of sublimation, it is this influx of knowledge that now awakens the memories inside men and women, and hastens the remembering of the transformational power of co-creation. The New Mary Magdalen Given that religious beliefs are based on stories that have been created, shared, and eventually canonized, I find it compelling to consider the current stories that are being told about Mary Magdalen.

    Whether these stories are historically accurate or not, seems to matter less and less when looked at through the lens that all history is a version of a story someone once told. The creation of a myth or legend almost always begins by oral tradition, a compelling story told and retold through the generations to inspire, instruct, or illustrate. That story is a living thing. With each new telling it takes on nuances, inflections, emphasis given by the storyteller. However, the listener is also key. The listener filters the story through his or her own experience, focusing on the parts of the story most relevant to them.

    Therefore there is no one, right, true, or only interpretation of a story. Jewish Talmudic scholars seem to understand this very well. The emerging body of fiction and channeled materials about Mary Magdalen constitutes a growing body of extraordinary literature advocating for a reinterpretation of traditional Christian beliefs. We have very little in the way of source material about who Mary Magdalen actually was and what she actually did.

    But we do have a few stories that have made their way down to us through both oral and written tradition. These stories are compelling enough to spark the imagination of a generation of men and women who seek to put flesh and blood back on the reliquaries of bone venerated as the Magdalen.