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Sulfuric acid production for fertilizers accelerated both the industrialization of Europe and the vertical integration of chemical industries. Both directly and indirectly, Liebig was an influential figure in the development of scientific agriculture and, thus, in increasing food production at a time when a rising European population was undergoing vast urban and industrial expansion. In Liebig published a sequel, Die organische Chemie in ihrer Anwendung auf Physiologie und Pathologie Animal Chemistry or Organic Chemistry in Its Applications to Physiology and Pathology , which is considered to be a foundational writing of modern biochemistry.

In this work, Liebig employed analyses and highly speculative equations in an attempt to unravel the metabolic routes by which foodstuffs were transformed into flesh and blood and whereby tissues were degraded into animal heat, muscular work, and secretions and excretions. Although many of the details were later shown to be wrong, his novel approach of examining metabolism from a chemical viewpoint inspired decades of further research.

For instance, Liebig was wrong in claiming that fermentation and putrefaction were merely dynamic reshufflings of the constituent parts of chemical substances; yet his claim prompted many physicians to espouse a chemical theory of disease that challenged the predominant sanitarian view that disease was spread by the poisonous miasma that arose from accumulated sewage. Liebig grew increasingly interested in the chemistry of food, especially in discovering better ways to cook meat in order to preserve its nutritional qualities.

In later editions of his popular Chemische Briefe Familiar Letters on Chemistry , he pointed out that in countries such as South America and Australia, where cattle were routinely slaughtered for their hides or tallow, his meat extract could be prepared extremely economically. In the same decade Liebig also improved the commercial processing of artificial milk for infants, the baking of whole-meal bread, and the silvering of mirrors. Liebig remained in Giessen for 28 years, where the Duke of Hesse-Darmstadt made him a baron in In , fatigued from teaching, he moved to the University of Munich , where he no longer offered practical instruction but pursued his own interests and concentrated upon popular lecturing and writing.

Through the popularity of his Familiar Letters on Chemistry , he became viewed as an elder statesman of science, and he regularly commented on broader issues including scientific methodology , the opposition to materialism , and the dangers of failing to recycle sewage or replace soil nutrients that were harvested as animal and human food. Liebig was frequently hot-tempered and quarrelsome by nature, and he tenaciously upheld his own particular viewpoints.

As editor of the monthly Annalen der Pharmacie und Chemie , which he founded in and which continued until as Liebigs Annalen , he publicized both his own work and that of his pupils while also using its pages to criticize the work of other chemists. A giant among 19th-century German chemists, his charismatic power as a teacher and friend was aptly conveyed by his former student A. Statues were erected in his honour at Darmstadt, Giessen, and Munich. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind.

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Written By: William H. See Article History. Training and early career Liebig was the son of a pigment and chemical manufacturer whose shop contained a small laboratory. Start Your Free Trial Today. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. Thus, Justus von Liebig of Germany, one of the fathers of organic chemistry and the first proponent of mineral fertilizer, provided the scientific impulse that led to the development of synthetic dyes, high explosives, artificial fibres, and plastics, and Michael Faraday, the brilliant British experimental scientist….

Today most mirrors are made of glass, coated with either a chemically deposited…. This acid, essential to many manufacturing processes, remains today the leading chemical product of industrialized countries. In this study, the Liebig 's Law is applied at the cellular level to explain plant production and, as a result, crop models compatible with the Law of Diminishing Returns are derived. Some classical crop models appear here as special cases of our methodology, and a new interpretation for Mitscherlich's Law is also provided. All rights reserved.

De Bibliothecis Syntagma by Justus Lipsius: innovations and confirmations for the history of libraries. A close comparison between the chapters devoted to the libraries of ancient Rome and the writings of Encyclopedists, Antiquarians and Italian and German Scholars - who discussed the same topic - shows which were the methodological and conceptual innovations introduced by Lipsius in the history of libraries, that is critical analysis and philological sources, accompanied by their rational organization.

Using a very well known and familiar genre, just like the antiquarian treatise is, Lipsius showed in Syntagma a profoundly innovative idea of Library, represented by the Museum of Alexandria and its characteristics of universality and freedom of thought and expression.

Meetings are This article presents a qualitative study, descriptive-interpretive in profile, of the effectiveness in learning about the nature of science NOS of an activity relating to the historical controversy between Pasteur and Liebig on fermentation. The activity was implemented during a course for pre-service secondary science teachers PSSTs specializing in physics and chemistry.

The approach was explicit and reflective. The data for analysis was extracted from the PSSTs' group reports submitted at the end of the activity and the audio-recorded information from the whole class discussion. A rubric was prepared to assess this data by a process of inter-rater analysis. The results showed overall improvement in understanding the aspects of NOS involved, with there being a significant evolution in some cases e. The article concludes with an indication of some educational implications of the experience. Rejoinder to Justus Uitermark.

The proof is an application of simple hyperplane theorems The historical atlases publish during the 19th century have changed the level of knowledge of the people regarding the ancient geographical space. The first section of the atlas included only four pages of texts and commentaries.

The atlas was published in three editions. The third one is entitled Spruner-Menke atlas antiquus. Karoli Spruneri opus. Tertio edidit, Theodorus Menke. Thirty-one maps were published. Many of the maps published in this atlas represent a mix of data gathered from ancient geographical sources. By comparing the information from these maps, one can establish the level of modern knowledge regarding the geographical space of the ancient regions of the world. Ellis Von Creveld Syndrome. Full Text Available One patient with Ellis Von Creveld syndrome contains: dwarfism, congenital heart"ndisease, ectodermal dysplasia, polyductyly, an abnormally wide labial frenum and maxillary"nmolars with single root.

Part IV. The impact of anthropogenous nitrogen deposition on the diversity and functionality of soil organisms; Modellierung und Kartierung raeumlich differenzierter Wirkungen von Stickstoffeintraegen in Oekosysteme im Rahmen der UNECE-Luftreinhaltekonvention. Teilbericht IV. Semi-natural ecosystems are exposed to high atmospheric deposition for decades. Based on relevant publications soil organisms are threatened most in semi-natural ecosystems and experimental increases of nitrogen reduced soil organism diversity in forest ecosystems.

Fungi communities were affected most seriously, with a strong decline of diversity in Mycorrhiza communities in response to experimental nitrogen addition. If N-deposition generally affects soil fauna and bacterial communities remains unclear, as the database is either too small or as results are not unequivocal. Those limitations are also present summarizing the impact of N-deposition on functions and services provided by soil organisms, the current literature database does not provide enough results to predict the impact of N-deposition on decomposition processes and nutrient cycling in soils.

Lars von Triers film. Afhandlingen analyserer de enkelte films stil, virkningsstrategi og betydningsdannelse Rhizostomeen von Manila. Sivickis, Dept. Das Material wurde im December in Manila-bay gefischt und befindet sich in bestem. Schmetterlinge von Madeira. Biologischer Anbau von Strauchbeeren. Kynurenine acid - metabolism and regulation of kynurenine pathway. KYNA probably plays an important role in the pathogenesis of many neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases.

The reduced KYNA concentration is characteristic for multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease and epilepsy. KYNA is an organic compound naturally occurring in nature. This amino acid belongs to the group of exogenous amino acids and can be synthesized by plants and bacteria alone. Nutzerorientiertes Management von materiellen und immateriellen Informationsobjekten.

Medienkompetenz multiplizieren? Im Abgleich mit diesen Zielvorstellungen werden Entwicklungspotentiale des Konzepts identifiziert. Von der Vielfalt einer Institution. Alejandro Von Humboldt. Kleben von Kunststoff mit Metall. Das Buch behandelt das Kleben von Kunststoffen mit Metallen in einer fur den Praktiker verstandlichen und umsetzbaren Form.

Es leitet zu Klebeverfahren an, die optimale Ergebnisse hinsichtlich Qualitat, Dauerhaftigkeit und Wirtschaftlichkeit liefern. Richard von Volkmann. Richard von Volkmann — , one of the most important surgeons of the 19th century, is regarded as one of the fathers of orthopaedic surgery. His popularity attracted doctors and patients from all over the world. He was the lead physician for the German military during two wars. From this experience, he compared the mortality of civilian and war injuries and investigated the general poor hygienic conditions in civilian hospitals.

Aggregation und Management von Metadaten im Kontext von Europeana. John von Neumann selected letters.

Additional Information

John von Neuman was perhaps the most influential mathematician of the twentieth century, especially if his broad influence outside mathematics is included. Not only did he contribute to almost all branches of mathematics and created new fields, but he also changed post-World War II history with his work on the design of computers and with being a sought-after technical advisor to many figures in the U.

The present volume is the first substantial collection of previously mainly unpublished letters written by von Neumann to colleagues, friends, government officials, and others. The letters give us a glimpse of the thinking of John von Neumann about mathematics, physics, computer science, science management, education, consulting, politics, and war. Readers of quite diverse backgrounds will find much of interest in this fascinating first-hand look at one of the towering figures of twentieth century science.

Automatisierung von HiL Tests. Darstellung und Bewertung einer praktischen Umsetzung. Homopteren von Java, gesammelt von Herrn Edw. Herr Edw. Properties of von Neumann entropy. To do so, we partition the total Hilbert space into momentum and spin subspaces so that the ELSTs of all sizes can cause irreversible hearing loss which can, however, be prevented through early diagnosis and treatment.

We aim to emphasize the ch Eesti kunstimuuseum, Kadrioru kunstimuuseum. Tallinn Shock, diaschisis and von Monakow. Full Text Available The concept of shock apparently emerged in the middle of the 18th century Whyett as an occurrence observed experimentally after spinal cord transection, and identified as "shock" phenomenon one century later Hall.

The term "diaschisis" von Monakow, proposed as a new modality of shock, had its concept broadened, underpinned by observations of patients, aiming at distinguishing between symptoms of focal brain lesions and transitory effects they produced, attributable to depression of distant parts of the brain connected to the injured area.

Presently, diaschisis is related mainly to cerebrovascular lesions and classified according to the connection fibers involved, as proposed by von Monakow. Depression of metabolism and blood flow in regions anatomically separated, but related by connections with the lesion, allows observing diaschisis with neuroimaging. Von Hippel—Lindau disease. Full Text Available Von Hippel—Lindau VHL disease is a rare autosomal dominantly inherited multisystem disorder characterised by the development of a variety of benign and malignant tumours.

We report a case of VHL disease that was inherited by a daughter from her father, who both presented at a young age with progressive headache and were found to have a posterior fossa haemangioblastoma HB on magnetic resonance imaging MRI. Multiple benign pancreatic and renal cysts were also noted in both patients. Microfinance als Geflecht von Anreizproblemen. Obwohl es e Moose von Inselbergen in Benin.

Acht Leber- und zehn Laubmoosarten werden von Inselbergen aus Benin angegeben. Eight liverworts and ten mosses are reported from inselber Selen ist essentieller Bestandteil von mehr als 25 physiologisch wichtigen menschlichen Enzymen. Years later, Dr. This photograph is dated April 13, From left are R. Bernight, and Dr. Wohnquartiersbeschreibung: ein Instrument zur Regionalisierung von Nachbarschaften. Von Willebrand disease protects against arterial thrombosis. Sanders, Y. It is well known that individuals with high VWF levels have a higher risk for arterial thrombosis.

Although it has never been. Research, design and education, Von Humboldt revisited. Bax, M.

Justus, baron von Liebig

This paper is a result of reflection on the interrelation design-research-cultivation, and on the interpretation of Von Humboldt's maxim: 'Einheit von Forschung und Lehre', which governed the academic world in the past two centuries. It is argued that 'Forschung' should be interpreted as 'Research. Diffusion von Leerstelleninseln auf Cu Von Hippel-Lindau Disease. Full Text Available Abstract A germline mutation in the Von -Hippel Lindau VHL gene predisposes carriers to development of abundantly vascularised tumours in the retina, cerebellum, spine, kidney, adrenal gland and pancreas.

Most VHL patients die from the consequences of cerebellar haemangioblastoma or renal cell carcinoma. A patient with suspicion for VHL is an indication for genetic counselling and periodical examination. Bibliograafia lk. The von Meyenburg complex; Der von Meyenburg Komplex. Schwab, S. The von Meyenburg complex VMC describes bile duct hamartomas and presents a rare, benign incidental finding in liver imaging.

We report on a year-old man, who was referred for a follow up study 14 years after remission of Hodgkin's disease. Computed tomography CT revealed multiple hypodense lesions throughout the liver, primary suggesting recurrent Hodgkin's disease. Previous CT-examinations, which were obtained at a later date, showed those lesions in identical distribution and morphology over the years, leading to diagnosis of multiple bile duct hamartomas VMC. Making imaging-based diagnosis of VMC including ultrasound, CT and magnetic resonance imaging is a challenging task for the radiologist.

Based on literature research findings, the impact of different modalities in the diagnostic work-up of VMC is discussed. Schnaps und Limonade sowie wein Redoxspeziation von endlagerrelevanten Elementen mit Hilfe von Trennmethoden gekoppelt an ein Massenspektrometer mit induktiv gekoppeltem Plasma. By conducting a series of non-invasive studies, such as 3D inventory using terrestrial laser scanning TLS, thermal imaging, georadar measurements around and inside the tomb and anthropological research of mummified remains as well - the complete dataset was collected.

Through the integration of terrestrial TLS and airborne laser scanning ALS authors managed to analyse the surroundings of Fahrenheid pyriamid and influence of some objects like trees on the condition and visibility of the Pyramids in the landscape. Die Wirkung von Desacetylcefotaxin, einem Metaboliten von Cefotaxim, in vitro und auf die experimentelle Infektion mit Escherichia coli. In einem Modell der systemischen Infektion der Maus mit einem plasmidtragenden, betalactamaseproduzierenden Stamm von E. Im Vergleich zur Ther Processors utilizing those fluctuations such as the von WISPR Family Processors discussed herein, are methods or algorithms that preferentially attenuate the fluctuating signals and noise Hier werden zwei oder mehr Nutzungsgruppen durch eine dritte Seite, die Plattform, zusammengebracht.

Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Adolf von Baeyer. General Article Volume 19 Issue 6 June pp Titan gilt seit Jahrzehnten als einer der wichtigsten Implantatwerkstoffe in der Medizin. Neben den guten mechanischen Eigenschaften Leichtigkeit, hohe Festigkeit etc.

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Full Text Available On May 15, Christian von Ferber - member of the Editorial Board of "Condensed Matter Physics" and renowned expert in the fields of soft matter physics and complex systems - celebrated his 50th birthday. The Editorial board of CMP, colleagues and friends warmy congratulate Christian von Ferber and wish him and his family continuing good health and to enjoy many adventures and discoveries in his future scientific travels! The classification problem for von Neumann factors. In particular the isomorphism relation of type II factors is not smooth.

We also prove Libreto autor on Maarja Kangro. Bedeutung von Umwelt- und Organismusfaktoren bei Autoaggressionen. Visualisierung von typisierten Links in Linked Data. Die Aufrufe wurden von Kurelac im Namen der Banalregierung beschrieben. Jahrhundert ein. Privatiserung von Geschichte. Probleme einer differenzierten Aufarbeitung. Dort seien dann in erster Linie die weiblichen Familienmitglieder mit der Versorgungs- und Pflegearbeit konfrontiert worden. A new von Mises probabilistic formula for quartet invariants.

Von Mises formulas for quartet invariants, even is useful in most cases of practical interest, suffer from some systematic errors. A new von Mises formula is suggested with better theoretical features. Kerttu Wagner. Arvustus: Wagner, Kerttu. Frankfurt am Main [etc. Lang, Borel reductibility and classification of von neumann algebras. We announce some new results regarding the classification problem for separable von Neumann algebras. Our results are obtained by applying the notion of Borel reducibility and Hjorth's theory of turbulence to the isomorphism relation for separable von Neumann algebras Dabei richten sich die Bestrebungen, diesem Problem entgegenzuwirken, bislang vor allem auf Jugendliche.

Beurteilung von praktikumsbegleitenden Weblogs von angehenden Lehrpersonen. Die Studierenden beurteilen den Einsatz von Weblogs jedoch unterschiedlich. Dabei ist wenig bekannt, welchen Einfluss die Vergabe und das Erhalten von Peerfeedback auf den Beurteilungsprozess von praktikumsbegleitenden Weblogs sowie auf den Umfang von Blogpostings haben.

Von Willebrand protein binds to extracellular matrices independently of collagen. Von Willebrand protein is present in the extracellular matrix of endothelial cells where it codistributes with fibronectin and types IV and V collagen. Bacterial collagenase digestion of endothelial cells removed fibrillar collagen, but the pattern of fibronectin and of von Willebrand protein remained undisturbed. Exogenous von Willebrand protein bound to matrices of different cells, whether rich or poor in collagen. Lebensweltlen von Frauen der deutschen Oberschicht im Baltikum Arvustus: Wilhelmi, Anja.

Lebenswelten von Frauen der deutschen Oberschicht im Baltikum Eine Untersuchung anhand von Autobiographien. Wiesbaden : HArrassowitz Gasification of liquid manure; Vergasung von Guelle. Gudenau, H. The potential of thermal use of liquid manure is investigated. It is recommended to separate the liquid and solid fraction.

While the liquid fraction can be used as fertilizer, the solid fraction can be used for generating a fuel gas for combined heat and power generation. Die zum Anbau von Getreide notwendige Duengung kann durch Separation von Guelle in Fest- und Duennfraktion effektiver und kostenguenstiger durchgefuehrt werden. Der Naehrstoffgehalt des Guellefeststoffs sollte durch thermische Aufbereitung aufkonzentriert werden, so dass eine Vermarktung auch mit laengeren Transpoertwegen darstellbar ist. Die bei der thermischen Behandlung gewonnene Waerme kann prozessintern genutzt und ueberschuessige Waerme an Abnehmer in der naeheren Umgebung geliefert werden.

Spectral theory and quotients in Von Neumann algebras West In this note we consider to what extent the functional calculus and the spectral theory in von Neumann algebras are preserved by the taking of quotients relative to two-sided ideals of the von Neumann algebra. Keywords: von Neumann algebra, functional calculus, spectral theory, quotient algebras. Sie sprechen daher lieber von Risikokulturen als von der Risikogesellschaft. Trotzdem erken Daneben sind weitere Eigenschaften von Bedeutung, die sich einer einfachen objektiv-technischen Beschreibung entziehen.

Asymptotic analysis of a von Koch beam. Fractal geometry is used in diverse research areas, being an useful tool in describing the mechanical behaviour of natural and man-made structures. In this paper, the structural behaviour of a von Koch cantilever beam is analyzed in the small deformations regime. Analytical recursive formulae for the strain energy scaling are derived, which have been found in good agreement with numerical simulations. Energy considerations suggest a peculiar scaling for the beam rigidity in order to prevent compliance divergence.

File:Briefmarke deutschland 55cent justus liebig 1803 2003.png

The results are then extended to evaluate the stiffness matrix of a von Koch beam. Dabei wird deutlich, wie eng die Geschichte der Medien und die Entwicklung von Technologien der biologischen Fortpflanzung miteinander verzahnt sind. Die analogen Karten und die Lernsoftware umfasst eine breite Palette von sehr unterschiedlichen Produkten. Von der Medienwirkungsbehauptung zur erziehungswissenschaftlichen Medienrezeptionsforschung.

Vorschlag zur Analyse von Filmkommunikaten.

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Sodann werden Elemente einer konstruktivistischen Methodologie von Medienrezeptionsforschung beschrieben, die am Beispiel der Rezeption von Filmen konkretisiert werden. Dabei wird das Konzept des Kommunikates S. Gemeinsam mit Briefen und Reden ergibt sich dabei ein differenziertes Bild der Beurteilung der beiden Wissenschaftler durch den jeweils anderen. Abstract The short, not completely preserved correspondence between Alexander von Humboldt and Karl Ernst von Baer deals with a wide range of subjects: politics and the danger of war, academic activities, scientific awards and conferences, aspects of embryology and the cholera.

Untersuchungen zur Entwicklung von Satellitengalaxien. Balken und 3 ein oft verdeckter Balken. Hauptaugenmerk ist das unterschiedliche Verhalten der Komponenten. A note on derivations of Murray— von Neumann algebras. A Murray— von Neumann algebra is the algebra of operators affiliated with a finite von Neumann algebra. In this article, we first present a brief introduction to the theory of derivations of operator algebras from both the physical and mathematical points of view.

We then describe our recent work on derivations of Murray— von Neumann algebras. In particular, we prove that the only derivation that maps a Murray— von Neumann algebra associated with a factor of type II1 into that factor is 0. A note on derivations of Murray- von Neumann algebras.

A Murray- von Neumann algebra is the algebra of operators affiliated with a finite von Neumann algebra. We then describe our recent work on derivations of Murray- von Neumann algebras. We show that the "extended derivations" of a Murray- von Neumann algebra, those that map the associated finite von Neumann algebra into itself, are inner. In particular, we prove that the only derivation that maps a Murray- von Neumann algebra associated with a factor of type II1 into that factor is 0. Those results are extensions of Singer's seminal result answering a question of Kaplansky, as applied to von Neumann algebras: The algebra may be noncommutative and may even contain unbounded elements.

Goethe ainetel tekst ja lavastus Taavi Eelmaa, muusika ja laulud Chalice, osades Jarek Kasar ja Rein Pakk , "Hamletid" William Shakespeare'i ainetel kontseptsiooni, lavastuse, koreograafia, kujunduse, valguse autor Sasha Pepeljajev, video- ja helikunstnik Taavet Jansen. Esitaja Juhan Ulfsak.

Alexander von Humboldt and Coenraad Jacob Temminck. The map, the hard cover of John Gould's "Synopsis of the birds. Differential functional von Foerster equations with renewal. Full Text Available Natural iterative methods converge to the exact solution of a differential-functional von Foerster-type equation which describes a single population dependent on its past time and state densities as well as on its total size. On the lateral boundary we impose a renewal condition. Wege zur Entdeckung von Communities in Folksonomies. Die dadurch entstehenden begrifflichen Strukturen stellen ein interessantes Forschungsfeld dar.

Some organizational aspects, financial support and remarkable events like international prizes in field of plasma physics are given.

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Guido von Pirquet: Austrian pioneer of astronautics. The works of Guido von Pirquet, Austrian pioneer of rocketry, were assessed. Major emphasis was given to Pirquet's calculation of the route to Venus which in fact was followed by the first Russian rocket to Venus. Of interest also is Pirquet's valuable construction of a space station and his analysis of interstellar space flight.

Ueberreste vorweltlicher Proboscidier von Java und Banka. Active Von Willebrand Factor, thrombocytopenia and thrombosis. Platelets and von Willebrand factor VWF are unable to interact in circulation. To induce an interaction, a conversion of VWF to a platelet-binding conformation is required. At higher shear stresses, the first step in thrombus formation is binding of VWF to the subendothelium.

This results in. Ueber eine Anomalie von Acromitus flagellatus Stiasny. Juhendaja: Claus Sommerhage. Hilpert, W. Even if Marx did not grapple with a global ecological crisis of contemporary standards, he was remarkably sensitive to ecological processes as they shaped, and were shaped by, capital accumulation; indeed, Marx studied intensively the works of the leading soil chemists of his day, foremost among them Justus von Liebig.

Particularly in the? Das Ziel dieser Arbeit lag somit darin, die wertvollen Dokumentinhalte der alten Version der Hausliste optimal nutzbar zu machen, und damit ein modernes Arzneimittelinformationssystem zu etablieren. Wir zeigen andere Bilder von Frauen This article illustrates the relevance of gender in processes of sports media communication. The question in focus is in what way traditional gender stereotypes are perpetuated in the process of media communication in sport and how such stereotypes can be irritated.

Therefore different levels of mass media communication are considered: the media products, the public relations of athletes and the presentation of themselves as athletes, the media-reception and the production processes in sport departments of media institutions. The Molecular Genetics of von Willebrand Disease.

Incomplete penetrance and variable expression due to genetic and environmental factors contribute to its complexity. Some vWF gene mutations are associated with the affected vWF biosynthesis and multimerization, whereas others are associated with increased clearance and functional impairment. Moreover, in addition to a particular mutation, type O blood may result in the more severe phenotype. The present review aimed to provide a summary of the current literature on the molecular genetics of vWD.

The molecular genetics of von Willebrand disease. None declared. An orthonormal basis of modified coherent states is constructed. Each member of the basis is an infinite sum of coherent states on a von Neumann lattice. A single state is assigned to each unit cell of area h Planck constant in the phase plane. The uncertainties of the coordinate x and the square of the momentum p 2 for these states are shown to be similar to those for the usual coherent states. Expansions in the newly established set are discussed and it is shown that any function in the kq-representation can be written as a sum of two fixed kq-functions.

Approximate commuting operators for x and p 2 are defined on a lattice in phase plane according to von Neumann's prescription. Inspired by Volta's pile he proposed the first theory of water electrolysis, which was published in in Rome. Michael Faraday acknowledged T. Grotthuss for this theory in his further investigations of electrolysis processes. Lithuanian scientists are proud that life of Theodor von Grotthuss was related to this country.

Many events to remember this prominent scientist are organised in Vilnius and other places. His works and example provided a good basis for further development of electrochemical science in Lithuania. Grotthuss insights into the mechanism of proton transport still are of great relevance to such areas of modern science as membrane biochemistry, energy conversion and storage.

Inattentional blindness and the von Restorff effect. Sometimes we fail to notice distinctive or unusual items inattentional blindness , while other times we remember distinctive items more than expected items the von Restorff effect. A three-factor framework is presented and tested in two experiments in an attempt to reconcile these seemingly contradictory phenomena.

Memory for different types of unexpected stimuli was tested after an easy or difficult Stroop color-naming task. Highly arousing taboo words were well remembered even when the difficult Stroop task limited attentional resources. As proposed in the three-factor framework, the arousing qualities of the stimuli, the attentional demands of the primary task, and the relevance of isolated features at encoding and retrieval combine to produce inattentional blindness and the von Restorff effect.

Verbesserung der Symmetrie von Hirnaufnahmen entlang der Sagittalebene. Diese Arbeit stellt die Entwicklung eines Verfahrens vor, mit dessen Hilfe die Symmetrie von Hirnaufnahmen entlang der Sagittalebene verbessert werden kann. Dies geschieht unter Verwendung von aktiven Konturen, die mit Hilfe einer neuartigen Kostenfunktion gesteuert werden. Rohlin flows on Von Neumann algebras. The authors will classify Rohlin flows on von Neumann algebras up to strong cocycle conjugacy. Several concrete examples are also studied. Marktorientierte Vertriebs-Reorganisation von Energieversorgungsunternehmen.

Um sowohl dem Margenverfall als auch der direkten Vergleichbarkeit mit La Medea de Lars von Trier. Using film analysis and based on cultural studies the article asks about the importance and potential power of cinema to recover the ancient myth and show their effects. The analysis expands horizons for the understanding of the mechanisms that link the network of meanings of the film, where the author offers a new vision of Medea's archetype attaching it to the pictorial tradition tied to the Romanticism.

An influence that can be seen in the later works of Lars von Trier, where the landscape, the nature, stands as a catalyst of human drives, as his accomplice and witness. Visuelle Analyse von E-mail-Verkehr. Zur Kenntnis von Gnetum neglectum Bl. Buitenzorg 3. Sie ist eine. Portrait of Dr. Von Braun with Walt Disney, Marshall Center Director Dr.

In the s, Dr. Von Braun while working in California on the Saturn project, also worked with Disney studios as a technical director in making three films about Space Exploration for television. Gleichzeitig legen diese drei Gleichungen nahe, die drei Pyramiden in der Reihenfolge Mykerinos-, Chefren- und Cheopspyramide den inneren drei Planeten unseres Sonnensys Kuraator M. Levin kuni Arbeitszeiten von Professorinnen und Professoren in Deutschland Die Ergebnisse von frequentistischer und Bayesianischer Analyse werden verglichen.

Erhitzen von Amiloridhydrochlorid Chancen und Gefahren von Global-Marketing-Konzepten. Marketing, A bicategorical approach to Morita equivalence for von Neumann algebras. We relate Morita equivalence for von Neumann algebras to the ''Connes fusion'' tensor product between correspondences.

In the purely algebraic setting, it is well known that rings are Morita equivalent if they are equivalent objects in a bicategory whose 1-cells are bimodules. We present a similar result for von Neumann algebras. We show that von Neumann algebras form a bicategory, having Connes's correspondences as 1-morphisms, and bounded intertwiners as 2-morphisms. Further, we prove that two von Neumann algebras are Morita equivalent iff they are equivalent objects in the bicategory.

The proofs make extensive use of the Tomita-Takesaki modular theory. Liebig drew upon his work in plant nutrition and plant and animal metabolism to develop a theory of nutrition, which had significant implications for cookery. In his Researches on the Chemistry of Food Liebig argued that eating not only meat fibre, but also meat juices, which contained various inorganic chemicals, was important. These vital ingredients would be lost during conventional boiling or roasting in which cooking liquids were discarded. For optimum nutritional quality, Liebig advised that cooks should either sear the meat initially to retain fluids, or retain and use cooking liquids as in soups or stews.

Liebig was acclaimed in The Lancet for revealing "the true principles of cookery", and physicians promoted "rational diets" based on his ideas. Well-known British cookery writer Eliza Acton responded to Liebig by modifying the cookery techniques in the third edition of her Modern Cookery for Private Families , and subtitling the edition accordingly. Building on his theories of the nutritional value of meat fluids, and seeking an inexpensive nutrition source for Europe's poor, Liebig developed a formula for producing beef extract.

The details were published in so that "the benefit of it should Production was not economically feasible in Europe, where meat was expensive, but in Uruguay and New South Wales, meat was an inexpensive byproduct of the leather industry. Other companies also attempted to market meat extracts under the name "Liebig's Extract of Meat".

In Britain, a competitor's right to use the name was successfully defended on the grounds that the name had fallen into general use and become a generic term before the creation of any particular company. Liebig's company initially promoted their "meat tea" for its curative powers and nutritional value as a cheap, nutritious alternative to real meat.

After claims of its nutritional value were questioned, they emphasized its convenience and flavour, marketing it as a comfort food. German cookery writer Henriette Davidis wrote recipes for Improved and Economic Cookery and other cookbooks. Hannah M. Colorful calendars and trading cards were also marketed to popularize the product. The company also worked with British chemist Henry Enfield Roscoe to develop a related product, which it registered some years after Liebig's death, under the " Oxo " trademark. Oxo was trademarked worldwide in and in the United Kingdom in Originally a liquid, Oxo was released in cubed solid form in Liebig studied other foods, as well.

He promoted the use of baking powder to make lighter bread, studied the chemistry of coffee-making, and developed a breast-milk substitute for babies who could not suckle. Liebig founded the journal Annalen der Chemie , which he edited from Originally titled Annalen der Pharmacie , it became Annalen der Chemie und Pharmacie to more accurately reflect its content. Liebig published widely in Liebigs Annalen and elsewhere, in newspapers and journals.

Some of his most influential titles include:. In addition to books and articles, he wrote thousands of letters, most of them to other scientists. Through Liebig's close friendship with the Vieweg family publishing house, he arranged for his former student Jacob Schiel — to translate Mill's important work for German publication.

Developments in agricultural, animal, and food chemistry

Liebig liked Mill's Logic in part because it promoted science as a means to social and political progress, but also because Mill featured several examples of Liebig's research as an ideal for the scientific method. In this way, he sought to reform politics in the German states. He also became scientific advisor to King Maxilimian II, who hoped to transform the University of Munich into a center for scientific research and development.

His new accommodations in Munich reflected this shift in focus. They included a comfortable house suitable for extensive entertaining, a small laboratory, and a newly built lecture theatre capable of holding people with a demonstration laboratory at the front. There, he gave lectures to the university and fortnightly to the public. In his position as a promoter of science, Liebig was appointed president of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities , becoming perpetual president of the Royal Bavarian Academy of Sciences in Liebig enjoyed a personal friendship with Maximilian II, who died on 10 March After Maximilian's death, Liebig and other liberal Protestant scientists in Bavaria were increasingly opposed by ultramontane Catholics.

Liebig was elected a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in In , he became correspondent of the Royal Institute of the Netherlands; when that became the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences in , he joined as foreign member. The British Royal Society awarded him the Copley Medal "for his discoveries in organic chemistry, and particularly for his development of the composition and theory of organic radicals" in In English, the closest translation is "Baron". In , he was awarded the Albert Medal by the Royal Society of Arts, "for his numerous valuable researches and writings, which have contributed most importantly to the development of food-economy and agriculture, to the advancement of chemical science, and to the benefits derived from that science by Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce.

In , the West German post office issued a stamp in his honor. Some organizations have granted medals in honor of Justus von Liebig. The image was struck from a portrait commissioned in from Friedrich Brehmer. They were empowered to award gold and silver Liebig Medals to deserving German scientists "for the purpose of encouraging research in agricultural science". Silver medals could be awarded to scientists from other countries. In , the Verein deutscher Chemiker Association of German Chemists also had a medal struck using Brehmer's portrait.

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