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Droit rural, , p. Flour et Aubert, Droit civil, les obligations, volume 1, l'acte juridique, p. Annexe p. Abisset Rec. Ve, 10 juillet , J. III, , note J. NC Sr Brenne, Rec. Laboratoire d'Economie rurale E. Il, p.


Dame Poro, Rec. Commune de Mont-de-Lans. Predestine predicted to win. La jeune artiste peintre, Ines Farah Rachedi, presente, depuis mardi dernier, une douzaine de ses tableaux dans un lieu d'exposition inhabituel, un snack-cafe, au nom predestine [beaucoup moins que] Dar d'arts [beaucoup plus grand que], a Oran. Une jeune artiste en quete d'une voie picturale. Horse Racing: Haydock ban for Costello. We agree with Calvinists that God has the power and the knowledge to do what Calvinists say God has done, namely, predestine that some people will be saved and others not.

Traditional Baptists and Calvinism: if we are not Calvinists, what shall we call ourselves?


Arminians does not describe us accurately, and many Baptists think Arminians are people from Armenia. The overall aim of the project is to facilitate intercultural dialogue and support efforts towards the social inclusion of Romani citizens in Europe. The project will raise the visibility of existing research and foster cooperation with policymakers, by providing evidence for better conceived policy initiatives.

One of its key roles will be to provide references and guidance to policymakers and young researchers.

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Database on Roma-related policies and good practices. The setting up of a database on Roma-related policies and good practices is in response to the Strasbourg Declaration adopted on 20 October at the high-level meeting on Roma, which states:. For further information, please visit. Chapter IV: Terms and expressions with specific uses or presenting translation difficulties. The Roma differ from most other minorities in having no kin state in Europe and living in numerous countries one speaks of minorities without a territory.

Return of sedentary communities to an itinerant lifestyle. Co-operative housing.

CM Rrv 14]. CM Rec 14]. A mobile home is used to refer to accommodation on wheels, usually towed caravan , occasionally self-powered camper van [cf. In the case of semi-itinerant Travellers, encampment areas are places where Travellers normally spend the winter approximatively 6 months maximum [see CM R. CM Rec 4]. Deportation, expulsion. Both deportation and expulsion refer to the removal of an alien from a country. According to Robert L. Expulsion, unlike deportation, can also be used to refer to the removal of individuals from a site they are usually unlawfully occupying, but not necessarily out of the country.

Removal is mostly used in the sense of removal from a site. Mediation is one of the measures used across Europe to tackle the inequalities Roma face in terms of access to employment, healthcare services and quality education. It consists of employing people with a Roma background, from local Roma communities, or with a good knowledge of Roma issues, to act as mediators between the Roma and the public institutions. The role of health mediators is to mediate between Roma patients and health professionals, provide basic health education and assist Roma communities in obtaining necessary insurance and documents [cf.

CM Rec 10]. They are social workers, usually of Roma origin and frequently women, and they liaise between Roma and Roma families in remote areas neighbourhoods, villages and public institutions doctors, hospitals, etc. Roma mediators operate in other areas too such as schools and employment agencies.

Another difference: school assistants work mainly in schools and classrooms, while school mediators act as an interface between schools and the community. Roma genocide. Roma Holocaust. In all, it is estimated that some , Roma and Sinti were exterminated in World War 2, which in percentage terms makes them the ethnic group most affected by the Nazi massacres. August 2 was therefore chosen by Roma organisations and a number of member states to commemorate all the Roma and Sinti victims of this period. The Council of Europe, particularly in its database on Roma-related policies and good practices, has adopted the following definition of good practice:.

Promising practices are projects or initiatives which are deemed to be good practices but for which no evidence or evaluation reports have been found to validate their effectiveness on the ground. Demonstrated practices are transferable, innovative and long-term-oriented projects which have been identified as being good practices following multi-sectoral evaluations including by the beneficiaries, and validated as such by persons external to the project.

Reproduced practices are demonstrated practices which, in addition, have been replicated at other levels local, regional, national or in another country. Federal or national organisation covering a series of smaller non-governmental organisations. Contact persons for the glossary :.

French Translation Department:. Claire Pedotti claire. English Translation Department:. Alan McDonald alan.

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Michael Guet michael. Aurora Ailincai aurora. The colour blue symbolises the sky, freedom, spirituality, what is eternal; green symbolises nature, the earth, fertility and the tangible aspects of life. Roma pl. Roma adj. Sinti pl. Sinti adj. Kale pl.

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Kale adj. Travellers pl. Traveller adj. Yenish pl. Yenish adj.

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R 83 1 of the Committee of Ministers on stateless nomads and nomads of undetermined nationality Resolution 75 13 of the Committee of Ministers on the social situation of nomads in Europe II. Migration and Roma Department. Service des migrations et des Roms. Roma and Travellers Division.