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And there, too, is another stroke of luck for Prep: Fr. Azzarto plans to continue much of his ministry to the Prep community, as part of a busy routine that includes service to his new neighbors in the Bronx, and ongoing works such as writing letters to death row inmates each day. Generations of Prep men will recall Fr.

Azzarto has modeled with distinction for many years, modeling the Ignatian call to find God in all things. He might not always admit it, but his quiet devotion to everyday service echoes another of his favorite quotes — this one from the Jesuit poet Gerard Manley Hopkins, S. And so the following pages contain some of your stories and memories more are at spprep. It takes all of us to continue to be our Pride and Glory. Azzarto returned to Prep. One of his first classes was our Junior English class, an assignment that also included overseeing the infamous English block period with Vince Kennedy, when every Junior gathered together in the cafeteria for a double period of English.

Needless to say, chaos frequently broke out. Without fail, the newly-minted Fr. Azzarto, in his green tweed sportcoat, would stand in front of the masses, exacting calm in the process and allowing the learning to continue. Another favorite and there have been many these past 46 years took place the following year when Fr. Azzarto got stuck moderating the Executive Committee Council when once again, his calm demeanor shone through, as he allowed us to be somewhat crazy while still making sure we delivered on our commitment to the student body! Tony Azzarto is there when you need him.

Grounded in reality and Ignatian spirituality. Welcoming, supportive and loving. A man for all seasons and a man for others, always filled with pleasant surprises. I never had the honor to have Fr. Azzarto as a teacher. I would get to Prep over an hour before school started.

I would sleep or study outside Fr. He always took the time to say hello and chat. Even little acts of kindness can make a big impact. Thank you! In addition to being my instructor in Junior year, Fr. Azzarto performed our wedding ceremony in and baptized our firstborn in Thank you, Tony. A favorite Fr. Azzarto image: Anytime Tony is listening to a student — giving such complete, congenial, and present attention to what each and every young man wants to say! In the summer of , before the internet arrives, Fr. A organizes a pick-up softball game.

A simple sporting event where Tony preached about the joy of being together without saying a word. He selflessly gives to others. He has been a pillar of strength to so many young men and an aid to parents. He shaped lives, and even changed a few — mine most certainly. The Jesuits at Prep were talking to the new faculty members about their favorite Jesuit saints. He and Fr. Rico Raulli both knew Fr. Dan Berrigan who was still alive at the time , but had very different opinions of Fr.

Azzarto married Sarah and me, baptized my two children, Peter and Tessa, and buried my father. He introduced me to the Emmaus story, and that has been the Gospel story at all of these services. That story is the core of my faith. I have no specific story, but my favorite times with Father were during his many heartfelt talks about our lives, helping others, being men for others, and living a life full of love and compassion.

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Father was constantly spreading love and positivity. Azzarto at an event he would snap our picture. Like clockwork, a week later, we would have that picture arrive in the mail with a nice note from him. Our favorite one was at our wedding, taken from the altar! I first met Fr. Azzarto in the summer of , when as a seminarian he and Ed. McGlinchy, S. Living, working, and praying together in Appalachia was a life changing experience for all of us and we have remained friends all these years.

Azzarto was a tremendous example to all of us. When Fr. We giggled as he hit play and we watched. He tied the scene in with the sacrament of baptism and it somehow all worked perfectly. He has just has an amazing way about him. It was like a little sanctuary in which to escape during a long day of classes.

Filled to the brim with paperwork, class material, pictures and treasures from his long decades serving the young men of Prep, his office was a refuge to sit down, take the weight of the day off of your shoulders and, for me at least, get out a favorite book and read. I will never forget walking into Fr. Few experiences throughout my 37 years can compare to the comfort and compassion I felt in that office Any individual story seems inadequate considering who he is. On my day visiting campus as a prospective faculty member, Fr.

Azzarto came over and said hello at lunch — and remembered my name. This despite the fact that I had graduated nearly 8 years prior. It made me feel at ease even though I was really nervous. Azzarto has been present during all important and joyous moments of my adult life — from celebrating my wedding, to baptizing my son,to blessing my new home. He was also there for me and the Prep community during the sad times. I asked Fr. Azzarto if he could be there in the classroom with me and the students during that first class after his passing. He is always a great rock for all of us.

Every time I would see Fr. Azzarto, he would always tell me to hit a home run. Last spring I was actually able to accomplish that for him. I felt like he was my good luck charm! A stepped up for our family when we had a serious family situation and was so caring and compassionate as he helped our family through an extremely trying time. In addition to always making that every student, regardless of background, felt like part of the Prep family, Fr. Azzarto is also there as a counselor for alumni. I personally reached out to him during a difficult time in my life, and found comfort in his words and advice, despite not finding any in the advice of many others to whom I had spoken.

He always addresses everyone with empathy and without condescension. That truly makes him the perfect example of a man of God. Mourners who did not know him God Bless you, Fr. Azzarto, always and forever. My son, Dylan, graduated in , only a few months before the World Trade Center bombing. The following September 11, Fr. Azzarto organized a memorial at Prep.

I was asked to speak from the perspective of a Firefighter. Also speaking were students of various faiths including, importantly, Islam. Typical of Fr. Azzarto, the event was inclusive with an emphasis on listening. In order to truly heal, one needed to understand the impact that horrific day had on the diverse Prep community and beyond. As I listened to the students speak, I knew that despite the temptations of further divisiveness the healing had begun.

There are so many amazing memories. The fathers and sons got so much out of it. Thanks, Tony! My family is very fortunate to have known Father A for a very long time. He married my parents, and my brothers and our wives! I have never heard anyone say a bad thing about Father A. He has impacted so many lives not only at Prep but all over the world. Azzarto is Prep. He attended and supported everybody for everything! Whether it was a game or a play, he would be in the corner with his camera taking pictures. He always greeted my mother like family when he saw here. I can remember when Fr.

Azzarto used to ask at the end of the marking period what grade we thought we deserved in the class. Little did I know that he was at the forefront of education by asking students to assess their own work ethic and ability. He always made me look inside myself to find my worth, and I will never forget that. One morning, Dave Jackman, who wrote nearly all of the text for the book, had given me an extensive, handwritten writeup for one of the student groups I gave it to one of my buddies in the cafeteria to look at.

The day began and I realized my buddy must have left it on the table, and I forgot to take it back from him. When I went back to look for it, it was gone Azzarto asked what happened and I told him. I followed him out to the back of the school and he proceeded to climb into the dumpster to look for the piece of paper. He began tearing open the trash bags one by one, and by the hand of God, we found it After all of these years, this is my prototypical Fr. Azzarto story. He was so interested in and invested in whatever you were interested in or invested in.

He would take on your burdens and do whatever he could to help, always going the extra mile, always being selfless, always showing how to apply the love of Christ in everyday life I frequently think about his extraordinary example, and I try my best to use what he taught me every day. While my son was attending Prep, my family fell on very hard times and Fr. Azzarto not only came to my house to check on my son but continued to check on him every day at school and sent me letters.

He will always hold a huge piece of our hearts. Azzarto has always been very supportive and helpful to me and my family. When I was a student and an alumnus, he was always there in times of emotional struggle and times of great joy. Azzarto was often seen at our cross country meets, funerals and has always supported my passion for the arts and theatre. Most importantly, he was a friend and a teacher for all of his students. Happy Birthday Fr. He also never forgets the names and connections of alumni to Prep. I remember attending mass for my 20th reunion and Fr.

His humor and welcoming spirit are his lasting legacy for other Prepsters to emulate. When I started my Prep education, I was a lost little freshman from Belleville trying to navigate a new school in a big city. Azzarto was my religion teacher and made me feel at home and at ease. He talked to me during my first week at Prep, and I immediately sensed his compassion and concern. When I told him I was a musician, he escorted me directly to music ministry choir practice, where I met Sr.

Frances Marie Duncan and new Prep friends. When Rob was in the hospital with lymphoma, Fr. Azzarto visited him. Even after Rob was discharged, Fr. Azzarto came to our home. When Rob passed away two years ago, Fr. My family will forever be grateful for his presence, love, prayers, humility, and generosity.

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He will never be replaced. Every man and woman should strive to emulate his beliefs and actions. One time, Fr. I became a little flustered and was taken aback for just a moment. But knowing that I was speaking to the most respected and most loved man on campus, and knowing how much integrity he held, I knew he was just joking! Azzarto, and I wear this annointed identity with only pure pride!

Azzarto was always active in the Emmaus retreats and because of that, he knew everyone. You could always find him greeting students by name on campus. Find more photos and videos from the celebration, and more of your Fr. Azzarto stories online at spprep. For the third time in three years,. And that fact is underscored further when you factor in the opening of the transformational Moriarty Science Center, just six years earlier. During this past summer, All three floors of Mulry Hall were completely gutted in the course of a. These facts and figures were on proud display, and certainly bear repeating here!

Prep president Fr. Ken Boller, S. In his own remarks, Fr. Boller briefly reviewed a number of dramatic changes that have taken place throughout the school over the past 12 years, parallel to the physical plant improvements themselves. The young men at 22, 20 and 17, respectively, seemed to have already placed a similar value on their education. There is a different feeling at this school than any other I have attended and I am grateful for the experience.

We hope she stays active as a past parent! Jeff was a recipient of same assistance back in the s. Add the Kellners to the generations of generous alumni who help to give the gift of a Prep education. Where do you see it fitting into school life? Will Reese: Prep has vastly increased the number of research projects offered in the last few years.

We have curated the collection, both print and online, to support this change. As the boys spend more time online, the amount of information, both accurate and false, they are exposed to increases. We do this by focusing on how to perform a search and by helping them develop factchecking skills. PM The library holds a number of special collections. Ashley Hoffman: My favorite collection is actually new nonfiction. That section has our most radical books where we can showcase the crazy truth. I naturally gravitate more towards true stories, usually biographies and diaries, but this collection has everything from famous female serial killers, to the history of hip hop, to immigration journeys WR As many would tell you, my favorite is the comics and graphic novel collection.

Comics got me into reading and ultimately lead me to where I am today. A common misconception is that comic books are at a low reading level and tackle only superficial issues. In the Siperstein Library, we have used comics to explore social issues and have incorporated works that are taught in university settings.

At any given time, multiple research projects are occurring and with the new English initiative to incorporate free reading time in each cycle, we have been able to work with multiple students for both research and leisure. Actually I take that back; Community period is our busy season and it happens every day. Maybe we should start taking reservations! Is there a secret to maintaining that calm? First of all, great question. It is dependent on various factors, for example, if there are several projects that were just due, we are a little bit more lenient in terms of crowd control because we recognize that the students have been working really hard and might need a little break.

If we know that there are several projects about to be due, we are a little more strict in keeping a quiet setting because we want them to have a space where they can really focus on their work and be productive. For daily upkeep, we try and keep the volume low and the excitement down by keeping an eye on what students are working on. This starts with us.

By that, I mean that we try to lead by example by keeping ourselves on task. Reese has only kicked me out twice for getting off task. I only deserved it once. Taking out the computers and desks really opened the space up for more collaboration and varied seating options, such as the high top tables. Visitors are also surprised by the sheer number of students using the library at any given time. During Community Period, for example, there tend to be between and students in here.

As a point of pride, everyone who walks in is immediately drawn to the rotating, seasonal displays we put up, and the interactive news board prominently placed near the entrance. This attitude of gratefulness is never more present in the cycle of our school life than now as we begin the new year and present you with our annual report. With all of their youth, energy and enthusiasm they continue a tradition of a century and a half of service to the young men of Hudson County and the surrounding area, forming men of conscience, competence, compassion and commitment.

Our gratitude extends to you, the members of the Prep family who continue, through your support. This report recognizes the many people whose generosity helps us help those families for whom a Prep education would otherwise be out of reach. Thank you so much. Elsewhere in this issue, we also chronicle two milestones of unselfish and outstanding generosity: the formal end of years of service by Fr.

The celebration of Fr. Counselling, teaching, directing retreats, baptizing, officiating at weddings, visiting the sick, burying the dead, or simply taking your picture, Fr. A reached out and made a difference for countless generations of Prepsters and their extended families. Ad multos annos Fr. On September 20, we dedicated the newly renovated Mulry Hall and celebrated the completion of the Imagine Campaign.

Begun twelve years ago and intended to be a two-phase effort, Imagine has been transformative for Prep. With the courageous and creative inspiration of Bob Reiser, S. The story of our celebration is a token of the tremendous gratitude we feel for this transformational generosity. Through your sustaining and extraordinary generosity we too have flourished and blossomed to better serve the young men entrusted to our care.

As we look forward to celebrating our th birthday, we stand on solid footing thanks to you. This special recognition is a lasting tribute to their profound generosity. DiDomenico, Jr. Donald W. Wagner, Jr. Babbio, Jr. William O. Joseph V. Moriarty Charitable Foundation Dr. John W. McGovern, Jr. Maurice L. George J. Dennis M. Vincent P. Butler, Jr. Robert M. Diane M. James M. Alec F.

Connolly, Jr. John J. Michael J. Robert W. John D. John C. Mary C. Gabbe Foundation, Inc. Madeline R. George P. Hartnett, Jr. Denis I. Kelly, Sr. Thomas J. Gertrude T. Patrick J. Robert J. Joseph A. John R. Mortenson, Jr. Victor J. Robert C. Pollock, Jr. Snyder, Jr. Foundation Dr.

Leo J. In recent years, a number of individuals have indicated that they have provided for Prep in their estate plans, thus becoming members of the Heritage Society. Raymond C. Terence J. McKenna Mrs. Angela M. McLaughlin Mr. John G. Lawrence T. Donald P. Moriarty The Estate of Joseph R. Edmond N. Robert P. Steven B. The Estate of Peter J. Gibson, Jr.

Kortunik Ms. Joseph T. Brian J. William P. Edward F. John L. Joseph F. Kathleen M. Popovich Dr. Paul J. Alice S. Edward L. Jeffrey C. Morna L. Joseph R. Michael S. Vincent A. Bernard M. Edward T. Keane Ms. Amelia J. Christopher E. Edward R. May Ms. Richard A. Lawrence J. Hubert J. Dorothy A. Sullivan, Jr. Elizabeth R. Walsh Ms. Carmen Webb and Mr. Seton C. Joseph C. Will A. Christopher J. Nicholas A. Nicholas P. James C. James F.

Doren, Jr. Stephanie W. Fell Mrs. Karen Magnus-Fischbach and Mr. Peter J. Eugene G. Gargiulo, Jr. Jonathan J. Charles T. Alice Lehman Murphy Mr. Joseph J. Anne M. Victor H. Beverly S. Maresca Mr. McIntyre, Jr. Meditz Dr. Michael A. Michael R. Mullin, Jr. John F. Peter D. Elizabeth D. Michael C. William T. Ryan, Jr. Alfred H.

Arthur B. Mary Sciarrillo Mr. Ben Seelaus Dr. Gary M. Mark A. Kenneth von Schaumburg, Jr. Edwin G. Joseph B. Alberque, Jr. Mark P. Adele Ambrose Mr. Edward J. Anthony T. Anthony J. Peter S. Basil, Sr. Berry, Jr. Sherman J. Ann Bodner Mr. Charles J. Boyle Capt. Philip A. Edward G. James J. Breslin, Jr. Joseph I. Daniel J. James P. Carroll, Jr. Kevin E. Robert N. Helen M. Christopher B. John I. Peter G. Connors, Jr. William E. De Luca, Sr.

Deakyne, Sr. Samuel R. DeLuca, Jr. Richard K. Michael P. Charles P. Francis M. Keith A. Marie B. Alexis Fershing Ms. Marisa Fershing Mr. Peter T. Michael F.

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Fink, Jr. Donald M. Ryan B. Carl J. Finnerty, Jr. Thomas P. Douglas R. Raymond F. George W. Gregory P. David P. Jacques, Jr. Jennings Sr. Sanzari, Inc. Nancy L. Michael G. John E. Thomas R. Kegelman, Jr. Kelly, Jr. Kiely, Jr. Francis H. John M. Donna Preuster and Mr. John P. Kenneth J. Gregory Malakauskas, Jr. Pamela J. Peter P. Lincoln L. Joan Cangiarella and Dr. Dennis J. William C. McCahill, Jr. James G.

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McDermott, Jr. Philip F. George A. Mertz Dr.

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James L. Vincent J. Vishnu M. Walter E. Denis F. Onorato, Jr. Shawna V. Ralph S. Pascalli, Jr. Antonio L. Renita Persaud Dr. Phalon, Sr. Francis P. Mary P. Poggi Dr.

Eileen L. Poiani Ms. Edward S. Purcell, Jr. Katherine Reuter Mr. Craig S. Francesco A. Edward P. Ryan, Sr. Theodore K. Jake R. Matt D. Smith, Jr. Taras Y. William J. James R. Stock, Sr. Deirdre D. Ashish P. Steven J. Verdon, Jr. Walsh, Jr. Ethel L.

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