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I found the work of Emilie Conrad and Susan Harper with Continuum Movement was one of my primary paths for learning what I could feel in my inner landscape. There were ecstatic moments there for me as I broke through rules I had made for myself about connection and movement and what I was allowed to feel. Make joyful sounds that bring you pleasure.

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Singing, humming, and vibration of all kinds is a life enhancer. It changes our brain chemistry, our sense of safety and definitely our level of embodiment. Again, Continuum taught me so much in this realm that I include in many of them in my trainings today. Being willing to feel all your internal signals.

This is challenging when there is unpleasantness or discomfort.

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And yet, we know that the pain and the joy live in the same neighborhood in our body. If I am unwilling to hold and have compassion for my own discomfort and pain, I also will most likely miss out on my joy and tenderness. Vulnerability has been recently identified as a central part of living in a whole-hearted manner. Once again, if we push away our vulnerability, it limits our ability to live fully from our whole heart.

This in turn, limits our joy. This attribute helps me stay out of judgment — and judgment always separates me from my present moment experience. Curiosity, on the other hand, opens my awareness to what else is possible. I cultivate my curiosity whenever something arises that I am recoiling from. Sometimes I need to pull back, but often it is simply old conditioning that I can do without, allowing me to step more fully into the present moment with openness and curiosity.

The attribute of trust has recently been linked to optimism and greater satisfaction as well as effectiveness in life. When I trust my inner guidance system and relax into what it tells me, more possibilities open up. When I am fearful or anxious the opposite of trust doors all around me slam shut and I have a very narrow lens on my future. It is far more powerful to step into experiencing the attribute of trust. Take a moment now and think about what you could do in your life to remove barriers, the limiting beliefs or the expectations that hold you back from your full life experience.

Take a look at the attributes above and commit to whatever you can do today to deepen your experience of your present moment consciousness. We are all on a continuous journey of growth and development on a soul level. The deeper we live into what we came here to do, the easier and fuller life becomes. And, enjoy! Her Healing From the Core curriculum healingfromthecore. She teaches around the world and lives in Reston, Virginia.

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Massage with coffee-based products is a popular treatment in spas—and coffee can easily be incorporated…. The principle that demands three-dimensional awareness—keeping a conscious sense of the space equally around the…. Almost 40 years ago in a meditation and leadership training I had a deep experience of my soul fully resting down into my body, vibrant and alive. Suzanne Scurlock. Related Posts Coffee Body Scrub Massage with coffee-based products is a popular treatment in spas—and coffee can easily be incorporated….

Body-Type Exercise Every time you move your body, you are talking to your doshas.


Because each dosha…. What is a person? Is a person simply chemicals and electrical signals? Or, on the other hand, is a person something else which occupies a body. The first view is known as monism. The second is known as dualism. This idea was made famous by Rene Descartes. Most philosophers including Christian philosophers no longer take a strictly dualist point of view any more. However, Christian and many other philosophers take a mixed view. They see that mind and body cannot be completely separated—that there is a physical reality which corresponds with a non-physical rational soul.

This is due to a process of self-selection. Those who believe that a person has a body, rather than being a body are not welcomed into this club. Nearly all working neruoscientists ASSUME that all mental processes are mere movements of chemicals and electical signals. Memory, by definition not by experiment is known to be a purely physical process.

Their goal is, not to discover whether this is true, but to examine how it happens. Such presuppositional bias has a profound influence on what they claim to discover. The question of memory—its meaning and mechanism is a good case in point. What is a memory? Is it simply latent chemical signals or mere neuron connections?

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Does this even make sense? Where are the uncounted quintillions of memories stored?

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I am not a mere collection of chemicals. Neuroscientist who rule this out without even considering the possibility are not fair arbiters or investigaters of the nature of mind. I will have to say that I cannot give scientific proof that a person is not just chemicals.

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However, I believe that we cannot explain what a person is—with free will, consciousness, creativity, memories with so much detail that it is beyond belief that they are mere physically stored neural connections and so forth. Love is not just chemicals moving around. God is love. Truth is a real thing, not just an epiphenomenon based on physical things.

Justice is not just a meaningless word.

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We have a soul.