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The famed director is able to get his subjects—including both those who would be subject to the death penalty and those who would carry it out—to open up for an emotionally wrenching film. In three movies made in , and , the filmmakers follow the courtroom drama surrounding three teenage boys—Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley, Jr. The trilogy was one of the first documentaries to have a major real-life impact on a trial.

The Netflix original show veers from the structure of most traditional true crime series by examining a cult that moves from India to Oregon. A true pop culture phenomenon , the series catapulted an esoteric cult into the mainstream. A mom drives the wrong way on the highway and causes an accident that kills eight people, including herself, her daughter and her three nieces.

After medical reports claimed that Diane Schuler had alcohol and drugs in her system at the time of the crash, director Liz Garbus investigates alternative scenarios. One of the most influential documentary films ever made focuses on the murder of a policeman and the hitchhiker accused of committing the crime. The emotional Netflix true crime series centers on the unsolved murder of young nun Sister Cathy Cesnik. Cesnik knew about cases of sexual abuse in the Catholic church, and many of her former students posit that she was silenced.

Most true crime series focus on the suspects, but The Keepers gives a voice to the survivors.

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Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana. Edited by Thomas J. Research on cybercrime has been largely bifurcated, with social science and computer science researchers working with different research agendas. These fields have produced parallel scholarship to understand cybercrime offending and victimization, as well as techniques to harden systems from….

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Domestic violence does not discriminate and is prevalent throughout the word regardless of race, age or socio-economic status. Why, then, do reactions and response differ so widely throughout the world? While some countries work diligently to address the matter through prevention and training,….

Studies in Crime and Justice

The last twenty years have seen an explosion in the development of information technology, to the point that people spend a major portion of waking life in online spaces. While there are enormous benefits associated with this technology, there are also risks that can affect the most vulnerable in….

By Patricia Faraldo Cabana. Money is the most frequently means used in the legal system to punish and regulate. Monetary penalties outnumber all other sanctions delivered by criminal justice in many jurisdictions, imprisonment included. More people pay fines than go to prison and in some jurisdictions many of those in prison…. By Pete Fussey , Paddy Rawlinson. By David Thompson , Terry Thomas. Circles of Support and Accountability is a voluntary initiative that assists people with convictions for sexual offences to resettle in the community.

People leaving prison with such convictions often have difficulties in resettling. They carry the burden of the conviction itself, which may be both…. By Rose Ricciardelli , Dale C. Sex offenders remain the most hated group of offenders, subject to a myriad of regulations and punishments beyond imprisonment, including sex offender registries, chemical and surgical castration, and global positioning electronic monitoring systems. While aspects of their experiences of…. Edited by Marie Segrave , Laura Vitis.

(Mis)perceptions of crime in Australia

Technological developments move at lightening pace and can bring with them new possibilities for social harm. This book brings together original empirical and theoretical work examining how digital technologies both create and sustain various forms of gendered violence and provide platforms for…. Despite high crime rates among men in the Caribbean, rising rates of violence against women in the region, and a significant number of Caribbean nationals incarcerated abroad due to drug smuggling, existing research has yet to offer explanations that are tailored to the unique Caribbean societies….

Cyber-risks are moving targets and societal responses to combat cyber-victimization are often met by the distrust of young people.

Drawing on original research, this book explores how young people define, perceive, and experience cyber-risks, how they respond to both the messages they are receiving…. By Venezia Michalsen.

Imprisoned women are far more likely than their male counterparts to be…. The crime of homicide has long animated academic debate, community concern and political attention. The discussion has often centered on the perceived in adequacy of legal responses to homicide, questions of culpability, and divergent representations of victims and offenders. Within this, notions…. By Ella Cockbain.

Millions of pounds are spent every year trying to tackle human trafficking, modern slavery and child sexual exploitation. Amid all the bold…. Non-Commercial digital piracy has seen an unprecedented rise in the wake of the digital revolution; with wide-scale downloading and sharing of copyrighted media online, often committed by otherwise law-abiding citizens. Bringing together perspectives from criminology, psychology, business, and…. Which public and whose space?

The understanding of public space as an arena where individuals can claim full use and access hides a reality of constant negotiation, conflict and surveillance. This collection uses case studies concerning the management, use, and transgression of public space to…. Edited by Nina Persak. The increasing trend and prevalence of incivilities-targeting punitive regulatory measures across Europe raises important issues regarding the legitimacy, effectiveness and impact of such formal social control.

Regulation and Social Control of Incivilities addresses the pertinent issues of current…. Edited by Ernesto U. Savona , Michele Riccardi , Giulia Berlusconi. The infiltration of organised crime in the legitimate economy has emerged as a transnational phenomenon. This book constitutes an unprecedented study of the involvement of criminal groups in the legitimate economy and their infiltration in legal businesses, and is the first to bridge the research….

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By Yarin Eski. Ports are the vital hubs of the maritime transport industry, and crucial to the flow of global trade. Building on…. Skinheads go beyond the societal stereotype of hate mongers, bigots, and Neo-Nazis. The community of skins also includes traditional skins those that adhere to the original philosophy of the British movement in , Skinheads Against Racial prejudice SHARPS , and gay skins, female skins and….

By Vania A Ceccato. Crime is often perceived as an urban issue rather than a problem that occurs in rural areas, but how far is this view tenable? This book explores the relationship between crime and community in rural areas and addresses the notion of safety as part of the community dynamics in such areas. By Victoria E.

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The United Nations has called violence against women "the most pervasive, yet least recognized human rights abuse in the world" and there is a long-established history of the systematic victimization of women by the state during times of peace and conflict. This book contributes to the established…. By Anthony Ellis.

Why do some men use physical violence against others? How do some men come to value physical violence as a resource? Drawing on in-depth ethnographic research conducted with men involved in serious violence and crime over a period of two years in the North of England, Anthony Ellis addresses these…. By Philip Birch. Sex work has been a contentious issue in a variety of ways throughout history — socially, morally, ethically, religiously and politically. Traditionally noted as one of the oldest professions in the world, sex work has commonly been demonised and is often viewed as a social disgrace.

While sex work…. By Lisa White. Based on a synthesis of…. It is widely observed that the study of war has been paid limited attention within criminology. This is intellectually curious given that acts of war have occurred persistently throughout history and perpetuate criminal acts, victimisation and human rights violations on a scale unprecedented with…. Edited by Nadia Aghtaie , Geetanjali Gangoli. This book aims to bring together the pioneering research on gender based violence that has been conducted by the Centre for Gender and Violence Research at the School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol.

By Teela Sanders , Kate Hardy. Striptease and other types of erotic dance increasingly make up a large, lucrative and visible part of the sex industries in the United Kingdom and 'lap dancing' has become the focus of many important contemporary debates about gender, work and sexuality. This new book from Teela Sanders and Kate….

Does the development of new technology cause an increase in the level of surveillance used by central government? Is the growth in surveillance merely a reaction to terrorism, or a solution to crime control? Are there more structural roots for the increase in surveillance?

This book attempts to find….

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By Shana L Maier. Despite changes to laws and attitudes, rape continues at epidemic levels worldwide. Surveillance, Capital and Resistance is a major contribution to current debates on the subjective experience of surveillance. Based on a large research project undertaken in a Northern City in the UK and focusing mainly on the use of surveillance in the context of policing and security, the book…. By Simon Green. Political leaders and the popular press tell us that society is in the grip of a moral crisis.

By David R Mansley. In this book David Mansley argues that the frequency with which violence intrudes on to the streets is related to both how society is governed and how it is policed. With the help of an innovative methodology, he quantifies and tests three variables — collective violence, democracy and protest….