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The good news is, the hardest part is over once you get past the initial ascent. I stop for a rest at the top, taking a well-deserved water and banana break. Mr nearly-four is walking ahead, hitching a ride on daddy whenever his legs tire.

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The landscape at the top is nothing short of fascinating. The unique geological features of the landscape up here feel more at home in a science fiction movie. Standing on the edge looking over to the other side of the canyon is a memorable experience. The views are breathtaking and the lone ghost gum tree growing almost vertically from the side of the canyon wall is a testament to the stubbornness of mother nature. From this distance, the hikers on the other side of the canyon are the size of ants.

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Swimming is not allowed here. The traditional aboriginal owners of this land request that you stay out of the water, just as they do. Keeping the waterhole clean is important for the health of the unique wildlife that rely on it. The steps lead up and out to the other side of the canyon. If I could travel back in time 90 minutes and stand in this very spot, I would now see myself a speck in the distance, waving from the other side of the canyon.

The thought amuses me for some reason.

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The last remaining few kilometres are uneventful. By the time I reach the bottom, my knees and leg muscles are giving me hints that they will hurt tomorrow. They do indeed hurt the next day. In fact, it takes another two days before they finally forgive me. Discover some handmade Aboriginal items and how you use them.

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Visit the Torres Strait Islands and discover the Dari and enjoy some grass skirt dancing. Then parade about holding flags celebrating that we are all Australian.

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SHOW B. Shows performed inside or outside.

Suitable for Children 2 to 5 years. A certificate of participation for the centre.

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Jenny van Velze Performer is non-indigenous however has worked with an Aboriginal community on the Central Coast of Australia to bring this show to you. In this educational "Australia Show" , t he children will:. Happy Time For Kids.