Manual Tips for IELTS: What Every Test Taker Should Know

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Thank you for sharing your tips on how to answer paragraph headings. How about the other Question in Reading like sentence completion, short answer and so on. Thank you. You are a legit! Dec 07, Greatful by: Anonymous Thank you for your tips. Does anyone have reading tips to speed up? Aug 27, tip by: Anonymous i know the time is very short. I think the best way to improve yourself is to read more and more such as different readings and collect vocabulary.

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I hope it help you. Sep 13, readingvtips by: elsy chaer in ielts reading task you do not have to read word by word all the text you should scam the text and underline important information such as name of people places dates so that you can get the answers quickly. Nov 07, How can I read faster? Aug 02, Reading tips by: Douglas OConnor It's advisable to read all thirteen questions first as then we would be focused in our search for the answer. This would save time. Underline key words in the question.

Fill in the blanks questions have the habit of popping up from any where and may not be restricted to any para. Read in word groups not words.

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  6. There is better understanding and you can also read faster. Concentrate on the whole sentence not just the word. Jan 08, thanks by: Anonymous Thank you! Jan 08, Thanks by: Farhan shekh Thank you for tips. Mar 10, reading tips by: Dr.

    Test day advice

    Baber I would like to suggest that Do 1st scanning and then Skimming. That will help you to save your time. T,F or NG - solve them in the end of the reading session. If you are overwhelm with the situation Just mark all True :. Take a look at the link to the reading lessons: Reading Lessons They may help you. Try using the skimming and scanning methods. I hope you find it useful. You can try learning the Academic Word List and I have developed short exercises so you can check which words you know and then test yourself on them. They are in groups of 10 so you could practice 10 per day, or every couple of days.

    This will not take up much of your time. Here is the link: Academic Word List Exercises There is also this package that you can purchase which allows you to organise your learning: Ultimate Vocabulary Builder Good luck. Follow ieltsbuddy. Recent Articles. Connect with us.

    IELTS Tips for Before Test Day:

    Search site search by freefind advanced. Comments for TIps for band 9 reading Click here to add your own comments. Jan 09, Reading Band 9 by: Anonymous Whoah! Dec 07, There are several questions for each section and you get 60 minutes to read the texts and answer all the questions. You may have already seen a few reading tests and noticed that some questions look similar in terms of what they ask you to do.

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    Here are the main types of questions you can get in the reading test:. Imagine what a waste it would be to have all the answers but no time to write them down where it really matters! So, what we advise you to do is to fill in the answer sheet as you go, not at the end. Have the booklet in front of you so you can read the texts and questions comfortably, and also keep the answer sheet somewhere handy so you can write all the answers down as you progress with the test.

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    However, there are some details you need to pay special attention to. Scanning is a reading method that allows you to find information faster.


    When scanning, you no longer read everything word for word. You just move your eyes across the text smoothly in a wavelike motion. Each paragraph has a main idea and that idea is expressed in the topic sentence.

    Advice from IELTS test takers

    What you really need to understand each paragraph is the information in the topic sentence. To maximize your time, look for it in the first sentence, then the second one and then the last one. Test takers can also take advantage of the many resources available online to help understand and study for the IELTS test. We have listed some important ones below that we recommend. British Council developed a series of videos to help test takers improve their score.

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    There are even more videos to watch at LearnEnglish British Council. Links on the right side.