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Harvey also develops an brotherly relationship with Salem Saberhagen ; Salem having called Harvey his "best friend" before they had even been able to speak to each other. Harvey first meets Sabrina when he accidentally hits her on the head with a football, although this history is later altered, when time is turned back and Sabrina instead catches that football. Sabrina invites him to go to a movie with herself and Jenny.

In Seasons , they always hang out at their favorite pizza parlor " The Slicery. He is too shy to ask Sabrina out, though still dances with her during the school dance. He eventually finds the courage to ask her out and from then, they become boyfriend and girlfriend. After their first kiss however, Harvey is turned into a frog, because he is mortal, and Sabrina must go through the True Love test to change him back. After she completes the test, he changes back and can freely kiss her. In the season finale, Sabrina is trapped by a troll named Roland and the only way to save her is to get her prince to defeat Roland.

Hilda and Zelda realize that they will have to tell Harvey that Sabrina is a witch in order to accomplish this and they give him a potion that will cause him to forget right after he does so. Harvey rescues Sabrina and the two go home completely honest with each other, though the potion kicks in.

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Harvey and Sabrina's relationship begins to break apart due to Sabrina being busy studying for her witch's license as well as dealing with her other responsibilities. But they make up and continue dating. Not long after, Harvey is told by his dad he should date different people because he is still young. Sabrina's aunts agree and they go on a temporary break. He also makes a close friendship with Valerie , a new girl with whom Sabrina is also close friends. By the end of the season, Sabrina is stuck between choosing Harvey or Dashiell and can't decide.

After Harvey and Dashiell find out about each other, they tell Sabrina to choose one or the other. Sabrina's romantic dilemma continues and only after using the "Follow your heart" spell, does Sabrina finally choose Harvey and they get back together. Also, Harvey's mom becomes pregnant and it affects Harvey as he has to do a lot of work for his mother. He was also turned into a dog.

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At the end of the year, he takes care of Salem and Lola, a pregnant, stray cat, as well as his own pregnant mother. Sabrina accidentally uses a spell that makes Lola's kittens go into Harvey's mom. She then reverses the spell, but then Harvey's shocked to see her, because she was supposed to be in Hawaii. Cole is also one of my favorite characters that i ever wrote!!

And Ellis I can't pick just one adjective that links him to my personality. Ellis will have to speak for himself. Readers, have fun!!! View all 18 comments. I must say, this was not at all what I was expecting from my first Wade Kelly read. Cole and Ellis, our proclaimed geek and jock, meet when they are paired as roommates for their off-campus housing, and although they start off at odds — because Co 3 Stars I snatched this one up in a DSP sale last weekend, thinking it was about time I cross a long-standing TBR item off my list once and for all.

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And Ellis was kind of bland in my opinion and way too unrealistic in terms of his supposed virgin jock status. In truth, they felt much younger than they were meant to be - more early teens than early twenties - which didn't feel right given the progression of their relationship. I always sort of paired that athlete type vibe with certain personality traits and behaviours, like people who dripped confidence, were perhaps non-academic but super popular, and were always here to party.

That was literally the extent of his jock-ish attributes. I know this is an odd thing to harp on about; it just legitimately had me scratching my head. A lot of these plot elements seemed slightly off to me, but I guess there was something about the story that held my attention to have finished it so easily. View all 9 comments. Jan 08, Vivian rated it liked it Shelves: romance-contemp , borrowed. Absolutely likable. The acknowledgment that we are all prejudiced, but most fail to recognize it is one of my favorite parts of this story. Cole's epiphany in that regard was great and so on point.

I really enjoyed seeing religious characters that were not intolerant and raging A-holes. I feel like Kelly nailed these two concepts so well, especially since I see so little of it demonstrated in other MM romance stories. Kelly played well with stereotypes and exposed that there is more beneath peopl Absolutely likable. Kelly played well with stereotypes and exposed that there is more beneath people's exteriors if you give them a chance. The parts that were detractors for me were the odd POV choices like random jumping into a tertiary character's head and the characterization of Cole's mom--who was a egocentric nut job--don't get me wrong, I believe this is not implausible and if I hadn't been dumped into her head unexpectedly I probably wouldn't have cared as much.

So, yeah, I thought there were some structural issues. Dec 03, Vio rated it really liked it Shelves: sweet , different , cute-mc-s , quirky , odd-ball , humour , likey. After much anticipation, dread and excitement all rolled into one, I am happy to say I enjoyed my time with Cole, Ellis, Rob and Russell. My two absolute favourites were Cole and Russell. Cole for his neurotic, cynical and cautious attitude and Russell well heh he was a fool who's antics made me laugh along with poor suffering Rob who tries to deal. Secretly I think he loves the buffoon, a romance would be delightful, what chaos.

Ellis was a sweetie, and very shy unless you were part of his grou After much anticipation, dread and excitement all rolled into one, I am happy to say I enjoyed my time with Cole, Ellis, Rob and Russell. Ellis was a sweetie, and very shy unless you were part of his group of trusted friends, I warmed up to him slowly as he tried to sort out his confusion and feelings for Cole. The characters I disliked were Ellis's mum who treated him like a child for her own twisted and muddled reasons and Mike who came out of nowhere towards the end to cause some drama.

A good fun read and the romance is cute. View all 47 comments. Dec 04, Deeze rated it really liked it Shelves: would-read-again , pick-me-up , more-story-than-sex. Humour is a funny thing, sorry pun not intended lol , what makes some roll around holding their sides laughing leaves others wondering what they are missing, while others simply smile and think that was funny. He had some great lines but they were not necessarily laugh out loud ones.

I found I sympathised with Cole a lot, a Humour is a funny thing, sorry pun not intended lol , what makes some roll around holding their sides laughing leaves others wondering what they are missing, while others simply smile and think that was funny. I found I sympathised with Cole a lot, as I'm kinda pessimistic too. But there were times even I wanted to smack Cole over the head and tell him to look on the bright side for a change lol.

Ellis was lovely except for that one time he bottled things up. But he was trying to cope with things in his own way so I can easily give him a pass. He did try to make amends lol. This story was both romantic, at times and amusing. It also packed a few deep and meaningful punches. The speech mentioned near the end was worth hearing. I loved that despite the instant connection when their eyes met, it was a slow and sometimes conflicting romance.

No jumping straight into bed, instead we get to know both Cole and Ellis as single guys first. This story might have been about Ellis and Cole, but credit has to go to Rob and Russell. I loved those guys to pieces, despite a rocky start with Rob. If I had a wish it would be to see those two hook up lol They just seem so perfect for each other. Their banter was what had me chuckling out loud. My niggles go more towards Ellis's mum. That woman needs to learn the difference between a ten year old and a twenty year old. Overall a very well put together story.

Great characters with some brilliant lines but just a few minor quirks for me that stop it being a full 5 stars. Dec 25, Anna rated it did not like it Shelves: young-adult , 1-star , eyeroll-facepalm-yeah-its-bad , mm-high-school-college , m-m , mm-jock-nerd , opposite-attracts. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I hate giving such low ratings to books and even more writing these kind of reviews, but I just didn't like this book at all for countless reasons.

First of all, I did not like the two main characters, especially not Cole, whom I found very rude. I liked Ellis a bit more, but I can't say I loved him either because I fo 1. I liked Ellis a bit more, but I can't say I loved him either because I found the way he handled things very immature. But worst of all, I didn't see why these two were attracted to each other. Eventually they have kind of a "truce" and they start playing video games together and I guess this is where their friendship developed?

I say "I guess" because next thing I know, Cole describes his friendship with Ellis as "special" and he says that Ellis knows him better than anyone else, even his best friend. Oh, yeah there was the camping trip and a few kisses here and there but nothing worthy of "special friend who knows me better than anyone else". Then, there's a whole lot of drama; Ellis and Cole not talking to each other anymore aka Ellis being immature and annoying , and then eventually everything works and BAM "I love you's" are exchanged.

But wait! I just I was shaking my head laughing at this cause in my opinion it was pretty damn ridiculous that Ellis asks him to marry him after such a short period of time, because even though everything works out for them I don't feel like Cole and Ellis know each other AT ALL and as a reader I don't feel like I know either of these characters either. Anyways, next there's a whole lot of cheesiness and sap ensuing that made me roll my eyes more than once. The two characters that I actually enjoyed reading about were Rob and Russell.

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They were quite entertaining and funny, so that helped me get through this book. Rob and Russell, who are quite religious, handled things very well regarding Ellis and Cole. So that aspect of the book was quite refreshing to read. But sadly, those few positive points didn't save this book for me.

The characters, the writing style, the plot and the cheesiness made it that I just couldn't enjoy the book as a whole.

My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap! (Jock #1) by Wade Kelly Review - Cat's Books: Romance

View all 6 comments. Jan 27, Sandra rated it it was ok Shelves: m-m , sexy-athletes , sexy-collegiate , gay-for-you , hearts-on-fire-reviews , not-for-me-authors , contemporary-romance , audiobooks , roommate-love , previous-month-getting-there. Thank God almighty I'm free at last! I thought that would never fucking end. Snarky not in a cute way , sarcastic not in a funny way , and pessimistic Debbie Downer at all times. Super preachy. I don't mind a character being religious.

And I don't mind religion being a theme in a gay romance if one of the main characters struggles with his faith ie: Between Sinners and Saints So it didn't fit to try to play that angle by having an uber religious friend. But then of course we need to play the other angle and have an uber bigot who's not religious at all.

Lest you think only religious people are bigots. How does one manage that, you ask? I have no idea. I didn't need her POV. It was weird and creepy and sad all rolled into one. Then they tried to redeem her in the end, but it was too late for me. And grown-ass men calling their mom "mommy"?

Fine he was a matchmaker, but why make it so weird? And even Cole pointed it out several times. Ellis's "I love you" out of nowhere the first time they fuck. Which I started to think I imagined, since it wasn't brought up again until the end of the book. Then that proposal?!?! These guys are waaaaay too immature for marriage. You love him, want to spend your life with him. That's fine.

You can propose later, you know, after you've been datiiiiiiing, I dunno, 6 months!!! Unfortunately, nothing worked. Except the sex. That was hot. But then It was weird and sad and a little painful to read. Received audio version from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, reviewed for Hearts On Fire View all 4 comments. Dec 03, R. I really enjoyed this book. Cole and Ellis were a great couple - their kiss in tent was oh so yummy : but Rob and Russell sometimes stole the whole show.

They were like super fun. I think that the book should be shorter and I didn't mind POV shifts because it was great to get inside of MC's minds but view spoiler [in the same time while reading Mike's POV and what he did I found him a bit exaggerated Not so strongly maybe?

Why emphasize the conflict even more with racial hatred and disrespect for the elderly and disabled? I hope so View all 10 comments. Nov 22, Ula'ndi Hart added it Shelves: lgbtq , dnf. I didn't like Cole, but even with that I still might finish this someday. Just not now because my "want to read" list is way to long to keep reading at this point. View 2 comments. Jan 06, Bev rated it really liked it Shelves: lgbtq-mm , happy-ever-after , in-the-closet.

Well, I made it to the end of this book woohoo for me! Cole was such a whiny little toad , I really didn't like him at all, and that was putting me off the book! I could completely understand why he was on his own, and talk about OCD and anal!!

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But, as usual, when love strikes, ah, the old coup de foudre , nothing is ever the same again. Ellis, who had no sexual experience at all, even with those strange and weird things called girls, was an out-going Well, I made it to the end of this book woohoo for me! Ellis, who had no sexual experience at all, even with those strange and weird things called girls, was an out-going guy to his friends at uni, and his team mates on the footie team sorry, not American, and the game IS called FOOTBALL, not soccer!!

He had two siblings, an elder brother who'd taken the plunge and got married when his girlfriend got pregnant at 16, and a younger sister who was a lesbian, and lived with her partner. Ellis and his mates other than one who shall remain nameless, but gets his comeuppance towards the end of the book, yippee! Rob was a Christian, but wasn't judgmental or critical, and didn't harp on about religion in any way thank God - sarky much! Russ was also a nice character, and tended to follow Rob's lead in most things.

Cole and Ellis' friendship started badly when Ellis was roomed with Cole, and as a college jock, was completely opposite to the sort of person that Cole wanted to room with him - have I mentioned that Cole was anal and had OCD? How anyone had put up with him before was a complete mystery to me, but hey, each to his own. Bonding did eventually take place, and they slowly became friends, even though it was clear to us, dear readers, that the old lightning bolt had indeed struck the moment they met.

It became apparent to Cole that Ellis wanted to be more than friends, and after a disastrous first sexual encounter between them when Cole topped first time for everything because Ellis didn't know what he was doing, Ellis hid himself away again, and Cole obviously thought that he'd ruined everything.

They ultimately decided to talk to each other what is it with men and not talking? Glad I persevered with it!

My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap!

Dec 08, Tutu rated it it was ok. This book was supposed to be funny? Well, crap! You know the feeling when you see a movie trailer that seems awesome and you think, wow, if the trailer is this good…. And then all there is to the movie are those couple of cool scenes you saw in the trailer?

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I read a lot of quotes that were great out of context and I was expecting a really funny book. What I got……not so much. I have no idea what the author intended with this book but it was all over the place for me. The only good thing about it were the sex scenes. This book literally had one WTF moment after the other. And why should I care? Good actors can run the gamut of emotion on screen and I think he does a great job in the varying roles he has played.

I look forward to another season of American Horror Story. They introduced Sonic in First Class, but then his character disappeared. Plus, he flew! The added bonus in both newer X-Men films was Nicholas Holt.

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But let's face it, Mitch Hewer was the hottest guy on Skins! Nick has great eyes! Anyway… I just wanted to let you know that I am a huge fan of X-Men movies, and below is my favorite clip of Quicksilver -- Evan Peters :. Silent Sundays. I might post about my pets or pictures of things I like, but generally Sundays will be quiet. Monday Movies. Are for talking about my favorite movies and actors and stuff. I don't watch loads of things anymore because I lack time, but I'm sure I can come up with something now and then.