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But those moves only came after BitConnect had operated openly for months, collecting hundreds of millions of dollars from people around the world despite being labeled a Ponzi scheme by many prominent people in the virtual currency industry. BitConnect offered tokens on a decentralized network, similar to Bitcoin, but promised regular payouts to coin holders. But regulators have not gotten near most of the brazen schemes that have popped up in the past year, many of which had been attacked by hackers first, or simply shut down by their operators after money had been raised.

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Another pyramid scheme, MMM, which was shut down in an earlier incarnation by the Russian government, has been revived thanks to the popularity of Bitcoin and is operating openly , with particular success in Africa. One challenge facing regulators is that it is unclear how much of the deceptive activity they can legally control.

Some online groups openly try to manipulate the prices of digital tokens in what are known as pump-and-dump schemes. Similar schemes involving stocks are illegal, but people operating the groups recently told BuzzFeed that they did not think the same rules applied to virtual currencies. Many schemes have been able to expand quickly because they do not use bank accounts and therefore do not have to win approval from established institutions.

Rising to the Surface

And virtual currency transactions cannot be reversed like normal bank or even PayPal transfers. With regulators slow to crack down, the private sector has taken on a more important role.

Facebook announced last week that it would no longer allow advertisements for virtual currency projects. For investors, some of what has caused the most concern are well-intentioned businesses set up in a hurry with little outside oversight or time to work out kinks. See rise , -ing 2 , ing 1.

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With great effort he rose to his knees. The building rises above the city's other skyscrapers. Chiefly British. Architecture , Building Trades. Verb Phrases rise above , to ignore or be indifferent to, as an insult.

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Origin of rise before ; Middle English risen v. Can be confused raise rise see usage note at raise. Usage note See raise. Examples from the Web for rising Since then, the rising gap between the rich and middle- and lower-income families has risen to the fore.

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In Hostile Red Joseph Altsheler. Idle Ideas in Jerome K.


Usury Calvin Elliott. Flora Adair, Vol. The separate lights of the studio flash kit should be positioned so that the portrait exhibits only one catchlight per eye. A culture of internet only jobs has coined the phrase Wirk.


Wirk simply means Internet Work. Internet work is defined by job opportunities that did not exist before the rise of the internet and furthermore the work is likely to be carried out over the internet and payment received for work undertaken via the internet.

Wirk describes both full time and part time internet work. Because of the nature of Wirk and the ability for anyone that has internet connection to earn money from Wirk, it is currently more likely to be a part time occupation than full time.