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James Casey. Head women's basketball coach —; National Coach of the Year — []. James Dickey. Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie. David Gibbs. Athletic Director — []. Swimming and diving coach, — []. Tom Herman. John Jenkins. Brian Johnson. Les Koenning, Jr. Clyde Lee. John Lott. Eric Morris.

Ruth Nelson. Mike Nesbitt. Yulia Pakhalina. Terry Rooney. Brian Stewart. Head track coach —, volunteer assistant track coach —present; legendary coach of numerous world champions and Olympic gold medalists, head coach of U. During some of the quieter moments — and they were moments, believe you me — I got a chance to talk with the other authors and see what they were doing.

I already have her books, so I took the opportunity to get her adorable Mothman and Mothball plushies. Nancy Eshelman is a longtime columnist for The Patriot-News. Diane McCormick is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in The Patriot-News and other publications. Steve Hower is a retired wildlife conservation officer who published a memoir of his more memorable cases. She is respectful, thoughtful and insightful, and while a journalist must be able to hear and record what a person is saying, she does more.

She truly listens and is able to bring the person she interviewed to life for her readers. She is known for writing about the "tough topics" but delivers the message without mincing words. She is articulate, humorous, sarcastic, witty, passionate and honest.

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We believed that to be a recipe that helps others to be more willing to hear the message. We have learned much from Nancy over the years and are extremely grateful that she was our messenger. We have read crime stories for many years. Most have the same format: A ghastly crime, a police investigation and a trial. Immediately after reading the book or even years later, we both found ourselves wondering, whatever happened to that individual? While the crime and criminal justice process can draw us in, we wanted to share what happens in the immediate aftermath as well 5, 10, 15 and 20 years later.

We have come to the conclusion that society doesn't handle death well, especially murder. For us, murder may have ended Randi, Jen and Dave's lives and their physical presence, but we still have a strong relationship with our children. We wanted to share how we continue our relationship with our children and what motivates us. While crime itself is horrific, it's over in a matter of minutes. The journey is forever.

In our opinion, the journey is more important for others to grasp than the crime itself. We wanted to share our personal experiences with family, friends, co-workers, clergy, media and others and demonstrate how critical a role they play in our well being. Our message is geared towards victims, survivors, family, friends, advocates, media, clergy, professionals and the community. We both feel strongly that the book could impact and provide practical advice on how to cope with the devastating consequences of homicide for ANY reader who consumes it.

Yes, it was difficult yet therapeutic. We never forget what happened, but we both are at a point where we have stopped re-living and dwelling on the details of the crime and for Nancy, the criminal justice process.

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For the book, we had to go back and re-live the actual crime by reading newspaper articles, police and coroner reports, and talking with family, friends and professionals to capture details that both of us either didn't remember or maybe chose to forget, that we felt were important to our story. What this process revealed is that we are both in a much better place. While the details are always difficult to re-live, our reactions and how we processed those details showed us how far we have come in our journey.