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My ears tell me plainly they aren't flutes, but instead sound like Irish Low Whistles -- a flute-like instrument that uses a recorder-like mouthpiece. Hobgoblin Music must have at least two dozen varieties, and there are several YouTube videos showing how to fashion them from various materials. One could go through a lengthy experimentation process finding some that best emulate the tonality of those used on the recording.

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I have a hunch that the whistles were taped for the Mellotron and played live that way, but I can't say anything about the actual studio tracks. I don't believe there's any need to look for a different instrument. A Mellotron can play a recorded instrument, starting with the actual capture of the instrument's initial attack envelope, and sustain it for up to eight seconds, the length of tape controlled by each key.

The whistles played on Stairway to Heaven seem to need only sustain for about four seconds before a different note is sounded.

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If you want to give a sound an artificial character, however, the sky's the limit. If I were tasked with re-creating the exact sound of the whistles on the original, I'd start with the largest Low Whistles that would cover the musical range expressed on the original, and proceed to get a good capture that requires the least processing, hopefully needing none. This is an adventure I wish to follow through with someday.

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For the studio recording Jones is definitely using a wooden Treble recorder sometimes called an Alto recorder, especially in the US. There's a couple of interviews out there where he says something along the lines of 'I had a recorder lying about Here's an example of the sound of a Treble Recorder:. The Recorder has a purer and less breathy sound, whilst the Whistle has a reedier sound, with much more breathiness to it.

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  6. For the early live performances he used the Hammond organ, but soon changed over to the stock 'flute' sound the same sound used on The Beatles' "Strawberry Fields" on the Mellotron all the way until , when he used the Yamaha GX1 and then a Fairlight CMI I have played the skin flute several times, never during Stairway to Heaven though as that would be rather strange. Whatchootalkinabout Willis?!

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    I know this is an old thread but I can confirm specifically that there are 4 recorders on this track - A Bass recorder, and Alto recorder, a soprano, and a treble or two sopranos. It's not too hard figuring this stuff out but it helps if you are familiar with Bach. Try following one part at a time. And yes live it was played with a Melotron. If you really listen you can hear JPJ's breath and vibrato as he lowers the intensity of his breath You can post now and register later.

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