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Ryan is away so this week Jocelyn is joined by James "Iyagovos" Bartholomeou of Indie Love to talk about The Sims 4, some WoW raiding and achievement hunting, as well as what is going on with the whole GamerGate hashtag. Please keep in mind that the episode was recorded Friday,…. Murphy Wedding Special. September 22, Ryan 0. On September 20th Ryan got married to his lovely new wife, Ashley.

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Jocelyn flew all the way from Halifax to be there and the party was epic! This short episode was recorded during the dance portion of the wedding live from Trent University. Super awesome thanks goes to our listeners who…. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I you! Pray have the goodness to draw and stand to your ward, sir.

Fane somewhat dishevelled with haste. Fane in wheedling tone. An he kill me—so much the better. Captain Dinwiddie, draw! The villain. Captain Dinwiddie—to your ward, I say. Fare thee well, my lord. Fane gently. And, sir, for all the bitter affronts I saw you endure with such a valiant patience, my gratitude goeth beyond any words. Dumbly the Captain took that slim, white hand, stooped reverent head and kissed it, saw the radiance in her eyes bright as ever and stood speechless still.

Then spoke the young Earl, low-voiced and sullen:. Hearken—one gallops on the road! Who should ride so desperately? The drumming hoofs drew nearer, clattered into the tavern-yard and stopped. Then in the doorway stood Will Thurlow looming gigantic and, though he addressed the Earl, it was on Jocelyn he fixed his troubled gaze:. Tormenting of her! They be a going to drownd old Robina Shaw over to Westover.

Even while she spoke, Jocelyn stepped out into the yard where John Bly, more awed than ever, brought his horse. But spurring his horse, the Captain leapt away at a gallop; once only he paused to ask his direction of a be-smocked rustic and then on again at the same desperate speed.

And thus he was presently aware of a distant sound, a hoarse and ominous murmur that swelled gradually to a babblement of fierce shouts and cries, a wild and awful clamour. Reaching the brow of a hill the Captain suddenly beheld that which drew a fierce oath from him as he plunged headlong down the steep declivity,—a scene all too common in these bad old days,—this:. A village green with a dark, deep pool beside which stood that dreadful instrument of torture called the cucking-stool.

And then crowd was split asunder where the Captain rode plying whip right and left at such as would have stayed him. So he won through and leaping from saddle, began loosing the moaning, half-dead creature from her cruel bonds. But, all unheeding, Captain Jocelyn turned again to free that pale, still form that hung dripping in her woeful misery. A stone, hurled by some mighty peasant hand, smote him bleeding an half-stunned to his knees, but up he sprang, sword and dagger agleam, to front his raging assailants, and so stood fierce and grim, one against the multitude.

But the many held aloof and what avail even his deadly steel against the missiles that began to batter him? Twice he was beaten to his knees and twice he arose, blind with trickling blood yet resolute still. And now faint to his ears came words:. He opened his eyes to the cool sweet solace of water, to feel a cherishing arm about him and his aching head softly pillowed; then he was aware the young Earl knelt beside him, pale-faced and anxious, his voice very pleading and insistent:. Ione hath cared for her.

But how is it with thee, friend? I say I will! And Denzil shall to prison, damn him. Ah, Jocelyn, even when I entreated thee so vilely I loved thee in my heart. And all for an old creature that is a black witch! Now as she spoke thus, he moved the better to see her face and she, meeting his searching gaze, flushed hotly, averting her face as in quick confusion and he felt all her loveliness shaken by a sudden tremor while now those slim fingers were plucking nervously at a fold in her habit.

Perceiving all of which, Jocelyn, about to speak, drew a deep breath instead and gazing up at a white cloud above them, answered in tone of such airy levity that she started as if with sudden hurt:. How think you, my lady? Here the Captain made to rise, whereat she instantly caught him by the hair, she even tweaked it viciously, though her voice was gentle when she spoke:.

Captain Jocelyn, sitting remote and solitary in the arbour, busily versifying, was pondering the just rhythm of a line when, chancing to lift his gaze from the paper on his knee, he beheld my lord Richard approaching. Harkee, Richard! The young Earl rose suddenly and stood mute, staring so wildly that Jocelyn questioned him in quick amaze:. The Tower! Mayhap the rack. Oh kind God aid me! And thou art a—heretic! No, thou art the only one I can or dare trust. So now. Ever since my birthday I have been sore troubled, so turned I something sottish again for when a man is a little drunk, Jocelyn, his troubles seemed eased.

And my trouble was a letter I found on my pillow. Smoothing out this paper Jocelyn read and instantly glanced furtively around in his turn. Be you ready therefore to strike for Queen Mary and the Religion, according to the oath sworn and signed by your lordship, which oath and signature we have in secure keeping. I hardly know. Nay, but think, lad, think! This document itself is enough to bring your head beneath the axe—think! I signed so many papers.

What like was it? I scarce read it, I. I was something drunk. Thy sin is no more than youth. Now is the time for thee to turn from boyish folly and quit thyself like a man, be bold to vindicate thine honour, and prove worthy thy nobility. And here am I, thy friend, to aid thee how I may. With cry of sobbing gladness, my lord turned and clasped the Captain in his arms and with face hidden thus spoke like one that prayed:.

Come now let us hold council of war, and first of this letter. Fane and the other to Sir Thomas Vincent, bidding them here to dine or sup. Then you shall, over the wine, shew them this letter vowing it vile slander come you know not whence or how. Ha, glorious folly! Would I had been there to suffer with thee. And—cogsnails, they battered thee! Thy grimly old mazzard beareth the marks yet! The villains nigh killed thee, I hear? For thee the wounds, the buffets, the steep and flinty track,—and what beyond? Moreover you will be there, we achieve or fail together. Also, beside my sword I have two hands shall win me a home worthy my sweet wife!

Oh this, surely, were better than living but to slaughter my fellowmen in quarrels scarce known, and dying at last in muddy trench. Now at this, the Captain sat so long in gloomy abstraction that at length Florian questioned him again:. To-morrow an ye will. Suffer that I call her. Jocelyn rode slowly by leafy ways, avoiding the main road, alert and watchful as ever but heavy with thought, musing on this wise:. So then Florian was lost to him at last and he must go henceforth more solitary than ever since, in all the world, friends had he but two, young Florian and grey-headed, hard-smiting, shrewd old Roger Williams.

And Florian was good as parted from him already. Well certes, better this way than by steel or bullet. And he had loved the lad and should do still though their ways must lie far apart henceforth. To wed and beget lusty children! To make a home hereabouts in this well-loved England! The very soul of him was thrilling to the thought, sick with the fierce yearning had grown so mighty of late, plaguing him with such visions of deep and abiding happiness that must be but the very shadow of a shade, the Dream Glorious never to be realised except mayhap in that Magic Vale where all things were perfected.

And now, while his horse plodded on, how and where it listed, he spoke her name aloud, voicing all the yearning passion of tenderness her ears should never hear:. The vague mutter of a voice roused him to instant alertness, his right hand clapped down on holstered pistol-butt, and, his keen eyes scanning the leafage to left and right, he rode on through this peaceful English countryside, grimly vigilant, as he had done many a time in battle-fouled Flanders when Death lurked imminent.

Thus presently turning a bend in the lane, he saw this narrow thoroughfare blocked by horses, men and a huge vehicle that had lurched sideways through the hedge. Twelve or more stalwart fellows were these who sweated and panted about the tumbled carriage; and the men showed brave in rich, albeit dusty, liveries and half-armour, the coach was huge, springless and clumsy but gaudy with paint and gilding and its six tall horses showed sleek and fat. Now perched hard by upon a large cushion was a very small, ancient lady, bejewelled, be-laced and in mighty farthingale, a wrinkled, sharp-featured, very arrogant personage who surveyed horses, coach and panting men with cold ferocity and cursed them one and all, with such vehement eloquence that Captain Jocelyn, drawing rein, surveyed her with no little awe and astonishment.

Hearing the clink of bridle and spur this little, ancient lady turned on him, quick and bird-like and beckoned him nearer with one small, imperious finger. And I here a-languishing! Oh Satan! Do you aid me instantly! Diccon man, ha Diccon, thou misbegotten varlet rogue and rascal, make me known to this person! What must I do? How come there, now? Pronounce, sir! And thy lank visage showeth honest and liketh me well. Your name, sir? Afore ye, sir—up!

One might as well go naked-legged! Ho there, Diccon—Jenkin—Wat, see ye bring yon machine to Aldrington this night or your bellies shall suffer all,—no ale! By the devil his dam, not a drop! Now forward, my master! And I know! These Aldringtons, with their pride and papacy! Suffers she such male thing as thyself to breathe in her man-scorning presence—ha? And never beg of a woman,—take! Red as fire! Red as sin! Red, I say! Now after this they went a while in silence until, reaching a gentle eminence, Jocelyn reined up his horse. Where a plague are ye all?

House, I say! Ten thousand devils, must I wait! But now came Master Rickaby the steward, this stately person, his wonted dignity somewhat marred by breathless hurry, yet bowing to his very knees at the mere sight of this so fierce, small, great lady who instantly shook tiny fist at him whence she sat still perched before the Captain:. Where her ladyship? Speak, jolt-head! Where, I say! Here was I utterly lost and cast away but for my gentle Jocelyn. Whereat the Countess nudged Jocelyn slyly and bade him set her down.

Scarce was she afoot and had shaken out her petticoats than came Richard the Earl breathless with hurry to make his reverence and be pecked on either cheek. Come ye now, and you too, Jocelyn. Remain seated, Ione, and answer me forthright.

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And the cruel wretch is fled away, vanished,—the naughty wicked piece! And where should she flee but hither as aforetime. So where have ye hid her? Speak—ha, confusion and the blight! Will ye stare and be dumb as so many stock-fishes? Speak,—where is Philippa? And my carosch in a ditch, with a curse! Now at this the little Countess seemed to shrink amid her cushions, she wrung her hands and moaned in quick despair.

Richard, dear nephew, what must we do? My little, lost lamb—oh God, shield her from harm and evil. Come, Jocelyn! God bless them! Tell me is my sweet innocent safe and well? Go fetch her, Jocelyn man, carry her hither to me,—go this moment! Ah, Sir Honesty, show me the child safe and all unharmed and Ursula of Hartesmere is more thy loving friend than ever—go! But ere he reached the stable-yard my lord came hastening after him:. She is plague groweth stronger with age. She is Viscountess of Mereworth and must wed me one day, poor maid!

But, Jocelyn, where doth she bide? The great dark eyes opened a little wider, the delicate brows twitched in sudden frown:. Thy dear head upon my heart—thus! For, sweet husband, being desolate I yet dreamed of love as a maid will, but a love so wondrous in its perfection that I began to fear it was but an idle dream indeed. For I was rich and many came a-wooing, yet love came never. So fled I a-seeking it, my perfect love, nor found it till thy dear eyes looked down in mine. So I am thy wife to joy and suffer with thee, to be poor with thee, to comfort and aid thee and to love thee alway, my husband.

Ah now see how eloquent true love hath made me and wiser than all my books and school-men,—so prithee kiss thy wordy wife therefore. Counsel me, friend. Wed she be by Parson Gilpin hisself over from East Bourne. So I was her nurse till I wed my John. And wherefore not? Marry come up!

Why should a not wed where a loves?

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So prithee, Jocelyn, bear her my love but say that if she so yearn for sight of her truant niece she must hither to us that she grow to love my dear husband. Then, sighing, Jocelyn went his way so full of yearning fancies that he rode off with no word for John nor heeded how the hairy tinker fellow had vanished. Still adream he rode through the mellow afternoon sunlight, yet so instinctively watchful that suddenly in one lithe movement he was out of the saddle crouched behind his horse, pistol levelled at a certain bush for, with no wind abroad, this bush was astir, rustling ominously.

Jocelyn lowered the pistol—reaching out eager hand, he spoke in glad welcome, albeit in a murmur:. Within a small, dim chamber a man stood gazing forth of the inadequate window its casement open to the warm, fragrant afternoon, a slim man in furred cassock; his pale face, lean and careworn beneath greying hair, was lit by large, mournful eyes that yet were bright and steadfast, his nose was dominant, his lips showed compressed above the jut of resolute chin.

With musing gaze still sadly intent upon the sunny world beyond the lattice he spoke in voice soft yet resonant.

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They were permitted to land unchallenged and thus, unsuspecting, journeyed hither. Last night I had them apprehended. They are now travelling Towerwards but their papers and effects are here. Well, how say ye? Yet an it must be sword or bullet such as die so ye shall but save from death less kindly. For I tell ye, gentlemen, afore God here is no tune to palter or be lenient as heretofore.

Henceforth all proven traitors shall to the axe, be they high or low, man, woman, or maid! I shall contrive better as my mere self. So saying, this grim veteran of a hundred battles strode off about the business the while Sir Francis Walsingham sat brooding silently awhile; and Jocelyn, knowing him for the grim veteran of so many secret intrigues, deadly stratagems and counterplots and beholding now his astute, indomitable features, felt he was a match even for the master of duplicity Philip the Second of Spain.

Secretary, she is very proud and, being young, speaketh but on random impulse. Secretary, my head is yet pledge for her loyalty. No need is here for threats. An this lady prove indeed false traitor let my head fall with hers—or when ye will. In the yard below you shall find a horse chosen for speed and endurance, Roger.

Ye may get news to me in London or Greenwich either by means of a Mr. Trenchard at Lewes, or John Catesby in Shoreham. Yet one thing more. Also, since this is truly matter of such vast import, past experience should warn ye, your great work achieved, to expect little of honour and less of profit therefore. Yet for you as for me, the weal of England cometh first and shall be guerdon sufficient. God save and prosper ye—farewell! Shadows were beginning to creep when the Captain came jingling up the terrace steps and halted instantly at the sound of music.

Crossing softly to an open window he beheld Ione seated at a clavichord and singing, sweetly murmurous, words written upon a sheet of paper, words indeed that he knew very well since they were his own, and instinctively he turned to be gone, but this tender murmur swelling suddenly to rich, full song, he paused to watch and hearken a while, lured by the unexpected glory of this voice so passionately tender that it seemed to make these words it sang far more beautiful than he had ever dreamed.

Thus stood he that so loved music as he were entranced until this singing was drowned in sudden, harsh discord struck by petulant fingers and then, as if aware of the silent watcher, my lady glanced up quickly and saw him. Ah, but you, Sir Captain? You have tarried shamefully on your errand. Little Philippa.

Ah, what villain hath so dared? And she to have married Richard himself! And to thus defy Aunt Ursula! On my soul! Here shall be mighty to do anon! Pray you where may I find her? For when you came not, she commanded poor Richard forth, got herself to horse and with him and divers of his gentlemen galloped in quest of you. Oh, admirable! Come in you wondrous man, and I will tell you wonders yet more marvellous.

But when he was seated opposite her on cushioned settle, she remained mute awhile, her slim fingers waking soft chords from the whispering strings what time she viewed him with level, dispassionate gaze, a look of such puzzled wonderment that when at last he questioned her it was in tone wistful as his long-lashed, grey eyes:. I will be Ione to thee henceforth—nay, this am I for others,—do thou call me Joan. I pray God this change in him endure. So shall I call you Jocelyn, Jocelyn, henceforth. Now for these other marvels,—and the first is—yourself, Jocelyn!

For I mind me how you said you were of character various and, by our Lady, I must needs believe it! Now which thee of all these thees is thee thy one truest self? Now at this he eyed her so very dubiously that her vivid lips curved to quick smile; then, sighed she:. Robin hath here writ me lines more beautiful than any ever penned me! Captain Dinwiddie, sir, your slave! Prithee, where tarrieth my lordly Rick? The sweet lad hath writ bidding and commanding me to supper. Sir Thomas strode forward, loud-voiced, bold-eyed and somewhat flushed with potations as usual:. Fane can tell you, Saint George is for Saint James.

The book of music that Mr. Fane had been idly studying, slipped from his stiffened fingers and lay unheeded; Sir Thomas Vincent, recoiling, whispered a startled oath, while my lady glanced in wonderment from one intent face to the other. Fane, his nimble tongue for once unready, merely fumbled awkwardly for the music book and, contriving to smile, shook his head.

Fane and Sir Thomas sat in the deep window-recess, their heads very close together. Doubtless you shall hear this same instrument sing to her touch when she cometh. Supper was over and the four gentlemen sat to their wine at a table drawn before the fire of sweet-smelling logs that flickered on the wide hearth. A noble fireplace this, a thing of beauty brave with carving above which was the Aldrington escutcheon, deep-graven, rich with colours and tinctures, red and blue, or and argent, where upon a field azure, gules and larger than life, the famous Bloody Hand glowed conspicuous in the soft radiance of many candles that woke gleams in the stands of armour that stood against arras-hung walls and made mystery of the huge carven roof-beams high overhead.

But it was with his musing gaze on this great Red Hand that Jocelyn now sat, albeit very attentive to the conversation, none the less; and thus presently he heard that which he had expected and lifted goblet of fine Venetian glass to his lip, still gazing up at that great Red Hand, while Mr. Fane, reaching for his wine, spoke:. The boy hesitated, glanced from Mr. I have been defamed, sirs, by some nameless, lying villain! And for this letter,—tis here, see—read it for yourselves!

Having read and passed it from hand to hand, all three, there ensued a long moment of silence wherein Mr. Fane sipped his wine with very apparent relish while Sir Thomas glared at nothing in particular and Jocelyn gazed at the Red Hand again. I am—Aldrington! No, not I, nor would I ever so dishonour the name I bear. Sir Thomas half rose from his chair and sank weakly back again, his eyes goggling and heavy lips apart in speechless dismay; Mr.

Fane set down his cherished glass so awkwardly as to spill its so precious contents all unheeded. The Queen and her council have small mercy on traitors real or imagined in these bloody times! And this will I do—except I be shown this damnable treason signed by mine own hand,—and this can never be since I signed no such. Now at mention of this name Sir Thomas rose from his chair, whispering an amazed oath, and sank down again. Fane leaned across the table, staring on Jocelyn with eyes half-closed, his lips up-curled in strange smile, his delicate nostrils a-quiver, and when he spoke it was in breathless murmur:.

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  • Fane like one aghast. Why then. Fane, rising. A sound of hasty feet in the remote dimness of the great hall, and Sir Philip Drayton came striding, his usual stateliness marred by nervous hurry, his darkly handsome face pale and haggard. With bow and a breathless word for the young Earl, he turned to Jocelyn. Fane staring down at the fragments and the dark stain of his spilled wine. I am unused to sudden death. I scarce know how to tell of it. Oh, horrible! And in my own house. And murdered!

    How, man, how?

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    One of these is John Ford that will be here anon, one was Pietro Vespucci, that vanished by the way and hath not been heard of, and the third was Walter Ringrose, that landed safely last week but was captured hereabouts by two sailor-men. Himself I found means to rescue and hide in my house at Shalmeston. He was, it seems, very well acquaint with John Ford in Spain and greatly anxious to see him.

    So, seeing Master Ford was gone to friends at Shoreham, thither rode I and found him as eager to meet his friend Walter Ringrose. But hardly were we mounted than cometh Master John Catesby, one of the burgesses to see me touching certain smuggling affray and I, not wishing to keep Mr. Ford, bade him ride on to Shalmeston alone. But he, being strange to the road, agreed to wait.

    My business done, after prodigious delay, I summoned John Ford and together we rode to my house. A bold-eyed, sturdy fellow though of no great stature, his lean visage more grim by reason of up-curling ferocity of moustachio and sharp-pointed beard, an assertive man who swaggered a little, left hand upon the pommel of his long rapier, right hand wafting bonnet gracefully; yet as he approached, despite bravery of attire, his grimness became the more manifest. Roland Fane of Kingston Buci.

    Master Ford bowed and, doing so, dropped a glove, which Sir Philip stooped to pick up, but recoiled suddenly with an exclamation of horror:. Ford, also glancing at this betraying stain, curled his moustachio and nodded:. Ford, scowling. Bring in such great names as we may, and—ha, above all, see that none seek to evade the issue or turn cat-in-pan! And this bringeth us to the reason for our meeting here. My lord of Aldrington, word reaches me that you, having set your hand to the pact, would now deny it. Let the paper be shown him, this shall bind him fast or it shall send him to the question and death, ay—torture and the axe.

    Show him the paper instantly! Fane, I say—well? Speak, sir! Answer, sir. Fane, summon him to produce this document forthwith. I meddle not with State affairs, the merest idle, wholly indifferent spectator I. Fane, guest or no, here is no place for spectators to-night, idle or otherwise. As for this paper, how soon can it be here? I ride to him this very night. Sir Philip Drayton rose, a stately yet mournful figure, and fixing his haggard gaze on the young Earl, sighed deeply and spoke:. And, Richard, you are his son,—what wonder I judged you utterly devoted, faithful and steadfast as he.

    But God forbid I should force you or any man to do that his soul abhors. Ford out of earshot, he talked softly but with a passionate vehemence, then turning to the young Earl:. Now, gentlemen, shall we go? For a long moment after all sounds of their departure had died away, the Earl stood, youthful face pale and very troubled, staring down at the huge log that smouldered on the wide hearth, then he started and drawing a pace nearer the Captain, turned to front Mr.

    Ford, and in that moment, caught his breath, amazed beyond speech. For indeed Master Ford, magically transfigured, was regarding him with such eyes and such smile as his own father might have done, also when he spoke, his voice seemed heartily kind:. Wert right, Jocelyn, wert right, old wardog, he rings true metal, no crack here, look you!

    All doubts or apprehensions be ended. Oh, Sir Roger, I do joy to see thee, sir, I am truly honoured! Pray give me your hand! Now, sir, prithee sit! Ay, and what do you here at Aldrington. I would have you. I must needs confess myself arrant fool. When Jocelyn found me in London I was. And in my beastly folly signed my name to this vile paper scarce knowing what I did. It is this paper they hold against me. Come, brim the wine. Sir Roger, I pledge you! And now prithee tell of your stained glove—an you will.

    Upon a time Philip of Spain paid a man, one Gerard, to murder the Prince of Orange, and, look you, the good Prince was duly killed. Of late this same Philip sent forth three men, largely rewarded, to kill our Elizabeth and lo—she lives and shall live, pray God! Ay marry, it was so! Our old imbroccata from low to high, Jocelyn.

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    Well, I ride a speedy horse, my lord! Reaching the Manor unseen, by good hap, I confronted this Ringrose. God be thanked! To the which pretty purpose I would, by your leave, my lord, walk with my old comrade beneath the moon a while. Then coming to the fireplace the Captain reached up and laid his open hand upon this carved and painted hand of wood, pressing sudden and strong. Now as he did so the ponderous graven pilaster to the right of the hearth turned with no sound of movement and swung smoothly outward, discovering a narrow passage beyond.

    By the Red Hand shall be salvation. But now come you, Jocelyn, and stare on the moon with thine old comrade a while. Something flickered through the open casement, smote the heavy canopy of wrought velvet and dropped lightly upon the bed with small, soft sound, yet, almost in that moment, Captain Jocelyn was awake but, like veteran campaigner used to sudden perils, lay as if still asleep though with every sense tingling and alert. Now lapped about this shaft was a strip of paper tied by dainty blue ribband. So Jocelyn took the arrow and loosing the paper, opened it and saw this:. The words were written in bold yet delicate hand that he thought to recognize, therefore leaping from the sheets he arrayed himself with soldierly speed, thrust the paper into his doublet and catching up hat and cloak, paused dubiously eyeing his heavy maingauche dagger where it lay, finally he set it in his girdle and went forth of his chamber very softly, along wide gallery and down the great stair.

    Birds were piping in jubilant chorus near and far, the young sun had lit a myriad dewy gems that sparkled everywhere as the Captain, drawing his cloak of orange-tawny about him, went forth upon his way, viewing the fresh green world glad eyed, breathing deep of the sweet air, but with his mind full of wonder and no little amaze. So came he to the coppice where ran that murmurous brook beyond which lay the denser green of those great woods that stretched away, mile on mile, to the distant, purple Downland.

    It was a very still morning with promise of heat to come, with no breath of air to stir the leafy wilderness around him and no sound to break the pervading quiet save the plashing murmur of the brook. Now presently his wistful, roving gaze chanced upon a daisy that bloomed all solitary in the grass beside him and, acting once again on impulse, he stooped, plucked this daisy and thereby saved his life; for in that moment was faint musical twang like plucked harp-string, something whizzed past his ear, smiting the tree behind him and Jocelyn, guessing what this was, uttered a hoarse cry and swaying sideways, sank to the grass and lay there motionless, only his eyes, very fierce and bright, watched the dense woodland before him.

    And lying thus asprawl he presently espied that he expected: From behind dense thicket a hairy head stole to view peering very hideously for the face was masked. A long moment the head remained thus motionless, only the peering eyes glittered as they surveyed him; then from the screening underbush stepped a man, a squat fellow whose powerful body was clad in the gaudy rags of a Gipsy or Zingari. Slowly, cautiously the figure began to steal nearer, hideously masked face watchfully out-thrust, broad shoulders bowed, in one hand a powerful cross-bow, a long, narrow-bladed knife in the other.

    Yet Captain Jocelyn lay there utterly still, but with every nerve and sinew strung for swift and terrible action. Suddenly upon the stilly air rose a sweet, rich voice singing a merry catch and the creeping figure halted, murderous knife poised but glancing instinctively towards this approaching singer—and in that instant Captain Jocelyn was afoot and had leapt the brook, whereat the gipsy uttered a gasping cry and, turning, fled, with the Captain pursuing, dagger in hand. But the gipsy for all his seeming clumsy build, ran very fleetly, moreover he seemed well acquainted with the leafy mazes and thorny tangles of the wood that grew ever denser and more wild; yet Jocelyn held after him fiercely resolute, well knowing that the fellow would have no time to re-wind his cross-bow for another shot.

    Wherefore the Captain, though scant of breath, cursed aloud very heartily and was yet questing to and fro like a baffled hound when was great stir and rustle of leaves, a voice cried his name and Ione came running. Take me away. I feel as evil were all about us! Take me into the good sunshine. So, thus handfast, they left this dismal place and, being come into the glad sunshine, Ione paused to look about her, eager-eyed; and as she stood thus in her simple tyre, for she wore no cumberous farthingale, Jocelyn bethought him of the Golden goddess Eos opening with her rosy fingers the gates of Day and pouring dew upon the thirsty flowers.

    So they came to the soft-chuckling brook; but here she paused and, though she knew its every stepping-stone and had crossed it, paddled through and leapt it many a time as child and long-legged girl, to-day she must needs view it askance and command his aid. Therefore Captain Jocelyn gave her his hand again, very solicitous lest she wet her dainty, rosetted shoes or splash those twin miracles, to wit, her Spanish knit stockings of silk; and she, simple gown drawn daintily high and very conscious of his watchful, earnest gaze, spoke him demurely sighful:.

    Come now, let us sit a while and enjoy this glad morning together. Tell me of. How to complete: Give her a Wooly doll Reward: none notes: you need Wonderful gift recipes and crafting at least 60 to complet this request. Client: Pandora Difficulty: 2 Details: Those pesky spirits! Do something about them before they cause a panic. How to complete: Raise the island and get the spirits Reward: Devil's Blood 1 A fearsome magical beast request. Client: Pandora Difficulty: 1 Details: I need a magical beast for my army.

    Assist me. Client: Pandora Difficulty: 1 Details: Come to me, my underlings, and I will show you the power of an arch-sorceress. Client: Pandora Difficulty: 1 Details: I must speak with you, my underlings. I'm calling a meeting. How to complete: Go to the Mayor's office in Electra's house and search the bookshelf then talk to Gerard and report back to Pandora. Reward: Staff Recipes Lv. Be honored! Client: Pandora Difficulty: 1 Details: I have a job for you! Come to the church this instant! How to complete: Give her a flower.

    S Feathered fiends. Client: Pandora Difficulty: 1 Details: I need a terrifying specimen for my army! How to complete: Give her a protein boost. Reward: Small Crystal 1 Joe [joeeq] Got any wine? Client: Joe Difficulty: 1 Details: Grandpa took my wine! Can you give me some? How to complete: give him wine, you can buy it at the inn for G Reward: Fire rod 1 Let's have a fishing contest! Client: Joe Difficulty: 2 Details: I heard you started fishing!

    Let's have a contest! How to complete: Catch a Tuna, they can be found in the deep parts of the ocean. Reward: Recovery Potion L 5 Oh no!! Client: Joe Difficulty:1 Details: Our house is sinking! Someone help! Client: Joe Difficulty: 1 Details: Come have some fun with me! How to complete: Go to the inn. Reward: none Help me! Please just come see me! S Defeat Gerard! How to complete: Give him a crystal.

    Find the Weapons Shrine! Client: Joe Difficulty: 3 Details: The first to find it wins! Think you can beat me? Reward: none A treasure hunt challenge! Client: Joe Difficulty: 1 Details: I challenge you to a treasure hunt! If you think you can beat me, come try! How to complete: Get the small chest from the ship, get it appraised and give it to Joe. Reward: Golden Skull 1 A strange reef. Client: Joe Difficulty: 3 Details: I found a very strange reef. Could someone look into it for me?

    How to complete: Raise the island. Reward: none James [jameq] I want to try something. Client: James Difficulty: 1 Details: I want to try my hand at forging. Will you give me some iron? Client: James Difficulty: 1 Details: I want to thank you for the iron. Please stop by. Could I get your opinion? How to complete: Give James a jewel. Reward: Carpentry Recipes Lv. A request that needs to stay secret. Client: James Difficulty: 1 Details: I've got a secret request for you Client: James Difficulty: 1 Details: It's hard to explain here.

    Could you come see me instead? How to complete: Give him any rice dish. Reward: Aquamarine 2 Will you hear me out? Client: James Difficulty: 1 Details: I have something important to talk to you about. Just come see me.

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    • S I want to ask you something. Client: James Difficulty: 1 Details: I want your opinion on something. It won't be difficult. How to complete: Bring him any pendant. Reward: Sun Pendant 1 Bismark [bismq] Searching for someone to make a delivery. Client: Bismark Difficulty: 1 Details: I need someone to deliver some wine. Be careful, it's fragile. How to complete: Talk to Bismark then give the wine to Odette while she is at the inn.

      Reward: G I I'm so hungry How to complete: Talk to Bismark then Sierra and give him the food. Reward: Head Recipes Lv. Client: Bismark Difficulty: 1 Details: I got some rare tea leaves. Why don't you come try some?


      Client: Bismark Difficulty: 1 Details: I can't really write what it is here. How to complete: Talk to the men on the island and answer his question. Reward: none I have a problem Client: Bismark Difficulty: 1 Details: I'm not feeling well. Could you bring me some medicine?

      How to complete: Give him a antidote potion. Client: Bismark Difficulty: 1 Details: Can you recommend a weapon for me? How to complete: Answer his question. Reward: Fishing Pole Recipes Lv. Client: Bismark Difficulty: 1 Details: I've got a job fou. How to complete: Give the flour to Maerwen while she at the mansion. Reward: G Beatrix [beatq] Looking to buy materials.

      Client: Beatrix Difficulty: 1 Details: I'm looking to buy some materials! How to complete: Give her a earth crystal Reward: G Are you settled in here? Please come see me. S The island at the end of the world. Client: Beatrix Difficulty: 3 Details: Looking for adventure? Reward: Elephant Mask 1 Someone strong needed. Client: Beatrix Difficulty: 1 Details: There's a hard rock in my way! Break it for me! How to complete: Examine the tunnel and report back. Reward: Arm Recipes Lv. Reward: Gyoza 1 More monster fighting. How to complete: Defeat 5 Sky fish can be found on Jungle island. How to complete: Defeat 5 tundras can be found at the water shrine.

      S Bacchus [baccq] I'll train you up! Client: Bacchus Difficulty: 1 Details: I'll tech you how to fight, whippersnapper! How to complete: Catch a Grella and give it to him, they can be found in the ocean. S A red sea? Client: Bacchus Difficulty: 2 Details: There's a place where the sea turns red.

      It's very strange. How to complete: Raise the island and get the spirits. Reward: Ruby 9 Clobber some monsters! How to complete: Defeat 5 goblins can be found on Verde island. Reward: char 1 More monsters to clobber! How to complete: Defeat 5 goblin pirates they can be found on Shipwreck island. Reward: Spear Recipes Lv. How to complete: Defeat 5 demon can be found at Mystic Ruins. Client: Quinn Difficulty: 1 Details: I hid some treasure on the island! You can have it you can find it. How to complete: Its at the dragon shrine Reward: Bird Feather Notes: The details are right from the board so its not a typo.

      There's a monster! Client: Quinn Difficulty: 1 Details: There's a monster in the church! Help me catch it! How to complete: Talk to Quinn when she is at her room at night or around 6pm. Reward: none I want to cook! Reward: Wonderful gift recipes What do I do? Client: Kelsey Difficulty: 1 Details: Um I could use some help. How to complete: Give him Cheap or Quality cloth. Reward: Orange Juice 1 I lost my book You will receive Dual blades Recipe Lv.

      Reward: Have you seen it? Reward: Um Please help. How to complete: Give him a colored grass other than black or white. Reward: Small fleece Um Client: Gerard Difficulty: 2 Details: Dear me Something quite important is lost. I could use a hand. How to complete: Talk to Gerard then Maerwen and give it to Gerard. Reward: Orange 3 How about putting you skills to the test? How to complete: Defeat five tortoises Can be found on the 3rd floor of the water shrine. How to complete: Defeat 5 minotauros, can be found at the water temple shrine.