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The Miners finally took an lead after a Kelsie Schmidt kill.

Schmidt had nine kills and eight digs. The Titans tied up the set 18 on a kill by Andrea Jirges, who had six and five digs. Scraping for each point, Nikki Grinsteinner's fifth and sixth kills of the game tied up the set and gave the Titans a lead.

Bats in the Belfry (1942) MGM

Beulah immediately called a timeout. After the break, a lift by Trinity tied up the score and Kaitlyn Grad, who led the Miners with 26 assists, served up her lone ace of the match. The final play came down to net presence. With the 6-foot-2 senior Kaycee Link on Beulah's side stuffed the Titans final threat. Link had five kills and four blocks for the Minters. She's been a rock for us. In the opening set, the Miners quickly grabbed a lead. Peterson had seen this scenario before and got a little a nervous. Though the Miners lead at one point was cut to nine, Battest and company didn't look back cruising at a three-point run to close out the set.

Trinity knew it had to forget about its first set woes and fight from then on. Beulah didn't bat an eye taking a in the second set. The Titans had its first spark of momentum knotting up the score at 7. From then on it was a fight to the end as the score tied six different times. After the final 14 tie, Beulah's Heidi Zimmerman, who had 14 digs, five assists, two aces and one block, hit an ace to give the Miners that needed lift.

You can help them by reminding them that their worries are never as bad as they fear. You'll have wonderful opportunities to make friends and meet new people right now. Your energy is a lot more fun-loving and upbeat, and you enjoy any challenges you face. You and your significant other are overdue to be spoiled. If you are looking for a treat, consider a spa treatment or massage.

You will be able to heal a recent rift between yourself and a close loved one right now. If you are still single, you will have wonderful unexpected opportunities to meet new people and make new friends. A gathering of friends this evening could set the scene for romance. Your intuition is back on track for the most part right now but you find it hard to share what is one your mind.

Beulah in as a Bat in Possum Springs (NITW) by AeshaLacrymosa on DeviantArt

In someone comes to you for help, take your time deciding what to say. You have the right answer, but may not know how to say it at first. Unusual communications could have you scratching your head right now. You may wonder where all the strange and unique ideas are coming from. You have an opportunity to take on a new leadership role in your community as a teacher or facilitator of new technology.

You may be traveling soon. If you are heading out for a vacation, make sure that you have all the medications and travel insurance you may need. If you are heading across town, you may have unexpected yet positive encounters with unusual people.

Valley tops Beulah

An employer's inability or low motivation to take action on a financial crisis is frustrating right now. You may also have some significant concerns about your love life that are carrying over into your workday.

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You will have good news that will boost your mood however. Your intuition will be terrific right now. You have wonderful investing and work-related opportunities, and you will know just which ones to pursue, and which to avoid. Your personal energy is high right now and you will enjoy the art of getting ahead. Mixed financial signals could lead you down the wrong pathway right now. Make any changes to your finances, savings or debts with extreme care. It is not a day for a high-stakes gamble, no matter how attractive that may seem.

There are oth obvious and hidden dangers. If you are feeling stress or pressure right now, the answer may be simpler and closer to home than you think. What you need to do is sit down with a trusted loved one or friend and vent a little. Be sure that you offer to return the favor when it is their turn to blow off steam.

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You can be a powerful speaker right now, especially when you are pounding the table on political matters, or waxing eloquent about the latest adventures of your favorite movie stars. Try to put some of that energy to use in career-building projects. You may feel like the proverbial invisible man or woman right now - it seems that people overlook you, but not in a negative way. You just do not register on the radarscope. There are times and places where this can be a good thing, so don't take it personally.

Ambition is a poor excuse for not having sense enough to be lazy. Being the second letter of the alphabet, B represents emotions and duality. It has an aura of contentment and serenity, which will people with letter B to the path of spiritual learning, ultimately leading to happiness.


People with letter B in their initial are very courteous, cooperative, and considerate. They have the innate ability to sense the feelings of others and handle even the most complicated problems and situations.