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It became apparent that even as a little baby in the womb, I had absorbed the idea that I ought to have been a boy. Growing up I always felt the need to prove myself—as a perfectionist and overachiever; I was dogged by a sense of unworthiness and crippled with a fear of failure. I would not have thought this experience to be such a big deal, but little did I realize the extent to which it affected me.

Supernatural healing was ministered to me as I read and absorbed Psalm , and my wounded soul recognized I was born exactly the way God intended me to be! Feelings of unworthiness, rejection, or the need to try to prove oneself or earn favor with God are common and are often rooted in childhood wounds and experiences. Allow the Lord to show you if and how you might need to receive healing, that you may more abundantly perceive your full and complete identity as His child. This is the most recent article in a series we've been doing on Identity.

Click below to read the articles you may have missed. God's Masterpiece. Identity: The Key to Destiny's Door. Unlocking the Truth About Our Worth. Forgot your password? Click here. The Significance of Childhood An important part of the growth process to becoming abundantly secure and mature spiritual children of God involves allowing God to heal us of any ungodly mindsets or wounding that might have resulted from childhood.

Forgiveness is Key A significant first step in this process is to actively forgive your parents for any mistreatment or lack you experienced in childhood. Specific Experiences Can Affect Identity Another critical step is to ask the Holy Spirit to pinpoint any specific childhood experience that needs addressing regarding identity. If there was physical or emotional abuse, you also might want to seek the help of a caring professional, such as your pastor or a Christian therapist.

Prayerfully read and meditate on Psalm and Romans 8. Sign up to stay up-to-date on the latest teachings and words from God! Sign me up! All Rights Reserved. God wants human obedience. But our human obedience is paltry, pathetic, perverted. So the Son comes born of a woman to do in our place what we should have done.

And then v5 tells us He does this that we might receive the full rights of sons. The bible is saying — anyone, male or female, can have the rights of sons.

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Anyone can have the full rights of sons. He has an estate that He wants to leave to His children. Now who has the right to inherit the universe? Do you have the right to inherit the universe? Do I naturally have the right to inherit the universe? And neither do you. But I know someone who does have the right to inherit the whole estate.

His name is The Son. He has full inheritance rights. But He became our Brother at Christmas so that we can share in the family inheritance. Have you ever inherited something out of the blue?

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It happens. A great uncle dies and leaves a substantial amount of money. The reading of a will can change your life. The Bible is like the reading of a will. You wake up of a morning and you think — Same old, same old. Signed Jesus Christ. The reading of a will will change your whole life. And in the bible we learn about a staggering inheritance. How come we benefit from this will. Your teacher tells you all the books to read, she coaches you in the best exam technique, she gives you summary sheets of all the key teachings with helpful memorisation tips, she sets you practice exams and then gives great feedback at the end.

You look up from the paper and your teacher sees you frowning.

The Full Rights of Sons by Kathryn E. Stegall

You just sit back and watch her answering every question perfectly. She does it in your name, on your behalf, as your substitute. And you get the perfect score. He sits the test and earns you the inheritance.

But Jesus does it all, born of a woman, born under law to redeem us — to give us the full rights of sons. And I benefit in full because, chapter 3 verse 29 says I belong to Christ. I belong to Him, who did it all for me. Or in chapter 3, verse 27 we have even more pictorial language, it says: I am clothed with Christ. In myself I am a failure, but I am wrapped up in Jesus. And He offers the perfect worship, obedience and sacrifice to the Father. If you belong to Jesus, the Father looks on you and sees Jesus. The Father sends the Spirit of the Son into any who belong to the Son.

Do you belong to Jesus, do you trust Him? Then you have the Eternal Spirit of God living in you. Well not naturally? God is love and you have been invited in. Everything that the Son has by rights, you now have through Him.

The Spirit of Sonship: From Slaves to Sons and Heirs

You have the God the Spirit in you. Our privileges in Jesus could not be greater. The trinity is not a maths problem! Do you know these truths? Do you know them in your heart? Because how you live in depends on knowing these truths in your heart. How you live your whole life depends on knowing this stuff in your heart. But those are the options. You either understand the wonder of the trinity, or you live as a slave.

Either you get the trinity — and join the trinity. Or you live as a slave. But the tragedy is that, by default, we all live as slaves. And even as Christians we fall into slavery again and again. It makes you a slave. In chapter 4, verses Paul talks about how slaves and sons can often be right besides one another. And outwardly they can look very similar. Now which one is the slave and which one is the son? One of these boys is a slave, the other one owns the whole estate.

There are slaves and sons together in every church in the world. Some here tonight know what it is to call the Almighty God, Daddy. I lived for many years as a slave. Outwardly I looked like a Christian — I said the right things, I tried to do the right things. I thought it was all about my arrow up to God. And so I tried and I tried and I never knew if it was enough. Then one day the Spirit opened my eyes and I saw Jesus properly.

And the weight that came off my shoulders. The assurance of an inheritance that I could never earn, came flooding in. There are some who need to lay down their deadly doing, their arrow up Christianity, and be clothed in the Son. I started with a mental test, let me give you one more.

I am clothed in the Son of God and His prayer-life is pretty darned good. And chapter 4 verse 6 tells me that the Spirit of the Son is in me. And what is He doing? He is praying. What is He praying? He is praying the prayer of Jesus to the Father. The Spirit of the Son calling out to your Father from the depth of your being. It is resting like a needy child in the arms of a strong and loving Heavenly Father. You join in late and add your own Amen. And then we stop praying like slaves and start praying like sons. We need to be little children in prayer and thankfully the Spirit of the Son makes us exactly that and helps us to pray child-like prayers where we depend on our heavenly Dad.

Do you see the difference between slaves and sons? Do you see how important it is to see God rightly? Heavenly Father, thank You that we can call you Father. Thank You for inviting us into Your family. Thank You for sending Your Spirit into our hearts. If we are Christians here, may each one of us know that we are clothed in Your Son and loved with an everlasting love. Now and always, Amen. Posted in grace , pastoral theology , sermons , trinity , union with Christ Tagged grace , pastoral theology , sermons , trinity , union with Christ 7 Comments. Great sermon. Which is astonishing!

But it still talks about pre-creation. So these verses certainly ward us away from one kind of pre-creation talk. So any answer to the question that paints the pre-creation picture as something different to what we see in Jesus is extremely dangerous. To think of the Triune Fountainhead makes us realise we are the ones who are divorced and detached — alienated in our minds.

I can see why you and others ask that sort of question. I had a friend who introduced me to your website and I must say I absolutely love it. Thank you for taking the time to do this and to answer questions.

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I have been reading, going through trials, and seeking the Lord like never before in my life. I have come to realize we live in an extremely lopsided world of those who have and those who have not. I know that we are in Christ and Christ is in us and we shall call ourselves adopted Sons of God.