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The sethite theory did not come about until the s when the Christian church was criticized for the position of angels having relations with women. In the book of Job ; it seems that the sons of God are angels, possibly both good and bad.

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God speaks to Satan who was among them. So it's possible that the sons of God were only the wicked angels, but the context does not necessitate that position.

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Then later in the book, Job , it says the sons of God shouted for joy. This seems to be a reference to the good angels. In the remaining occurrences of the term, they are all in the New Testament and they are speaking of the good people, the godly who have trusted in God. So, the term sons of God has two basic meanings.

It refers to the angels, both good and bad, in the Old Testament.

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But in the New Testament, the phrase refers to believers. Christ is recorded in the Gospel accounts as stating that angels are created spirits. They cannot reproduce by sexual intercourse or any other means see Luke ; Matthew ; Mark For more information on this subject, read Chapter Two of Herbert W.

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Angels were a special creation. Each was individually created.

Who Are the ‘Sons of God’ in Genesis 6?

Why does man reproduce? Because mankind has the potential to be in the Family of God. Only mankind has been given this opportunity. Clearly, the righteous spirit beings are being referenced as "sons" and not Lucifer. A second usage of this "sons" phrase occurs in the King James Bible translation of the Book of Genesis.

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In the sixth chapter it states that certain people married women and together produced children who became giants, "mighty men" and "men of renown. This phrase in Genesis - 2 cannot be a reference to angels, either to those who are righteous or evil. The word of God does not contain even a hint that flesh and blood humans can somehow mate with spirit-composed beings! Although there are some parallels in pagan thought regarding this possibility, this concept is simply not taught in Scripture.

Who Are the Sons of God in Genesis 6? (The Sethite View Debunked)

Proof that "sons of God" does not refer to any spirit-based beings procreating with females and producing giants can be found in verse 2 of Genesis 6. The Hebrew word in this verse translated as the English phrase "took them wives" is the word commonly used to refer to marriage in in the Old Testament. Jesus clearly states, in the New Testament, that angelic beings do not marry Matthew -