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Jeff flew the venerable A Thunderbolt, also known as the "Warthog". While there, he qualified as one of the youngest 4-ship flight leaders in the entire squadron.

Become a Better Leader

While flying, Odie won numerous Top Gun awards for air-to-ground bombing and gunnery. Due to Jeff's outgoing, personable, always smiling personality, his squadron mates gave him his call sign "Odie," aptly named after the popular cartoon Garfield's sidekick. Now, few people know Jeff by his first name.. Amid his tenure as an airline pilot, Odie also flew a T-6 "Texan" on the airshow circuit.

A tragic accident took the life of his brother. This significant life event ignited the spark that helped Odie create what Target Leadership is today. Show More.

The Science Of Target Setting (And How Most Companies Get It Wrong)

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Go deeper with the stories and lessons presented at a Target Leadership keynote purchasing our book. Are you ready to become a Target Leader? Our flight plan will elevate you into becoming a Target Leader.

You will learn to inspire the desire in others to achieve greater heights in leadership and safety excellence. Leaders influence behaviors.

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We all have the ability to influence the behaviors of others around us—good, bad, or indifferent. That makes each of us a leader. Target Leaders inspire those around them to achieve a higher level of excellence in their work and home life. What you believe gets your focus. Every day, my team packs around 70 Target trucks with all the products—toys, food, clothes and more—that get delivered to local stores.

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My job is to make sure that when guests go to their store, everything they want to buy is there, ready and waiting. Her career path: I started out in an entry-level role as an operations manager at the Fontana DC.

Over the next few years, I took over group leader roles at both the Fontana and Rialto DCs in California, and later was promoted to senior group leader at Rialto. Four years after that, I took on a new challenge and became a senior food supply chain lead serving our West Coast stores and facilities.

Then I moved on to become a senior human resources manager at our Rialto import warehouse and fulfillment center before coming back to Fontana to take on my current role. Leadership philosophy: It's all about leading with authenticity. I lead a team of people, so I develop authentic relationships that allow me to get to know them both professionally and personally. This lets me understand what motivates them and helps me tailor the development, recognition and support I give each person to fit their needs. On coming to Target: I had just moved to the U. His career path: My first job at Target was cart attendant at our store in Freemont, California.

Target Leadership: The Book

I eventually worked my way up to become a sales floor team leader, and later served as executive team leader of our Softlines, Hardlines and Logistics departments at my store. I was promoted to a store team leader at the Hayward, California, store, and eventually became a district team leader in San Jose.

I try and pay that forward, help every team member to be their best and help every guest find happiness. Leadership philosophy: I try to always listen to the team and inspire and help them to be their best and achieve the best results.