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Acts , Peter and John preach in the name of Jesus Christ, and are brought before the leaders of the Jews for questioning.

Get to Know the 12 Disciples of Jesus Christ

Peter and John continue preaching and healing in the name of Jesus Christ, despite the attempts of the authorities to stop them. Stephen is tried before the council.

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He recounts the history of Israel and names Moses as a prototype of Christ. He testifies of the apostasy in Israel and he sees Jesus on the right hand of God.

Who Are the Apostles in the Bible and Why Are They Important?

Peter follows the commandment of the Lord to take the gospel to the Gentiles. Acts ; Peter and James speak to the Saints in Jerusalem to convince them that the Gentile converts are not subject to the requirements of the Law of Moses. Acts 15 Paul preaches to Athenians on Mars Hill and identifies their "unknown god" as the Father of us all. He also said that He would leave them soon but that the Holy Ghost would come to help them.

Acts —8.

The Risen Lord Appears to the Apostles -

They watched Him go up to His Father in Heaven. Two men in white clothes told the Apostles that Jesus would come back someday from heaven.

Acts — The Apostles were now the leaders of the Church on earth. Peter was appointed President, and James and John were his counselors.

The Seventy Apostles are those whom the Lord chose described in Luke in addition to the Twelve and sent forth to assist in the work of preaching. Over time, the Twelve added others to their number, who were sent out with the original Seventy to preach the gospel.

Although this number eventually exceeded seventy, they were all nevertheless referred to as "of the Seventy" out of reverence to the number which the Lord originally chose.

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  • Their collective feast day is January 4. It is difficult to determine a comprehensive and accurate list of the Seventy, but here are some of their names:. The Apostle Paul June 29 is also referred to as an apostle, though he is not one of the Twelve or of the Seventy. Other missionary saints are also referred to as apostles, though usually not as an initial title, but rather as an epithet, e.


    Paul shares the collective feast day with the Twelve Great Apostles.