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Oh, those were the days! Anyone from class of '78 chorus with Mrs. Whitman out there? We had so many cupcakes left over after caroling - they were willed to her in the yearbook! That was fun, too! From Rich Howard: "I never said the govenrment should favor one religion over another. I said that this country was formed with Christian principles by Christians who, by the way, guaranteed the rights of non-Christians. Now can you dispute that? Maybe you mean the rights of women or the guaranteed rights of those"non-Christian" heathen Japanese folks who later on got tossed in internment camps simply because they had slanted eyes?

And yes, Rich, we can all understand your anger with the person who brought your wife into the conversation. After all, you are the only person who should be allowed to make any of your customary callous, bigoted and belittling blowhard comments regarding whomever someone else in here is sleeping with! Nancy, it's funny that I read your comments on the London's Santa. I was just telling my son last night about my memories of shopping at London's and going downstairs to visit Santa.

He always seemed like "the real Santa" to me. He was as close to the Coca Cola Santa as anyone could get. Sometimes I long to go back to those days when life was slower. We had less, but we were happier. We used our minds instead of letting TV think for us. To Arthur Itis: Tsk, tsk, how sad that we all think it is fine for us to voice our opinions but as soon as someone has a different one, we condemn them.

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It is sad that another's opinions would cause you to wish him dead. Even if he were a "condominium commando" as you put it, it is his right. Would you take away his rights just because he doesn't agree with you? Rich, would you take away Arthur's rights just because he doesn't agree with you? Please, follks, can we put this aside for the holidays?

My mom used to take me "uptown" to see Santa every year! He was in his "house" right near the arches on the Common. We'd wait in line and watch all the kids coming out with a candy cane, and then it was my turn. Being the "Momma's boy" that I was, I used to make my mom go in that "house" while I was in there … just a bit cramped for all of us.

Is Santa's house still on the Common? This is for Nancy. I remember the plastic Santa rings they used to give out at London's, too! My mom would take us there every year to see Santa Claus. We also sometimes would go to see him in his little "house" in the town square in Attleboro. At Christmastime, we used to browse around Kid's Town, the toy store. It was really close to where my dad worked, and I remember walking around and thinking that store held all of my dreams under one roof!

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I remember Morin's, too, and the snowy nights at Christmastime. We always had alot of nice things under the tree. Sometimes alot of the true family togetherness was missing in our house, and as I got older that made Christmas kind of sad for me, but somehow there was always that magic of hope at Christmas, and that day always seemed to end up being special nonetheless. I think my parents tried as hard as they knew how to make us happy. There is no place like the Attleboros at Christmastime in my memory.

We live in the south now, but nothing can compare to those snowy, cold Christmases from my childhood. We are lucky if we even GET snow here by January or February, or at all, but I do NOT miss the shoveling, or the snowplows burying the cars all over again after you've just cleared them out! Happy Thanksgiving to all this week! Be seeing you soon! Talk about remembering Attleboro: Does anyone remember when Santa's House was on Attleboro Common all so long ago , over by the arch, near the train tracks?

It was the size of a closet but so packed with joy … and LaSalette, I went there faithfully as a child and now I bring my own kids to it. O, the memories! To all in the Attleboro area: Have a safe and happy holiday season. Stay safe. Well, that's really nice, wishing a fellow citizen was run over by a bus. But what can one expect from people who condone baby murder? What's a human life to them?

To "Just the Facts": I never said the govenrment should favor one religion over another. Can you spin and twist it to make me look stupid? Or can you agree that is what I said? I think when people like you want to run every Christian mention or God mention out of government buildings, etc. I don't know. Just because you are trouble making, unhappy with your lives, jerks who wish to grind away at the rest of us. Turn your flags upside down, kill your babies, free your criminals and marry your brother for all I care. Just don't tell me what I can and cannot say. By the way to the other jerk, my wife admires my passion for what I believe.

She is not part of this so leave her out of it, you got that? If you want to drag my family into this discussion, show your face to me so we can go mano a mano. In short, have some guts. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to all of you from one who speaks his mind and deals with the aftermath. Watch out for that bus now ….

It has been quite a while since I visited this site and, sorry to say, things have not changed. I very much enjoyed reading about the Boshes, Carvalhos , about Bungay Lake. Had hoped to hear more from classmates of mine from Tiffany School and such.. About the Texieras, Metteys , Capionegros and others, but instead I have to read about the politics of people in Florida.

Nostalgia is a wonderful look at the past; don't destroy it with bitterness. Ignore the politics and religion, no one can change the other person's mind, and rather reply only to the nostalgia. Remember the quote from Tennyson: " Rise in the heart, and gather to the eyes, in looking on the happy Autmn Fields, and thinking of the days that are no more. BonhommeJames yahoo. Mon November As I stared at this little plastic ring, the memories came back to me in a flash.

The sparkling snow covered town of Attleboro was looking so festive with all of the Christmas lights aglow and green garland with brightly colored red bows adorning ever shop in town. I went into a shop with my parents … I think it was called Londons?! There was a long line to see the man himself - Santa! I stood in line while my parents shopped you could do this back then with no worries.

I remember telling the jolly man what I would like. I remember Santa asking me if I was naughty or nice. I was very honest. I was nice, but I had a brother who made that difficult at times. Santa laughed and told me honesty was the way to be. He said he would see what he could do. He gave me a Santa ring. I was so thrilled and you would have thought I won the Lottery!

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I went to Morin's afterwards for hot chocolate and told my parents of my visit with Santa. The snow was coming down heavy that night and the neighborhood looked like a Christmas card. It was the Christmas of One I would never forget! I cherished that Santa ring and would only wear it on Christmas Eve. I found my old faded Santa ring this week. I had the same feelings as I did when I first got it.

Did I get what I was wanting that Christmas? Well, Santa said he's see what he could do… and he came through. I had gotten the doll I was asking for and knew it paid to be honest. If any of you have a Thanksgiving or Christmas memory of years ago - Guestbook it! Let's get the wonderful spirit of the holiday's going. Best wishes to all this Thanksgiving and Christmas season! I was just wondering, with Christmastime approaching, did anyone here ever go to La Sallette to see the Christmas displays way back when?

That was one of my favorite activities as a kid, to go down there in the dead of winter when it was really cold, and walk around all of the light displays. We would get some hot apple cider and it always tasted so good! My mom used to make us climb up the knee steps to the statue of the Virgin Mary. We were brought up Catholic, and this was a very big deal to her.

Our noses nearly froze off, but I looked forward to it every year! The best bus that ever pulled out of North Attleboro was the one with Howard on it. Too bad he wasn't under it. Howard is a typical Florida "condominium commando. I bet his old lady is glad he's on the computer all the time. Pete and Lorna, how nice to open the Guestbook and read some great memories.

We lived on Sidney St. It was an awesome sight. My parents would take us over to the Snack Shack for ice cream and then we would sit at the side of the road and watch the planes take off and land. How terribly sad that kids today can not enjoy that kind of easy and no-fuss living. I also remember looking forward to the circus that came every year to Wilkens Airport. What a great time it was to be a kid. Keep the memories coming. Re From Rich : "I was not here to speak for the native Americans, but I am here to speak for the victims of terrorists.

Lastly, if you feel the native American thing was so wrong, you must agree that the Muslim terrorists thing is wrong too. When innocents die there is no "right. Anytime someone shows up on our shores with an ax to grind and with the intention of using their religious "idealism" as a doctrine that only "their" ideas are the ONLY reality to demonize, terrorize and ultimately annihilate the "natives" is truly cause for alarm and action afterwards, no doubt about it - history clearly shows this to be true.

Should the United States government show exclusive favoritism toward Christianity or any other religion , however; this would be a clear violation of the First Amendment. This amendment clearly states that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. This clause states: "the United States and the several States shall be bound by oath or affirmation to support this Constitution, but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.

Religion is clearly a "personal" belief. There are so many religions to choose from, including the choice of no religion. It is out of the question for our government to decide that one belief is right and another is wrong. So it is reasonable to say that it is and should remain unconstitutional for our government to favor Christianity or any other religion, over other religions, including the choice of no religion. In any case, please forgive me being a "'wiseacher" in my earlier post, and have yourself a nice Thanksgiving in NPR, Rich.

To Just the Facts: Thank you sooo much for the great laugh! I needed that. Too bad that the joke is always on "Rich. Be safe and healthy. Actually, I never lived in Plainville. Just my relatives. I lived in Attleboro all my life until My husband had a heart attack, was laid off while in ICU and so he took the first job that came along. I have been in Nashville since October Each move got me closer to home, but my heart is there in Attleboro with all my family.

I have two of my four children here and one of my six grandchildren here, so you can see why I long to be back home. I get home for a week twice a year, but I will not make it for Christmas this year. My husband has to have surgery. I can't believe the changes either - especially along Route 1. She had 60 acres. To "Just the Facts": I agree with what you say about how this country was started. That was then, this is now. If I follow your reasoning, we should allow the Muslims or anyone to fly the planes into the towers and accept it as punishment for the Pilgrims?

Is that about it? Splitting hairs like this is asinine. It's the same as if you blame me for slavery when neither I nor anyone else in my blood line ever owned or condoned owning them. In fact, my friend, I am half Syrian by blood so I think I can speak about the atrocity of hijacking planes and killing innocents by Arabs better than you can. I abhor that the same as I abhor what happened to the native Americans. I was not here to speak for the native Americans but I am here to speak for the victims of terrorists.

None of what you say changes the fact that this country was formed, rightly or wrongly, on Christian principles. Re: Rich's comment: "… nice try but the Muslims did not sail over here on wooden ships to form this country. Too bad your father didn't get the chance to fly. I always wanted to be a pilot, but lost enough of my hearing in boot camp back in '64 to preclude military flight school. They frown on pilots that can't hear the instructions from the tower. Something about crashing and other such calamities.

If you want to see the Wilkins area now, just go to aerial maps, click on terra server and go from there. I couldn't believe the growth in the area when I saw it. Back in those days my grandfather had a camp on Bungay Lake and we would go to visit him there by taking the road that went off behind the Snack Shack. There was nothing out there then, and I mean nothing. Now there is a golf course, I think, and a few trailer parks with houses going up in between.

I think if I moved back to Plainville I would like to live in that area. How long since you've lived in Plainville? I remember the Snack Shack and Wilkins Airport. When I was a little girl we went to my grandmother's farm on Messenger St. Sometimes on the way there or on the way home, we would stop at the Snack Shack for ice cream and watch the planes take off and land. My dad always wanted to fly a plane but never got to. As for Rich, he is a senior citizen who is set in his ways and you can't change him so why feed his anger?

In answer to "Just the Facts," nice try but the Muslims did not sail over here on wooden ships to form this country. However, they are free to practice their religion here as are all others.

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The fact that GOD is mentioned in all those places is testimony to the fact that Christians DID come here and form this country and Christians were the cornerstone of it. However, I repeat, others can practice what they choose so long as they do not break the laws of the land, just as Christians have to uphold the same laws. Christians did not fly our jetliners into our buildings. Christians did not blow up sailors on the Cole or kill marines in our embassies, etc.

You may think it is funny substituting Allah in those quotes but there is nothing funny about it. As for all you other bleeding hearts who lambaste my entries here, get a life yourselves. My life is dedicated to keeping Socialism out of the USA. I live here. I was born here. I have the right to say what I want. You who would silence me are no better than any dictator who ever ruled with fear of death. You have your sick place in society. Muck around in it and stop telling me what to say and where to say it.

Happy Thanksgiving, all. Who will you thank for your blessings? This is for Lizzy from NC. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I've often stopped by the Guestbook, but never left a message. When I started reading, it was enjoyable, but I too, come here less and less, as it is so disheartening and disappointing to see the bitterness that has spilled into it. This should be a forum for catching up and remembering, and those people who have the need for political discourse should find another forum for it.

Perhaps The Sun Chronicle would consider a "political discussion" page? That way, maybe the Guestbook could get back to what it's original intention was. I see where the Attleboro area got the first snowstorm of winter. Such fond memories I have of sledding, making snow forts and ice skating at Capron Park! Let's try and get some good entries here. Is Cooper's still in the center of town?

I remember getting Lime Rickeys and coffee frappes there! I am now thinking that if we all ignore Mr. Howard and not answer any more of his commants maybe he will just go away. Is it still there? And how about Bud Rioux's bar in Attleboro Falls? Anybody know anything about that, or Bud? Best darn fish and chips I ever had back in the '50s, if you can remember back that far. Speaking of Wilkins Airport, that was where I had my first airplane ride. The pilot was Mr. Alden Smith, our neighbor in Plainville, and the plane was a Stinson voyager. We took off with Alden Sr. We had to buzz the field to scare the cows off the grass in order to land.

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I don't think I have been that excited since. What a thrill for a 9-year-old to go for an airplane ride. Airplanes were still pretty new at that time. How about it you'all? Lets get back to nostalgia. I was visiting the Web site someone mentioned the other day in the Guestbook, about the old New England amusement parks.

It was very nostaligic, but the pics of Rocky Point were very sad. I wonder how the people in the photos got permission to walk around in there and take pictures, or DID they? I would like to praise the Patriots for following up on the disappointment of the 7-year-old boy who won the "take your player to school day. All of us who are mothers can appreciate that.

Hey, Richie, you live in Florida for cripesake. Shut off the computer, open the door to your trailer and go outside. Man, if anybody is in need of getting a life it is you, dude. I feel sorry for you, man. Just another Sunshine State Condo Nazi shooing kids offa the lawn. A shame. Hi, Rich.

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Check out how it looks when the quotes which you cited are read as such using the word Allah, the Muslim word for God :. Auden - "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator Allah with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. McCracken - "This, then, is the state of the union: free and restless, growing and full of hope. So it was in the beginning. They are as clear as the Ten Commandments. The ends I aim at shall be my country's, by Allah's and truth's.

I was born an American; I shall die an American. Howard, I wish you back all the lousyness and insanity you spout out. Oh, wait! You are already insane! My bad …! I entered the Guestbook thinking it was going to be a virtual trip into the past, reminiscing about the old days in the Attleboros, where I was born and raised, and instead I see I landed in a hotbed of political debate, and some of it not so polite. At the risk of sounding like a judgemental newcomer, may I say that this does not appear to be the proper place for such heated commentary?

I understand we all have freedom of speech in in this country; however, aren't there more politically arousing venues in which some can vent their opinions over these volatile issues, and leave the quaint little nooks designed to help us escape for awhile to those who simply wish to chat about gentler things?

Just a thought. Auden - "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. So it shall always be, while GOD is willing, and we are strong enough to keep the faith. Johnson - "GOD grants liberty to those who love it,and are always ready to guard and defend it. The ends I aim at shall be my country's, by GOD's and truth's.

I could go on and on, Frenchwoman, but you see the point. You who now preach seperation of church and state fail to realize that it means that the government will not interfere with your choice of worship. In fact, a strong belief in HIM helped form and shape this country and such quotes as you see here are all over our government buildings. Only lately has this modern hate of GOD come to pass and wrongly so.

As for the butt-kicking election, take a look at the USA map and see the red from the blue, county by county. Yes, it was an ass-kicking. It was also a message to cease and desist killing unborn children, etc. As for my lambasting "travlin," well she lambasted me first. She ordered me not to "spout my goo," as she put it. You folks can dish it out but you can't take it. As for the election, as I said to "travlin," Canada awaits.

Buh bye. The elections are over, guys, so why don't you all give the Guestbook back to the people of Attleboro. And start your own little Guestbooks where you live now. Come, come, Mr. Your vituperous lambasting of your fellow Americans is bordering on hysterics. With your education from the good state of Massachusetts you should be able to say what you want without resorting to vicious rhetoric. Please try to calm down and write something nice for a change. Better yet, have your doctor give you a prescription for paxil to lessen your feelings of depression and paranoia. That would help us all.

I call it "in by the skin of your teeth. How sad. Sadder still, that you call yourself a Christian. I hadn't dropped by to visit this book in a while, and now I know I won't drop in anymore. Enjoy your "victory," Rich. Christians like you are no better than the Muslim extremists who believe in Jihad.

Eric Bledsoe Alley Oop Dunk @ Youth Basketball Camp

What ever happened in this country to the separation of Church and State? Oh, well, adieu …. Thank you, Pete McGill. I couldn't have said it better myself. You are a smart man. I have been saying for a long time not necessarily here in the Guestbook that there should be term limits. The question is will enough people sign a petition to get it on the national ballot? That is where it needs to be. This is still a government of the people, for the people and by the people and the people need to get away from their TV sets, video games and such, and start to do something!! Terry Bosh, stop whining.

Suck it up. The moral half of this country is sick of you and your friends who kill babies and support gay unions and free criminals. Point your travlin' buggy north and take your socialist ways to Canada. If you hate it here so much, get out. We don't need you.

You call the president a moron and I call you a traitor just like Jane Fonda and Kerry followers. I hope the hell your name is on a FBI watch list because I for one do not trust people of your mind-set. You are all, for the most part, lousy losers who refuse to get the message. Please run Hillary in '08 so we can bury you again. Darn, Rich, do you want to meet the guy or what? I would LOVE to go face to face with a socialist. Just as I expected!! But today is a beautiful day in West Virginia. The sun is out, it is about 50 degrees, the leaves have all turned and most are now off the trees.

It was a great fall, the colors here are amazing. If you have never been to WV, you should come for a visit. The mountains, the lakes, the rafting, the camping, hiking and fishing are the best! I'm gong to NA in a couple of weeks with two of my children. I hope to walk some of those familiar streets and eat in some of those great places.

I should tell a story sometime about playing basketball, eating two Reese's cups and drinking a coke in the old YMCA across from the fire station in NA. I have been reading all the messages here in the Guestbook and I must say some people get really upset when their political views are questioned. My first reaction to all these views is "thank You" to our founding fathers for having the foresight to make it our right to speak our minds no matter what our minds come up with.

There are still several places in this world that would put you to the sword for less than I have read here. My second reaction is that most of you have missed the boat by blaming the president for the problems of this country. He is, fter all, only one man. The bigger problem is the Congress and thats the place to start reform, if you ask me. Until we get term limits in place and not allow any congressman to serve for 20 years like Mr. Kerry and his ilk then all the problems discussed here will continue and nothing will ever change.

That goes for Republicans, too. Terms ought to be limited to two and no election for two more terms. That will break up the "good old boy" syndrome in DC and make it much more difficult for special interests to promote their agendas. Congress will never vote for term limits because that would put most of them out of business and they are in business for sure.

We the voters must do this ourselves by voting in new congressmen each year and dumping the old guys. There ought to be an age limit on Congress, too, say 60 or so. We need fresh new ideas in Congress and youthful congressmen with the energy to carry them out. So chew on that for awhile and remember that the president can say anything he wants to get your vote but nothing happens until Congress says it can happen. Well, Tanya, your comments weren't addressed to anyone in particular, so I will be the first to acknowledge them. Your post is very well written with good grammar and no spelling errors that I can see.

Your intellectual superiority is obvious to me, BUT please humor me and share some of the exact "political terminology" or the particular "way in which our government operates" or even possibly some "matters of legality" that you are "amazed" by. How about recommending a specific book that I could read on Sunday instead of watching the Patriots so that I could then initiate some "intelligent discourse" with you? While we're on the subject: You know what "amazes" me? It's those people who possess a gift of better understanding and who are obviously blessed with a keener sense than the rest of us who offer nothing but the fact that we are all below them.

By the way, recently while dealing in a "matter of legality," my prayer was answered for guidance as to what to do when the message came through my heart and up to my head clear as clear could be. I truly understood it as a miracle. The recent letter from Brian Doherty about morality and the recent election is off the mark. The morality being referenced by the voters who put George Bush back in office is primarily related to turning back the tide of gay and lesbian activism.

In a New York Times article today, Barney Frank who is gay stated that the mass marriages of gays and lesbians in San Francisco galvanized conservative opposition. Well John, the "right wing whackos," as you call them, say hello to you from the right. Where are you, oh is that you waaaaaay over there on the left? Yup, that's John. Believer in baby killing and turning the flag upside down and same-sex marriages and whatever else his "left wing whackos" espouse. Seems like many of you are kinda out of touch with the pulse of moral America, John. In fact it looked like an old-fashioned ass-kicking to me.

Even good old boy T. Dakota, huh? Oh, too bad. Yeah, John, if I sound like I am piling it on, I am. I have listened to your garbage for a long time. I have taken your shots at me time after time. And to find out in the end that America says morals do count and extreme liberalism is a dead duck and John Owen is out of touch, well that warms me, John. Have fun stewing for the next four. You and Kennedy and Kerry and Meehan and Edwards and the whole lot of you are just last week's newspaper. Move a bit toward the middle, my adversary, and maybe someone will listen to you.

Do me a favor and click on hannity. Even you will be amazed. Junk mail? I think not, John. You just won't let the message sink in. Too bad. Howard, I laugh at you. You believe yourself. That's hysterical! And don't get all bloated and explode your goo here again because Bush won. He only won HALF of the country. I see bumper stickers saying "No one died when Clinton Lied.

I'm amazed as I read the commentary on the election how often political terminology is misused, how little is understood about the way in which our government operates and how often a LEGAL issue is argued with religious belief rather than matters of legality. Perhaps the way to make America better is for Americans to shut off the TV and read a book. The founders of this country would be ashamed at the lack of intelligent discourse that takes place in this country. Rich, to call what you do "discussion" is laughable.

You take a position, close your eyes, cover your ears and bellow. I added you to my junk mail list because you were sending me junk mail. I read the first 20 or so messages and they all conveyed the lack of thoughtfulness and simplemindedness that is your hallmark. I simply had enough of your forwarding me mail from right-wing simpletons and religious wackos.

No wonder so many people do not use their real names in the Guestbook. Way to go, Nancy! I have been saying the same thing. I am glad someone out there feels the same way as me. One thing that does bother me that will not stop is something that everyone is overlooking. It doesn't matter who gets into office when you have lobbyists who are being paid ridiculous sums of money by big business to get laws passed that only make things worse for the average working-class American.

Rich is right about one thing. I have a daughter who is a history major with a 4. If we don't learn from our mistakes we will be forced to relive them at a later time. We must stop the terrorism of innocent people. It is not only happening in other countries, but also right here in our own country by some of our own citizens who are sympathetic to these off-the-wall groups. We will revert to socialism and then who knows, maybe communism. The way that will happen is by allowing the government to keep growing out of control and having more and more to say in our personal lives. I think I'll get off my soap box before I offend anyone.

But just because the election is over, don't get too comfortable because it still goes on behind the scenes. I think our election process has become a dirty mud-slinging event and we need to clean it up! They need to run on the issues, not how many skeletons are in each other's closet!! I heard on the radio this morning that you can support a soldier in Iraq for the holidays by going to the following website: WWW. Let us please put all our policital beliefs aside and help our troops get through this holiday season. I guess it's easier for John Owen to add me to his junk mail list than it is for him to read items on "both" sides of an issue and discuss them.

I noticed one thing about him, he loves to label but not discuss. Just sling the name-calling mud and turn your back and walk away, right, John? What is it like to live in your cowardly, socialist world? I hope I never find out. Eric and I just wanted to give a big thanks to The Sun Chronicle for publishing a small article on our experience at the Red Sox parade. It was an amazing experience to just be a part of the parade, but to be recognized on the front page of The Sun Chronicle was very special, too.

It will be the perfect opener for our collection of clippings of this Incredible evnt in history. Thank heaven tomorrow is the final day of all this Bush vs. The TV commercials and late night jokes and Guestbook banter should be done, or will it? I have some dear friends who are pro Kerry and some … including myself … who are pro Bush. I have had my pro Kerry friends tell me why they think he is so great and why they are voting for him. What do you think my reaction to them has been?

Why lose friendships over what all of us have … which is free will to vote for who we choose. That's the beauty of America. So, why fight with a friend, spouse, neighbor or Guestbook friend. This will not sway people to believe what you do. Politics and religion are both topics on which you have to respect one another's decision. Even if it means biting your tongue. God's blessings and best wishes to all, and may the best man win. Yes, I will because I miss the America that held values. The America that frowned upon such despicable actions.

Your liberal, socialist comrades want to live under a rule that frees you to do whatever you wish and to be taken care of by those who work through the government and our taxes. You and your social programs and your ill-concieved "freedoms" will lead this country down a path to socialism as sure as I now type this entry. All of you who oppose my views and call me names and over-react to my right to say what I feel can do as you wish in the voting booth.

I can only pray that sane, clear-thinking Americans nationwide do the right thing and re-elect President Bush. It is pretty simple: A vote for Kerry is a vote for socialism. A vote for President Bush is a vote for a moral America. Remember, a wise man once said that a good democracy cannot last more that years and that we were on borrowed time. Please do not let that time run out. Vote for President George W.

Bush, who had the courage to take on those who wish to kill us all in the name of their twisted form of religion. I admit people like Debbie scare the hell out of me because they have been so easily poisened by the left. How anyone can believe anything Kerry says is beyond me. He who turned on his fellow soldiers and joined Hanoi Jane to become Hanoi John. He who flips and flops all over the place.

Just check his record and his interviews, for God sakes. Even Tim Russert had him flopping like a fish out of water. He claims to be for the working man. Yes, to get your tax money. He has never worked a day in his life. He will gladly spend you into an early grave and retire with a federal pension like you will never see in your lifetime.

Debbie, when you punch that ballot or however you do it there, you will drive a nail into America as sure as God made little green apples. I hope you can sleep at night. Abolishing the Electoral College would be a mistake, as it serves to insure that all voters from all regions of the country are equally important to a successful candidacy. Otherwise, without the present system, a candidate could mount a campaign targeting only those highly populated areas of the country East Coast to secure the popular vote to win the office.

The Electoral College makes sure that the voters in the sparcely populated areas still matter. Although it has happened, I would say it is very unusual for a candidate to win the electoral vote and not the popular vote. Gee, Rich, I didn't know I was your "favorite. I added you to my "junk mail" list after you started sending me dozens of e-mails a week filled with juvenile right-wing propaganda. Thank you to the following: Terry Bosh and John Owen for your recent comments.

For whatever reason, my reply to Denise in FL was not printed. I said that I have come to the understanding over the past year that Mr. Howard is who he is and we will not change him nor his opinions. I am sure after this election he will continue his rantings about a woman's right to choose and many, many more issues. I do hold the belief that each of us has the right to be heard and differences should be embraced. I do not however embrace the mean spirited, caustic remarks that some times come with Mr.

Howard's comments. I pray that on Nov. Maybe it has seen it's time. We post every legitimate entry we receive. Frank was a wonderful father-in-law to myself and an even greater grandfather to my son Ryan. I will forever hold the wonderful memories of a special man in my heart. Dear Edna, I pray that you find comfort in the knowledge of how much you and Frank mean to all of us. To Ron, Louise, Linda and Lori, you are in my prayers. Reply to "Full of Disbelief": I point out that Denise fired directly at me thus turnabout is fair play.

Case closed. To Terry Bosh: Do you ever have something worthwhile to contribute? And when you look in the mirror do you laugh just as hard at yourself as you do when writing your weak retorts? You know, the one explaining how the ambulance-chasing John Edwards forced the American pharmaceutical companies to stop making vaccine due to the huge liabilities inflicted on them by him and his client with a frivolous lawsuit.

Just for once, John, tell the whole story. Enough of that here with the Democratic, ie. Socialist, party in the USA. Beat the liberal turncoat Kerry and his liberal pretty-boy running mate. Everyone complains about Rich but he sure gets everyone fired up and "spewing" their own stuff. I also agree with him wholeheartedly. When God gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Vote for the biggest lemon and squeeze him for all he is worth! No candidate will ever be perfect. Search your heart, be well informed and vote for the one who best supports your views. When I am in doubt, I vote the party.

Now … how about those Red Sox? I can't believe no one has yet said anything about them! I can't believe this guy. Howard, you pigeon-hole Denise for her comments and attack her, yet you fail to see how irrational you have become. I find it so amusing how you sound so much like your hero did during the debate when Kerry made a valid point.

He would not respond directly, but go off on a tangent about something totally unrelated. Even if they disagree with Denise, surely other readers will agree that you have gone off the deep end with that response even if they think you are right. You really should do a favor and create your own blog where people can comment. Save the spewing of your "wisdom" for those who are foolish enough to believe it. I personally think you are starting to sound like one of those psych hospital patients who was released due to lack of funding.

Hmmm, speaking of which, who's budget lowered THAT funding? It lists facts, and each one has a link at the end of it to back the facts up. Howard, your last entry was quite a rant. You say there is a group of people who blame Bush for everything. Well, you are one of those people who hold Bush accountable for nothing. I have heard the Bushies referred to as the "dog ate my paper" administration. There is an excuse for everything. Bush, himself, can't think of a single mistake he has made. Whatever happened to "the buck stops here"? It is laughable that Bush said in one debate that he wanted to make sure Canadian drugs were safe before allowing them into the country and later saying he wanted to get some vaccine from Canada.

A little ironic, no? In Canada there is no vaccine shortage thanks to their national healthcare system. I know there is something wrong when US citizens are taking bus trips to Canada to get flu shots. If the shortage was in other countries and the USA had enough vaccine, you can be sure George would be claiming it as an accomplishment. Thanks for the answer, Denise. However, you are one of the group that blames Bush for everything. While he spent his time trying to right the wrongs of the terrorists, Clinton spent his time in office messing sround with interns, etc.

Nice job rating there. But you don't hate him … why? Why is Bush blamed for every crappy mess left him by the previous presidents? If our so called allies lined up with us this whole mess would have been over long ago. Wrong country? Jane Doe jangle janitor January Japanese jar jargon jaundice jaundiced jaunt jauntily jaunty javelin jaw jaws jaywalker jazz jazzy jealous jealously jealousy jeans Jeep jeer jeez Jell-O jelly jellyfish jeopardize jeopardy jerk jerkily jerky jersey jest jester Jesus Jesus Christ jet jet black jet engine jet lag jet-lagged jet-propelled jet propulsion jet set jet setter jettison jetty Jew jewel jeweled jeweler jewelry Jewish jibe jiffy jig jigger jiggle jigsaw puzzle jilt jingle jinx jinxed jitters jittery jive job jobless joblessness jock jockey jockstrap jocular jocularity jog jogger jogging john John Doe join joint jointly joint venture joke joker jolly jolt jostle jot journal journalism journalist journey jovial jowls joy joyful joyfully joyfulness joyous joyously joyride joyrider joyriding joystick Jr.

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