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He was gentle. He asked what else he could do for each patient.

Was this one of the few places where this person felt truly cared for? I then saw the hectic shift of an ED nurse. She, too, was seamless in her work, and took her time with her patients. One patient was solemn and calm, and then started sobbing. Through her sobs, she communicated why she wanted to take her own life. The nurse cared for her and listened. My shadowing experience reminded of why I love health care so much.

It helped crystallize the fact that the work I do is ultimately meant to support patients and the staff that care for them. My work affects the resources, workflow, and operations of a system that ultimately affects the care provided. This might be a typical day for a nurse, but for someone focused on administration, it is not. I was reminded of the human side of health care.


I witnessed — and better appreciated — the love and care that clinicians provide. I would highly recommend that non-clinicians spend some time shadowing clinical staff.

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Portraits and landscape shots, in particular, are fun to explore during this time of day. Tungsten bulbs offer a reddish color whereas halogen bulbs are cooler and more blue. Utilizing available light like candles, twinkle lights, and flashlights can help for creativity, too. Who Uses It Well Annie Leibovitz is a widely famous photographer who first began her career by shooting for Rolling Stone and has since created some of the most iconic portraits of all time.

Today, she works regularly for Vogue and Vanity Fair and is recognized for her lighting style, a studio setup that produces a somewhat muted look similar to a painting. To achieve Annie-like images, try lighting your model by a single light source on one side, as close as you can get to the subject. Soften the light with something like a diffuser or umbrella and snap away.

What it Does Shadow is used to create dramatic images and give photos a feel of mystery and darkness. When shadow mingles with other elements of photos like lighting or reflection it makes things intriguing and full of contrast. How to Use It To experiment with shadow, try creating a silhouette in your image, which is a play between dark and light.

To create simple silhouettes, venture out at sunset and place your subject in an area where the light is behind them. To do this, he uses features of the city — like skyscrapers and bus stops — to create shadows and draw attention to his human subjects.

Add an outline, shadow, reflection, or glow text effect

What it Does Reflection has the ability to alter your images from something that may otherwise seem ordinary — a lake, a window, a mirror — and turn it into something abstract and creative. Reflective surfaces exist all around us and utilizing them in our images can make for some truly beautiful works of art that draw viewers into the scene and allow them to see the world slightly different than before.

How to Use It To use reflection in your own photography, think first of the things that surround you in your daily life that produce reflections. Whatever it is, chances are reflections are floating all around you at all times. Often, you just need to keep your eyes open for shiny surfaces! I feel like I just came back from the war. I look in the mirror and I see this old guy.

In doing so, he does what all of the best artists strive to do — he elicits emotion and feeling. When you think of amazing photos that convey emotion, what do you think of?

Reflections // Shadow Self

Chances are the scenes are often imbued with any one or all three of the elements listed above. They play with light, shadow, or reflection — and as they do so, they bring about happiness, sadness, surprise or intrigue. When these elements are used, images are able to stick with you as the viewer for a long time thereafter.