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But each person will have to decide whether they will read the next book in the series. My son stopped reading them at about book 9 or I quit once, then started again, and I think I may have quit completely now. You would miss out on some great stuff.

This is the first book in the Honor Harrington series, and there are 12 more at this time, plus several collections of short stories in the Honorverse. I have read them, and own many, but was reluctant to listen to them because of my main complaint with these books - too many meetings and conversations to explain plot points. I found though, that the narrator did a great job of making even those tedious parts interesting! I am purchasing more, and hoping they continue be this good.

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I appreciate DW's explanation about the pronunciation of Manticoran. Otherwise, I would have been really irritated! Mispronunciations are a pet peeve of mine! Story - Since this is the first of the series, it begins with a lot of background information, character building and somewhat confusing politics, but after that's out of the way hopefully , there is a lot going on. There is interesting crew dynamics, a mystery to solve, battle strategies to plan and plenty of actual combat. Honor is a smart, strong and dedicated starship captain who is determined to fulfill her duties regardless of risk, and I think her duties will provide for an excellent sci-fi series!

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The book is not exactly what I'd call an "easy listen," but neither is it mentally or emotionally taxing. It comes to a satisfying conclusion, so it can stand alone as a story. Narration - This narrator does a great job. I love it when men sound like men and women sound like women, and she does both sexes well. Not only that, she does some pretty decent Irish, French and Spanish accents.

Overall - This book is not a must-hear, but it provides some good background information which may be helpful if you continue the series.

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I've been a fan of David Weber's Honor Harrington series for years. It's great to finally have unabridged audio versions of them. My only caveat is that the narrator is difficult to understand at times. Her voice is a good choice for Honor, but her interpretation is very different than my own has been in my head during my many re-readings of this book. I enjoyed this audiobook throroughly.

Excellent story line, excellent character development, and excellent reading of the material. If your not familiar with David Weber this would be a good introduction. The battle scenes are expertly described and the science of the time is presented in a believable fashion but doesnt overpower the story. If you enjoyed the Dorsaii series you will like the Honor Harrington novels. I was really bummed by the other reviewers who really blasted the reader of the book. They complained about her pronunciation of a few words and claimed she read in a monotone like a newscaster.

I have to remember to sample for myself in the future. I think they all have expectations that are way too high! I've been waiting for these audio books for a long time. I've read all of the Honor books multiple times and I am pleased with the interpretation.

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Is it the best book reading I've heard in my 5 or 6 years using Audible? But it is far from the worst, very far. The story is excellent, the characters and their development over the book and indeed the series are amazing, and the books are on audio unabridged at last! I say listen and enjoy one of the great Sci-Fi authors and stories of our day. Now all of a sudden along comes On Basilisk Station, read by a "merely" competent narrator, and we react in horror.

Honestly, I listened to this book in relatively few sittings I had a couple of lengthy flights to sit through and I found the story to be acceptably presented. Not excellent, not terrible, but acceptable. Acceptable enough that I will be grabbing the sequels as quickly as my credits renew. I have indeed read the novels previously, a few years ago. This is Mike - Heather is my wife, and her name is on the account here at Audible. It was my first encounter with military science fiction, and since that day I was engulfed in magnificent books of Honor Harrington Universe HHU.

Despite all of it's drawbacks, years of waiting for the next book, frustration because of plot and some characters, I Wouldn't Have Missed It for the World. Honor Harrington received a new life with the voice of Allyson Johnson and it was perfect fit, and now you can go through HHU with a guide. The story is set in a far future in the age of FTL flight. Humanity occupies many star systems across thousand of parsecs, humanity also utilized wormholes which offer instantaneous travel.

Though Basilisk has become a dumping ground for misfits and rejects from her home colony of Manticore, Honor is determined to discharge her duty regardless of the circumstances. Please Listen to it You won't regret it, I promise!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never read any of the Honor Harrington series, so I did not have any fan axes to grind about pronunciation, etc. I was a little put off by other reviews complaining about the pronunciation of 'Manticorian' even when the author himself had posted a note explaining that any mistakes were ENTIRELY his fault and not the narrator's.

However, I must say that the narration IS something of an issue in the beginning of the book and during any non-dialog, exposition type scenes. The descriptions 'robotic' or 'newscaster-ish' are both completely true, IMO, for at least the first few chapters. BUT- I do feel that the narrator really nailed the main character's voice and I found her voices for other characters to be easy to differentiate from one another and I had no issues with her accents.

So for voices, I say she is fine, just rather bland in non-dialog scenes. Somewhere around the fifth or sixth chapter, the narrator seems to get much more comfortable with the material and sounds less wooden. When the story improves and gives her more of interest to narrate, her voice warms up considerably. My instinct feels that her narration for the series will only improve as she continues on with these characters in later books.

I would have regretted putting this audiobook down early because of my frustration with it in the beginning chapters. And not all of the things I didn't like can be laid at the narrator's feet either. I know this is a beloved series, and being a huge Vorkosigan fan, having been told this was similar space opera, I thought I would try it.

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Although the character of Honor is likable enough, she is sort of a huge sci-fi chick cliche in some ways. She is about 40 standard- but looks 20 something. She is not classically beautiful, but the 'planes of her face' and 'deep chocolately brown eyes' and 'light soprano' all make her much more attractive than she seems to realize. She doesn't wear makeup or bother with doing her hair, but always looks crisp and attractive- you know the type of female we're talking about. In fact, one of the things I found most irritating to listen to in the first several chapters is the ENDLESS way that her light soprano, ivory planes of her features and especially her deep chocolate brown eyes get inserted needlessly into paragraphs over and over again.

I get it that the author likes Honor and wants us to like her- but I also got what color her eyes were, how her voice sounded and the basic description the first five times you told us. It gets almost romance novel-ish the way it goes on- and not in a good romance-novel way. Also, she has a magical read sci-fi telepathic six legged kitty cat! Which, ok, cool, I would love one, but it does seem a bit twee for a science fiction series. And, with all due respect to Mr. Frankel," the CNO added, not sounding particularly respectful, "it isn't the Fleet budget that's breaking the bank.

It's the increases in the BasicLiving Stipend. We've got to tell the Dolists that any trough has a bottom and get them to stop swilling long enough to get our feet back under us. If we could just get those useless drones off our backs, even for a few years--" "Oh, that's a wonderful idea! They supported the wars to support their standard of living, and if we don't--" "That's enough! He let the stillness linger a moment, then leaned back and sighed. President," Dumarest said. We simply failed to make sufficient allowance for the expenses involved. I can paper over the cracks for a while, maybe even maintain a facade of affluence, by robbing Peter to pay Paul.

But unless the spending curves change radically or we secure a major new source of revenue, we're living on borrowed time, and it's only going to get worse. Admiral Parnell is perfectly correct about how our neighbors will react if we waver. If we take out the remaining military powers on our frontiers, we can probably cut back to something more like a peace-keeping posture of our own.

Talk about the mysteries of the military mind--! He cocked his head at the admiral. The swollen sphere of the People's Republic crowded its northeastern quadrant, and he gestured at a rash of amber and red star systems to the south and west. What makes them dangerous is the probability that they'll get organized as a unit if we give them time. He touched a button of his own, and two-thirds of the amber lights on Parnell's map turned a sickly gray-green.

The systems we really need are further south, down towards the Erewhon Junction, or over in the Silesian Confederacy to the west. President," Dumarest replied, "and going south might convince the League we're threatening its territory.

On Basilisk Station (Honor Harrington Series #1)

That could be, ah, a bad idea. The Solarian League had the wealthiest, most powerful economy in the known galaxy, but its foreign and military policies were the product of so many compromises that they virtually did not exist, and no one in this room wanted to irritate the sleeping giant into evolving ones that did. Its Basilisk terminus would be right in our path. We'd almost have to take it just to protect our flank, and even if we didn't, the Royal Manticoran Navy would see the implications once we started expanding around their northern frontier.

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  • They'd have no choice but to try to stop us. They hate our guts, and Elizabeth III hates us even more than they do. Even if the Liberals and Progressives could turn the Government out, the Crown would never negotiate with us. We're in bad enough shape for foreign exchange, and three-quarters of our foreign trade moves through the Manticore Junction. If they close it against us, it'll add months to transit times David Mark Weber is an American science fiction and fantasy author. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio in Weber and his wife Sharon live in Greenville, South Carolina with their three children and "a passel of dogs".

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