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Morality takes a backseat. Honesty has a new name. Yup Andrew. To learn about the truth of it seems to me to be worthwhile to read the entries of To come to terms with the crimes against humanity by Suharto and his gang, Indonesia should recognize the facts and should follow the lead of South Africa: the culprits who are still alive, should be tried by some tribunal of reconciliation.

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Those cold war days. It was a fight between two systems and the battlefield stretched far and wide, from central america to South East asia. In Vietnam alone more than a million died, including american GIs. These 2 ideologies are no different from religious ideologies. A day will come when all men will see the futility in ideologies.

There is another movie shows how 30th September Movement and afterwards happened in Indonesia. Sputjam is surely wrong to equate democracy with other ideologies, as if they are commercial brands of toothbrush, equally useful. Communism, like its sister Nazism, was a homicidal dementia, which still has.

As for Islamist ideology, not to be confused with Islam as a religion, then we see what it means to impose on all nations — death to adulterers apostates, brutal floggings of kids and working men who dare to cuddle lovers or play cards, and banning mixed marriages. As the Indonesians mentioned above clearly know, the PKI was a malignant cancer, just as any Communist party is, a current example being that in little Nepal.

There the mainstream parties made the grave error of treating reds as normal politicians, despite their long record of terrorism. They should be taken on and taken out. Like the PKI, who were excised and a good thing too. Still at it hey Ross,you blood thirsty old facist! As for Nepal.. I did not condemn democracy. If US is referred to, it meant capitalism. China embraced capitalism before England was formed, never mind the US.

Capitalism flourished when a monetary unit was formed, making things easier to trade. Democracy has its flaws. In the US, the native indians were denied the right to vote until too late. If the voice of the majority is upheld, then what do the minorities do when they are subjected to unfair practices, such as in malaysia and singapore, or even in indonesia? In a multiracial settings, I think the vote of the majority will marginalised the minorities.

Democracy works in a single ethnic entity, not in multiracial settings. Much like to european union, only by consensus will the minority voices be heard. The countries Ross mentioned as being successful have also eliminated religion from the government, as all government and mankind should, using common sense to promote good governance and a civil and caring society, and keeping the priests and dictators from enslaving the masses. I guess moving into political terminology from zoological is progress of sorts. Turning to serious commentators, Sputjam, I apologise if I misunderstood your views on America, and gladly accept your assurance that you believe in democracy.

Returning to the lunatic lefty Ogle… Nepalese politics may be worth arguing about, maybe, but the point I made was that the reds entered into a deal and left when they faced exposure to democratic elections. We have spoken about mis-direction and mis quoting before its dishonest and really a sad portrayal of a pint of view.

Could there be a sillier statements. Just because someone does not think its ok write off millions of people to support a far right tyranny does not make then a far leftist nor a communist. Poor Wee Robbie Ogle! If we fail to put its Indonesian variant in a broad geo-political and historical context, we risk forgetting the nature and extent of its evil. I see no need to repeat it again. Though of course your pink oggling heart is doubtless bleeding for him still. Ross, i think the communist threat is over… you can relax now…. More to the point: the reds debate is over, pal. No-one, including the reds think Marxist-Leninism is a good way to run an economy anymore.

The truth is pretty ugly for the left. The answers are lost in the shadows of We can, however, find them, through the light of scholarship and debate. Castro is literally on his last legs and will die soon as will communism on that crumbling island.

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McGehee Ocean Press. Genocide Studies and Prevention Vol. Another common factor is that there has been no prosecution of the perpetrators in either case. Asian Survey Vol. Retrieved 9 June The Monthly. Retrieved September 2, New York: Routledge. In These Times. Retrieved 16 July Alham, Asahan, ed. Jakarta: Lontar Foundation.

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Ithaca: Cornell University Press. Chapter Roosa, John A Nation in Waiting: Indonesia in the s. Westview Press. Jakarta: Yayasan Obor Indonesia. Indonesia: Peoples and Histories. A History of Modern Indonesia. Singapore: Periplus Editions. The Fall of Sukarno. Andre Deutsch Ltd. Penguin Books. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Indonesia 's New Order. Suharto - 2nd President of Indonesia Dwifungsi Pancasila Angkatan 66 Petition of Fifty. Habibie Suharto on Commons Suharto on Wikisource Indonesia portal. Categories : Articles with dead external links from September Articles with dead external links from August EngvarB from September Use dmy dates from September Pages using Template:Longitem with unnamed style parameter Vague or ambiguous time from April All articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from April Pages with citations using unsupported parameters CS1 maint: Unrecognized language Mass murder in Cold War conflicts Transition to the New Order Political and cultural purges Suharto Massacres in Indonesia in Indonesia in Indonesia History of Bali History of Sumatra History of Java Mass murder in Communist Party of Indonesia Anti-communism in Indonesia Politicides.

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Dutch East India Company. French and British interlude. Netherlands East Indies. Emergence of Indonesia National Awakening. Japanese occupation. National Revolution. Independence Liberal democracy. Guided Democracy.

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New Order. By topic Currency Economy Military. Indonesia portal. From to the United States trained, funded, advised, and supplied the army precisely so that it could turn itself into a state within a state. The army In the months before October, the United States and the army wanted an incident like the [30 September] movement to occur. They were busy creating the conditions for it and preparing themselves for dealing with it.

When he was appointed Prime Minister. History The party grew from student movements in the late s in Java, Bali and Lombok established to protest against aspects of President Suharto's authoritarian New Order regime. The SMY was particularly active and established branches in other cities in Java and beyond. The PRD was temporarily led by a presidium, headed by Budiman.

It then joined with a number of students, farmers, artists and workers groups. The Economy of Indonesia: Selected Readings. Jakarta: Equinox Pub, It won 0. The party aims to integrate the struggle of Indonesian employers and workers. The Flag of Indonesia The Coat of arms of Indonesia The location of Indonesia An enlargeable map of the Republic of Indonesia The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Indonesia: Indonesia — sovereign island nation located in Southeast Asia comprising more than 17, islands of the Maritime Southeast Asia.

The following is a list of wars involving Indonesia. The Fraction of Upholders of the Proclamation was a parliamentary group in the Indonesian People's Representative Council, formed after the parliamentary election. The group included ten Members of Parliament. The Decline of Constitutional Democracy in Indonesia. An Equinox classic Indonesia book. Jakarta [u.

Socialist Party of Indonesia

The split in the PKI had been provoked by differences of opinion on Sardjono's leadership in the party, rather than polemics on theory. Djono had revolted against Sardjono's openness towards the possibility of entering into negotiations with the Netherlands, a position which Djono saw as a deviation from the revolutionary path. The Socialist International SI is a worldwide organisation of political parties which seek to establish democratic socialism.

Although formed in as a successor to the Labour and Socialist International, it has antecedents to the late 19th century. The organisation currently includes member parties[3] and organisations from over countries. Its members have governed in many countries including most of Europe. History First and Second Internationals — The International Workingmen's Association, also known as the First International, was the first international body to bring together organisations representing the wo.

There are a number of communist parties active in various countries across the world, and a number that used to be active. They differ not only in method, but also in strict ideology and interpretation. The formation of communist parties in various countries was first initiated by the formation of the communist Third International by the Russian Bolsheviks. Most, but not all, of the parties on this list are those that were aligned with either Moscow, Beijing or Tirana during the Cold War and their offshoots.

Groups currently and exclusively participating in the Trotskyist or the Left communist tradition are not included in the listing, see List of Trotskyist organisations by country and List of Left communist or. External Links Official Site. GTI was founded in September The socialists had previously worked alongside communists in the Barisan Tani Indonesia, but had split away from BTI in August in protest of communist dominance over the organization. At the time of its foundation, GTI claimed a membership of 1. It initially had 24 branches, but expanded to have branches nationwide two years later.

The newspaper had a circulation of around 15, Yearbook of the International Socialist Labour Movement. Co, Democratic socialism is a political philosophy that advocates political democracy alongside a socially owned economy,[1] with an emphasis on workers' self-management and democratic control of economic institutions within a market or some form of a decentralised planned socialist economy. Democratic socialism can support either revolutionary or reformist politics as a means to establish socialism.

The Asian Socialist Conference was an organisation of socialist political parties in Asia, that existed between and It had its headquarters in Rangoon, Burma, and the Burmese socialist leaders Ba Swe and Kyaw Nyein served as Chairman and treasurer of the conference respectively. As of , the member parties of ASC had a combined membership of about , At that time, the party was in the midst of the anti-colonial struggle, and hoped for cooperation with other Asian socialists against a common enemy.

The PSP played a small role in Dutch politics. It is one of the predecessors of the GreenLeft. Party history Before In a group of "politically homeless" activists had formed. There was also a group of these politically homeless that had never been members of parties, while others had been member of pre-war parties such as the Independent Socialist Party. It was a radical nationalist group founded on its anti-polygamy stance after the First Indonesian Women's Congress in But after the elections, the PSI felt that Isteri-Sedar had failed to mobilize women voters for the party and thus the party decided to form a women's wing of its own, Gerakan Wanita Sosialis.

As Elizabeth Martyn describes, this was the first collective effort to organize around a formal agenda—marking the beginning of the women's movement in Indonesia. It was formed in [1][8] through a split in the Socialist Unity Party, led by G. Bill Andersen. Socialist Party of Aotearoa. Retrieved 1. Raden Mas Sumitro Djojohadikusumo sometimes spelt Soemitro Djojohadikoesoemo [1] 29 May — 9 March was one of Indonesia's most prominent economists.

During his lifetime Sumitro held several prominent roles including the Dean of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Indonesia. Early life Sumitro was born in Kebumen, Central Java, on May 29, , the eldest son in an aristocratic Javanese family. He spent his childhood in Java before moving to Europe, where he received his academic training, first at the prestigious Sorbonne University in Paris and later at Economische Hogeschool the College of Economics in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

He first won recognition as an e. Ahead of the presidential election, PPSM declared that it would not support any candidate. The party is not recognized by the National Electoral Institute. Labour and student groups based in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta and other Indonesian cities where East Timorese studied and worked formed the basis of PST's members. The party also publishes a newsletter named Vanguarda and has international ties with a range of political organisations and trade u. Emergence of Socialist Party At the beginning of the 20th century, socialism began to develop in the industrial centers.

In the election, the Social Democratic Workers' Party increased its representation from two to six seats in the lower house of parliament, to the great unease of the confessional and liberal elite. This unease became even greater during the railway strike of , which disrupted the functioning of Dutch society. The railway strike was followed by a general strike in protest at the harsh treatment of the railway workers by the confessional government.

In contrast to Germany, the majority of Dutch socialists did not complain about imperialism and ther East Indies. Iskandar Tedjasukmana represented the party in government, serving as Minister of Labour in the Sukiman, Wilopo and Burhanuddin Harahap cabinets — The Indonesian Marhaen People's Union Indonesian: Persatuan Rakyat Marhaen Indonesia , generally known by its acronym Permai meaning 'beautiful' , was a social movement in Indonesia, functioning both as a political party and an Abangan mystical association.

It beliefs were said to have been revealed to the Permai founder during meditation. This set of ideas was combined with support for Indonesian Pancasila nationalism. Permai was strongly opposed to Islam, arguing that it was a foreign religion, in contradiction to Javanese culture and traditions. PPS poster from , celebrating the 40th anniversary of the nationalization of the oil industry.