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Kirby Folge 27 - Das zarte Pflänzchen der Liebe

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Compile a new entry. Am Anfang war das Feuer. Light my fire. Original Christians pray to the Eternal One, to God, the Father of us all, and to Christ, the Redeemer of all souls and people, who dwells in every soul as the light, the power, the love and the life. They believe in the one Father of all people and beings, the eternal Father in the heavenly kingdom.

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Good Clean Love Oils make touching, kissing and smelling each other better. Ich liebe es , in Ideen zu leben. FOCUS: www. I love to live in a world of ideas. Unkenntnis ist die Ursache des Leidens.

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Ignorance is the cause of suffering. Die ganze Heilige Schrift spricht von ihm. We are invited to contemplate, so to speak, the Heart of God, his deepest reality which is his being One in the Trinity, a supreme and profound communion of love and life. The whole of Sacred Scripture speaks to us of him. Wir freuen uns auf dieses Lager mit dir leben und schicken Sie , Liebe Mitglieder und liebe Eltern , Hochachtungsvoll.

Un verde praticello senza piante

We look forward to this camp live with you and send you, Dear members and dear parents, Yours faithfully. Dieses Blut und dieses Wasser sprechen vom Leben. Especially that huge stain near his rib, made by the blood and water that flowed copiously from a great wound inflicted by the tip of a Roman spear. That blood and that water speak of life. They ca t live out their love and desire and so they want to alter their gender. The small body hungers for gentle touch. The Wallner family has been running the hotel for three generations with love and commitment.

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We will leave dialect usually Bavarian as it is. All nouns and sentence beginnings in German are capitalized and this will be the main correction.

Lieder Von Liebe Und Krieg

If you have trouble with reading the German letters, see the article "Steinologists' guide to old German print and script". We hope that readers will submit good photos of steins with verses that have not been included. Also, corrections or improvements to a translation are welcome.

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The translations are listed alphabeticallly below, based on the first line of the German verse.