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Availability Usually despatched within 2 weeks. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Share. Description When the red man turns to green,walk yourself into a world where killing a spider triggers vivid flashbacks; where unrequited love is never forgotten; where a shopping trip to Asda is a form of counselling; where filming for YouTube leads to more than mere voyeurism; where the sheep are very often blue; and where tea is the answer. In this enigmatic debut collection, Dickson Telfer plunges his characters into profound and occasionally unsettling situations and watches them stew, fumble, thrive and flourish.

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Write about what you know. Write about what you love. Write about what you fear.

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Consider your reader. The best thing about writing is that you are totally in control. In bands, there are other musicians. In martial arts, there are opponents. You have the power to create whatever you like. Something personal about you that people may be surprised to know? I like Midori. I use a spirit level more than is necessary. Favourite movie? There were sharp pains, and a sudden feeling that the mind was rushing in circles inside the head. Then there was bleeding through the skin, though it was not cut or broken — and then, death!

The bright red spots upon the body and especially upon the face of the sick man made other men turn away from him, afraid to try to help. And the sickness lasted, from beginning to the end, no more than half an hour. But Prospero, the ruler of that land, was happy and strong and wise.

When half the people of his land had died, he called to him a thousand healthy, happy friends, and with them went far away to live in one of his palaces. This was a large and beautiful stone building he had planned himself.

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  • A strong, high wall circled it. This wall had gates of iron. The gentlemen, after they had entered, brought fire to heat the iron of the gate to make them close so firmly that nobody could open them. Here they could forget the sickness, the Red Death. They would leave the outside world to care for itself.

    The Red Man Turns to Green - An Assortment of Short Stories (Electronic book text)

    Prospero had supplied everything they needed for pleasure. There was music. There was dancing. There was beauty. There was food to eat and wine to drink. All these were within the wall, and within the wall they would be safe.

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    Outside the wall walked the Red Death. It was near the end of their fifth month there that Prospero asked his friends to all to come together for a dancing party, a masquerade. Everyone was asked to come dressed in fine clothes and with his eyes, or perhaps his whole face, covered by a cloth mask. It was a scene of great richness, that masquerade. In many old palaces, the doors can be opened in such a way that rooms like these seven can be seen all at the same time. In this palace, it was different. Little more than one of them could be seen at one time.

    There was a turn every 20 or 30 yards. To the right and left, in the middle of each wall, was a tall pointed window.

    The red man turns to green: an assortment of short stories

    The windows were of colored glass, of the same color that was used in each room. The first room had blue cloth hangings on the wall — and blue were its windows. The second room had wall hangings of that blue-red known as purple, and here the windows were purple. The third was green, and so was the glass of the windows. The fourth had hangings and windows of yellow — the fifth of white — the sixth of violet. But the seventh room had hangings on the walls made of a rich, soft cloth which was black, black as night.

    And the floor, too, was covered with the same heavy black cloth.

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    In this room the color of the windows was not the same. It was red — a deep blood color. All the rooms were lighted through the outside windows. The resulting light was strange indeed, as it colored the shapes of the dancers.