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As evident in his paintings, most of his content were on the romantic and dramatic side.

The Barque of Dante

He was influenced by the works of Lord Byron, who was better known for incorporating forces of sublime in his creations. He had three siblings who were much older than he was. Moreover, the artist had significant resemblance with Talleyrand, who was a family friend.

During his time as a painter, Talleyrand served as his inspiration and guardian. It was believed that this man served King Louis-Philippe, among other prominent figures in France.

Eugène Delacroix

He was a mere year old aspiring artist at that time. Here, he was able to receive much accomplishments and recognitions for his skill in drawing. By , he started receiving training in Jacques-Louis David's neoclassical technique. He was trained with Pierre-Narcisse Guerin.


It was in when Delacroix made his very first major painting, The Barque of Dante. It was inspired by The Raft of the Medusa, a painting by Gericault. The artwork that received much favor from the Paris Salon became a huge sensation, and the State bought it for the Luxembourg Galleries.

Two years after, he gained another recognition for his work The Massacre at Chios.

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The Massacre at Chios was one of the artist's most significant works. It had a somber tone to it, as dying and famished Greek civilians were presented as they were to be slaughtered violently by the Turks. This masterpiece by Delacroix expressed pity for the Greeks, which was also a prevailing sentiment of the French people at that period in time.

With his exceptional works, Delacroix became noted as a primary figure in the new Romantic art style, and the State purchased this painting.

Delacroix Color

Some art critics, however, considered his manner of presenting suffering as somewhat controversial as there seemed to have been a lack of any glorious events in that painting. Furthermore, there are those who believed that the tone of the painting was one of desperation, and an artist named Antoine-Jean Gros thought that the image was aptly referred to as the massacre of art.

A pivotal figure, looking up in hope and admiration, is present to the left in both the preparatory and the final painting. Many sketches and preparatory works are often unsigned, and this is no exception. Related auctions Follow.

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