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This is a collective space. GrammarLet's Practise community. The goal of many people nowadays is to The use of fossil fuels is no longer We must find new ways to produce energy. Environmentalists strongly believe that nuclear energy is a Volunteering is a great way to do something in your free time that is Daniel felt lonely running his Internet start-up business from home; he wanted to A friend told him about a shared office space in the neighbourhood.

One day, he decided to There were a lot of people and a friendly woman explained how it worked. Everyone has to You also have to If there are any problems, you have to go to a meeting so that everyone can Verbs, nouns and adjectives Trouvez l'intrus et justifiez votre choix. Souvenez-vousque votre but est d'attirer des visiteurs. Keep it simple! Utilisez des phrases simples afinde retenir l'attention du public.

Make it engaging and personal! Don't rush!

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You have been selected to represent one of the following communities at the Open Day. As one of the oldest members, your task is to give a speech to the visitors. Choose one of the communities. Think about your own experience why you moved there, how long you have been living there , what life is like, the amenities, the lessons that you have learned, etc.

Organise your material and write a draft. You can structure the presentation in three parts: introduction, body, conclusion. Rehearse your presentation until you are ready to deliver it to the class. Good luck! An art commune A nine-bedroom urban home in Dublin Ireland for people of all ages interested in art who are looking for a greater sense of community belonging and togetherness. A skater community A sustainable community and learning centre for skate lovers willing to help each other and practise their beloved sport in a breathtaking setting on the west coast of Scotland.

Let's write You are a journalist visiting one of the two communities from p. Write an article about this community. Let's read two texts Your teacher will give you two texts. Read them and answer the questions. Le discours est assez naturel et fluide. B2 Le discours est totalement fluide et le recours aux notes rare. People either passionately love Texas or passionately hate it. John Gunther, American journalist and author 1. Look at the map and list three facts about Texas related to: food, oil, size.

Do you know anything else about Texas? Pick one of the items or cities on the map without text and write it yourself. Read the four quotes and think about what they mean. Then, match them to the sentences below: a. Texas leaves no one indifferent. If you are from Texas, part of you will always be Texan. Texans love being Texan. What do all of these quotes have in common? Can you summarise the song in one sentence?

Chris Wall, American singer-songwriter Unit 3 [ 37 ] cd1 piste23 mp It's Dry and We're Proud! Look for similarities and differences between Texas and France. Write a list to compare with your classmates. Focus on the fourth paragraph and determine the meaning of one of the two expressions. Would you like to visit Texas? Why or why not? Write the "Five things to know" for Texan tourists who might visit your region. Five things to know before visiting Texas 1. We are proud The old adage goes that everything is bigger in Texas.

IknowawholebunchofTexansthatwouldarguethat everythingisalsobetterintheLoneStarState. Yes,we Texansareaveryproudbunch,andrightfullyso. Texas is larger than France. So, you want to know how far it is from Houston to Austin? Learning our pronunciation is essential for communication Texansarenotfasttalkers.

Wehaveadrawlthatseems to turn two-syllable words into three. We like our expressions It takes a Texan ten minutes to tell a five-minute story. When it comes to bar-b-que, beef is boss In Texas, beef is boss and pork is a minion. Beef brisketisfar-and-awaythemostpopularandbeloved item on any menu. Adapted from Leah Walker, www.

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Gloria is a Texan girl. Read the title of the activity and try to predict the topics that she will talk about.

Listen to the interview and check your ideas. Listen again and take notes about each topic. Useful Grammar Texas in a nutshell Imagine you have been living in Texas for a year. A group of foreign students who know nothing about the state are visiting for a few days. Send them an email with the essential information that they should know: geography, customs, must-sees Your Task Anticipate 1. Look at the title above and the photo and brainstorm what the excerpt might be about.

Who is the narrator and what is she talking about? Imagine you have been living in Texas for two months. Write a post for blogexpat. My mother loves singing traditional songs. I'm a farmer and I love country music. Throughout my childhood, and especially as a teenager, I was a country hipster, pushing away the stereotypes that people around me lived out. As soon as I heard the sound of country music,Irolledmyeyes. When I applied for college, I was eager to shed the identity I had had my entire life and get to know as many different people as I could.

Texans think they are cooler than other Americans. Texas is said to be more conservative than other American states. France is not as big as Texas. Les superlatifs p. Houston is the biggest city in Texas. Her sister is the funniest girl in Texas. The Hill Country and Big Bend are the most awesome places in the world. Unit 3 [ 39 ] cd1 piste27 mp cd1 piste26 mp Fighting for Independence 1. Look at the title above and the screenshot.

Which of the events in the timeline is the video about? Take notes as you watch the video using the chart. The historical context The battle 3. Read these sentences. Watch again and put them in the order they are mentioned in the video. The Mexican army outnumbered the courageous Texans that defended the Alamo. The site of the Battle of the Alamo is in San Antonio. The Spanish educated the indigenous population. Some famous people participated in the battle. The Battle of the Alamo was fought because Texas wanted to become independent from Mexico.

The mission was built in the 18th century by the Spanish Empire. The Texans fought hard but were ultimately defeated. In your opinion, what does the Alamo represent today? Listen to three people describing their visit to the Alamo and take notes about the good things and the not so good things that they mention. An American, Moses Austin, planned to be the first to establish an English-American settlement in Spanish Texas, but died before his dream came true. A view of the Alamo with lots of tourists lined up waiting to enter inside UWB p. Embodied as the King of the Wild Frontier, Davy Crockett became an icon of a rough, tough, and savvy expanding nation.

In his autobiography, he claims to have killed a bear at the age of three, quit school by age nine, traveled all of Tennessee and other states, become a hunter,trapper,andexcellentmarksman, and returned home before he was fifteen. While some of his story has gone down as legend or myth, it is known that Davy Crockett was a man who kept his word, worked hard, and became a member of the House of Representatives and a congressman.

When he joined the revolution, he had only men under his command. When the entire group was killed after a surprise attack by Mexican forces, he left and went to fight the Battle of the Alamo. His feat at the Texas Revolution went down in history because the men held off thousands of Mexican soldiers for over eleven days. Legend, lore, and myth live on about what happened in those days of battle, but Davy Crockett is still considered a martyr for the cause and spirit of the United States. A Folk Hero What are the origins of the strong Texan identity?

Your teacher is putting together an audio guide for everyone to listen to while they are sightseeing. You are asked to do the part about the Alamo. You should talk about: the context, the two sides, the battle, the consequences, etc. Record your guide. Texas declared itself The Lone Star Republic.

Sam Houston was elected president. The Texans were defeated. Look at the title above and the picture. What is "a folk hero"? Do you know Davy Crockett? How do you think he is connected to the history of Texas? Read the excerpt and make a timeline with the main events of Davy Crockett's life. Read again and make a list of the words and phrases that are used to describe him.

Discover the elements that made Crockett a folk hero. Do you know any other folk heroes? What did they do? As the legend goes, Only people defended the Alamo against the Mexican army. Anticipate Unit 3 [ 41 ]. Visit the "Big D"! What do you think the "Big D" is? The map of Texas below can help you.

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Read the article and make a list of things to do in Dallas. If you went to Dallas, what things would you like to see? What things could you skip? Do you know what U. Maybe it refers to Visit Texas; the Lone Star State. Don't go to Amarillo; go to Dallas.

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Dallas is one of the largest, most diverse, most metropolitan cities in the world. Its gleaming glass skyscrapers, colossal sport stadiums, luxury shopping venues, high-rolling nightlife and worldclass cuisine are the pride of its residents and the envy of cities across the country. AndbythatwemeanthenationaldishofTexas: Tex-Mex.

Kennedy, who was assassinated as his motorcade passed by this building during a visit to Dallas in November of Few visitors will leave the museum without feeling its impact. Let's Go to Houston! What do you know about Houston? Does the phrase "Houston, we've got a problem" ring a bell? Watch a promotional video for Houston and take notes about the following topics: size, recreation, culture and business.

Why do you think Houston has become the fourth largest city in the U. UWB p. Your Task You're on air! Choose the one that appeals to you the most and write a script. Make sure the city is advertised as an interesting place. Unforgettable San Antonio 1. Think about the title above and look at the screenshot. What do you imagine San Antonio is like? Watch the video and jot down all the adjectives used to describe the city. Watch again and make a list of the top 3 things that you would like to do if you were in San Antonio.

Read the title of the activity and look at the photo. What kind of city does Austin seem to be? Read the text and check your perceptions. Read the article again and decide if these sentences are true or false. Austin is a centre of creativity. Austin is a very stressful city. Austin is the world capital of country dancing.

Austin is a tourist town. In groups, try to come up with a slogan for Austin. After all, it is a city where flip-flops are considered business casualandadecentpairofbootsalwayspasses as formal attire. Austin is not a tourist town. The city lacks a single main attraction that most larger cities offer, and instead offers uniquely appealing surprises in every neighborhood.

With this ethos comes the freedom to create, the freedom to prosper and the freedom to wear whatever you please. Born in California, he achieved success as a writer in with Tortilla Flat. Also in , he received the Nobel Prize for Literature. At home Texans are none of these things. The ones I know are gracious, friendly, generous, and quiet. In New York, we hear them so often bring up2 their treasured uniqueness. Texas is the only state that came into the Union by treaty. It retains the right to secede at will3. We have heard them threaten to secede so often that I formed an enthusiastic organization — The American Friends for TexasSecession.

One must go to contemporary observers in Europe for a non-Texan opinion as to the nature of the tyranny that raised need for revolt. Outside observers say the pressure was twofold4. Of course there were other causes of revolt, but these two are spectacular to a European, and rarely mentioned here. Itisamystiquecloselyapproximating a religion. And this is true to the extent that people either passionately love Texas or passionately hate it and, as in other religions, few people dare to inspect it for fear of losing their bearings5 in mystery and paradox.

Any observations of mine can be quickly canceled by opinion or counter-observation. But I think there will be little quarrel with my feeling that Texas is one thing. For all its enormous range of space, climate, and physical appearance, and for all the internal squabbles6 , contentions, and strivings7 , Texas has a tight cohesiveness perhaps stronger than any other section of America. Rich, poor, Panhandle, Gulf, city, country, Texas is the obsession, the proper study, and the passionate possession of all Texans. TheTexasjoke,ontheotherhand,isareveredinstitution, beloved and in many cases originating in Texas.

With hits such as "Peggy Sue" and "That'll Be the Day", he was a rising star when he was killed in a tragic plane crash in at age She grew up listening to blues musicians, such as Bessie Smith, and singing in the local choir. She left Texas for San Francisco in and went on to become a prominent figure of the Haight-Ashbury hippy scene. When she died in , an entire generation of Americans mourned her loss. TexasmusicTexas music is truly unique.

Mamane: From vegetable physiology to humor!

But besides this rich and diverse tradition, Texas is also the birthplace of several musicians that have been instrumental in shaping modern American music. He is a singer, animal rights activist, occasional actor, and has written some of the most popular country songs of all time. Often sporting a cowboy hat or a bandana, he has become a Texan icon and an American folk hero. They have toured constantly since the early s, building a national and international following, and selling millions of albums along the way. Choose at least 5 songs, write a descriptive title and upload the playlist.

No photography is allowed.

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Additional advice: 6. Carolyn: How was your trip to Texas? Matthew: Well, I had a wonderful time. In fact, Texas was I thought it was going to be. We had a great time. Carolyn: What did you do there? Matthew: We went to visit the Alamo. It was I expected. We could have skipped it. The one thing I did learn is that Davy Crockett was Carolyn: Did you experience any nature? Matthew: Yes, that was really incredible. We went trekking along the Rio Grande River. That was It was really pretty. Carolyn: And how was the Big D? Matthew: Oh, Dallas, well, the weather was Carolyn: And what about the people?

The city has the most popular attraction in Texas! It has the richest Hispanic heritage in Texas. It's the most laid-back Texan city. After that we We had a great time there. We saw the Colorado River but Then we saw a rodeo in Dallas. And finally, two weeks later, we There was a terrible The dictator had a larger There was a huge Many men and women died. However, in the end it was a terrible Finally, it was announced in the newspapers that the They had managed to A place that attracts a lot of people. The atmosphere of a place. A person who is very trendy. The right to talk highly about yourself, where you are from, your team, etc.

Especially used in sport. A strong desire to travel. Texans are often described as They love their state, their culture and their achievements. Cowboys are extremely They often ride a horse for 8 hours a day and sometimes sleep outside. The people at the music festival were really People were relaxing and just listening to the music.

Uncle Billy was He used to go almost every weekend and spent the whole day there. My cousins are very They trekked all the way across Texas with only their rucksacks. The Texans who fought in the Alamo are remembered for being quite They refused to be afraid of the Mexican Army. Texas Tourism is going to launch a newsletter to promote travel to Texas among year olds.

To gather ideas, they have organised an international competition. Look back through this unit and find useful information. You can also check the Internet. Use your notes to create your newsletter. You want to attract a lot of travellers to Texas with this campaign, so try to make it as attractive as possible. You can use the structure below.

Make it catchy! Make it short! Keep it engaging! N'oubliez pas quevotre newsletter s'adresse aux ans. Link it! Let's read Your teacher will give you two excerpts. James Griffin's books are traditional Westerns portraying strong heroes with good character and moral values. A Ranger to Ride With was published in Dallas Cowboys' legendary quarterback Roger Staubach Let's write Use what you have learned to answer the following question: Would you like to live in Texas?

Des erreurs sont possibles, mais le texte reste toujours intelligible. Paloma Faith, British actress The British do not want to be happy. They want to be right. We go home and cry on our own. The title of this unit is a play on words. What do you think the unit will be about? What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "British" or "Great Britain"? Read the quotes. What do they tell us about British people? Go FUrThEr List five or six things that are common among British people according to the song. Winston Churchill, British politician Amazing what the British do with language; the nuances of politeness.

Anne Rice, American author cd1 piste34 mp Unit 4 [ 51 ]. Look at the pictures. What are they? What do they advertise? Focus on the two characters. Where are they? What do they represent? Focus on the slogan and the pictures. What is the message of the campaign? You have been chosen to create a second radio ad for this campaign.

Get ready to have your message heard across the waves! The British Thing To Do 1. Can you explain the title of the cartoon "Anarchy in the UK"? Charlie McDonnell is a young British video blogger. Watch the video. Why does he drink tea? Listen and take notes. What about you? What food or drink is "a part of who you are"? While English people like tea, French people like coffee. Unlike French people, English people like tea. Drinking tea is one of their favourite pastimes.

They love talking about the weather. British people are obsessed with queuing. By using this slogan, they present London as a cosmopolitan city. Living in England You are living with a British family and writing for travelexperience. Today, you are going to write about what has surprised you most about British people so far. English people really love I was also surprised to discover that, unlike us, they Here are five traits and institutions that are quintessentially British: 3. Quintessentially British 1. Look at the cartoon. Who is the British child?

The Telegraph's editor wants you to illustrate this article. Take a few minutes to create your illustration. Which one best illustrates the article. What about French people? Think about some traits that define us and make comparisons with the British. Karsten Schley 1. Come rain, shine, wind or snow, we are endlessly talking about the weather. Almost 70 per cent of British people check the weather forecast at least once a day. We are so desperate to avoid confrontation that we are prepared to take the blame for things just to maintain the status quo.

Our distinctive sense of humour, often based around sarcasm and self-deprecation, leaves foreigners scratching their heads. Domain to use Initial page to load. Show Issues Comments User name Project name. Issue number User name Project name. Search query. Company URL Limit. Series id from the timeline URL. URI Limit. Show full contents. Category number Only get results from Elite or Verified uploaders?

Company name. Path Limit. Model ID. Section Hot Trending Fresh Pages. Novel name as found in the url. Time in UTC Tag to search. Configuration Limit. Category not mandatory. ID Number of episodes. Board ID. Card ID. Keyword or hashtag Hide profile pictures Hide images in tweets Disable image scaling. Zwischen den Spiegeln. Observing monsters. Introduction: Reaching for the narcissus: This collection provides insight into the way Byronic boys, toys, and the plight of classic horror texts were received, interpreted Persephone -- Unearthing the child underworld: and discussed by the first generations to the history of Persephone and developmental experience them, ideas that continue to define psychology -- Toying with Persephone: Herr the way modern society views horror.

Each Drosselmeier and Marie in E. The book also includes an overview of underworld queens in J. Hermann, Savoir Lettres , , pages. Kind zuvor gewesen ist Histoire du genre : aux sources world leaders in Gothic Studies, offering du gothique dynamic new readings on popular Gothic Scott contre Hoffmann : le combat du gothique cultural productions from the last decade. Les monstres invisibles de Chuck Palahniuk. Les trucs habituels sur les vampires Farnham, Ashgate, , viii, pages. Rowlings , pages. Gog and Magog: Guardians of the city J.

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Studies , , pages. Literature, New York, Berlin, et al. Tolkien, and J. Rowling, this genre, ROAS, David, Tras los limites de lo real : like all gothic arts, has served as an alternative une definicion de lo fantastico, Madrid, cultural perspective to that of scientific Paginas de espuma, , pages. London Gothic. Pombini, Ass. Culturale il Foglio, Fumetto , 1. Introduction Anne Witchard and Laurence , pages. Linking little-studied authors like M. Stephen Dougherty. Steffen Hantke. Christopher Palmer. Dick and the Spectacle of Home pages. Publications, , pages. Brewer, , on trouve les articles suivants : , viii, pages.

Fantastic in Europe, Berlin, et al. Trier, , pages. Neumeyer, Petaluma CA , pages. Pomegranate, , pages. New York, Abrams Image, , pages. Lovecraft — Le , pages. Aires, Publ. Littlefield, , xxi, pages.

Walters -- Northwestern University Press, , xx, Race, pirates, and intellect: a reading of Poe's pages. Shannon Duval or sound thinking? Stop the Madness! Martin] , pages. Corrigan Sommaire complet sur Fabula. Part Two. Winter is Coming! Part Three. Schwab Ghostly, Cambridge, Cambridge University Already Won the Game of Thrones? Who Is Peeta Mellark? Foy Blackwell, , pages. Creating pages. I HUNT. How his Tragedy Have.