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Honestly, I cannot imagine a better way to close a trilogy. Best book being the last, and it makes you feel like wow, what a ride. Dec 28, JoAnn rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy-magic , fairies-elves-etc , menage-or-more , harem-reverse , favorite-series , lions-tigers-bears-oh-my , ku , dragons. This was a great end to the third and final installment in the Dragons Gift Trilogy. There was a lot happening in this book, and sometimes I felt a little overwhelmed and anxious from being pulled from one thing to another, but being as the author was trying to create new excitement while wrapping up old drama I felt that it worked out perfect.

Bouncing between 4 MC POVs has to be a hard win for any author and although I felt overwhelmed at times it only added to the excitement. Dec 26, Seraphia rated it it was amazing Shelves: down-right-awesome , dragons , fantasy , fiction , arc-shelf , kings , elves , warlocks , reverse-harem , fae. Taldren, cousin to the princes, has been murdered and Basilla has been abducted. The false oracle and another warlock captured have also escaped and it is learned that someone on the inside has been aiding the enemy.

The pieces are coming together all around, and the dragons and the elves are finally seeing who the true enemy is. Now with the abduction of the elven Princess Basilla, and her being taken back to Shadowhaven, they must act fast to save her from whatever horrible fate potentially awaits her. With the aid of their sinister spying, the warlocks know that Dareena is the key to bringing down the dragons for good. She must stay alive and be able to bring her baby into the world if the curse is to be broken. The storyline moves quickly, but there is more plotting and planning in this book than action.

Of course there is a lot of steamy sex that will leave the glass fogged up. Book three takes place in two locations — the dragon lands and the warlock lands. The dragons know that they must learn what it is that the warlocks know and strike first if they are to win this subtle war that they are waging. As Drystan, Dareena, Lucyian and Alistair learn the depths of how deeply they have been infiltrated they quickly take steps to expose the other spies. There will be close calls, and quite a few surprises that are in store. Where one is suspected, another will be proven guilty.

Where they once believed they were safe, they will find that the enemy is literally in their midst staring them in the face. The only thing that I have an issue with is Drystan when he chooses to allow his temper to get the best of him in a situation that should have been crystal clear to him.

I feel like he flies off to quickly with his temper instead of stopping for a moment and really looking at the situation. So much hinges on their success and he nearly throws it all away because he wants to be a hot head. This book has a steady pace and the action is sporadic but the drama is there.

The drama is intense and the danger is intense. There is danger at every turn as you follow along with the characters as they race to learn who the real dangers are. We get to see the land of the warlocks and how advanced they are. We also see how cruel and heartless that they are. The sex scenes only get steamier so get ready for the fun! The authors write in quite a few surprises in this book and I love it. I am rating this book 5 out of 5 stars.

The authors have done a fantastic job with this story and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this series, and being along for the journey with these amazing characters. If you have come this far in the series, then by all means, grab this book dive in and enjoy. Jan 09, Jamies rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle-unlimited-reads. More dragon babies!! Obviously things go well for our four-some and a baby is born. The journey there didn't seem rushed until the end after a spy was killed. Also didn't realize she was a spy so kudos to you ladies for leaving me in the dark, not everyone can do that.

I had a naughty tidbit while reading that made want to share. What if the Dragon God was a little less lonely because his oracle was "most pleasing". It wouldn't violate her celibacy oath and some religions consider the holy Yea!!

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It wouldn't violate her celibacy oath and some religions consider the holy people married to the godmother serve. Just saying, a good devout woman deserves some heavenly lovin'. Dec 30, Jemimah Zafoune rated it it was amazing. The last book in The Dragon's Gift series and I enjoyed it just as much as the first two. The story is bought to a great and resounding ending. There are some shocks and some edge of the seat moments along the way which all adds to the enjoyment of what has been a well crafted story. Each book has had some new characters added, and in this book we also see some previous characters reappear.

Again the four main characters, Dareena, Drystan, Lucyan and Alistair spend a lot of this book apart from The last book in The Dragon's Gift series and I enjoyed it just as much as the first two. Again the four main characters, Dareena, Drystan, Lucyan and Alistair spend a lot of this book apart from each other, but each of them have different tasks and adventures to complete to ensure they win the war and break the Curse.

I very much enjoy reading both of these authors previous works that they've written separately so to have them team up and write, what for me, has been a great series, has been fantastic. I think that they both work well together and hope that we will get to see more from them co writing together again. A fantastic series which I've much enjoyed, five stars for both this book and the whole series from me.

Aug 31, Tiffany rated it liked it Shelves: reverse-harem. This series was a decent read. It had it's up and downs where it would lose my interest but overall it wasn't bad. Some cliches were touched on for example the names of the kingdoms But that isn't a big issue just small pet peeve of mine. Dec 24, Ola Adamska rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviewed , reverse-harem. Really intriguing end of really good series! Dareena was so great MC. These authors for sure know their job for their female leads. Dragon mans went to the shadow here a little.

Still, intrigue here was surprising and enjoyable. If there will be another co-project by these authors I will read it for sure. Jan 08, Tala Gilbert rated it it was amazing. Great ending to a good series Oh how I loved this final book. So much intrigue and scary stuff. I'm sure glad Alistair kept his head on straight when Dareena was under that horrible spell. Beautiful ending of wedding and coronation. For those who flinch at erotic sex scenes, I just fast page through and never lose any of the great story that Jasmine Walt weaves.

So glad I found her as one of my favorite authors. Dec 28, Nancie rated it it was amazing. Another exciting story of Dareena and her three Dragon princes! This time they are up against the Dark Sorcerers and a race to keep Dareena safe so she can safely deliver her baby. Their kingdom is in danger and so is the land of the Elves. Dareena's unborn child is the key to ending the curse and almost everyone is working to keep her and the babe safe. It's a great read!!!

Dragon's Curse

Feb 06, Tiblu rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed this trilogy I really enjoyed myself here with Dareena and her men, a fave? While I know no one if perfect I feel someone should have chastised, Dareena ,his brothers someone for his lack of faith Especially when we can have women who have a good head in their shoulders full of common sense and intelligence and know to use it?

And are never any ones doormat? Men who enjoy being faithful to their woman,a woman who is blessed with soo many sexy and interesting men,a decent amount of sex but balanced out with a good story? Dec 27, William Jones rated it it was amazing. The trilogy is jointly written by Jasmine Walt and May Sage, and the make a great team.

Dragon's Gift is something of a departure from what I am used to from Ms. It is written very sparingly, with an emphasis on delineating the characters and their actions rather than the material world around them. With the second volume Dragon's Blood, the world takes on more color and substance, and the ch Dragon's Blood is the second volume in The Dragon's Gift Trilogy, which begins with Dragon's Gift.

With the second volume Dragon's Blood, the world takes on more color and substance, and the characters unfold as well, true to their outlines in the first volume, but deeper, and richer. The plot too becomes more complex, with frustrating plot twists matched with breakthroughs due to cunning, boldness, or both. The characters become more thoroughly what I am used to from Ms. Walt, which is to say decent, good people. They are sympathetic and easy to like, all the while avoiding worn tropes.

The series consists of two threads, one being an erotic fantasy, the other being a classic high fantasy adventure, with unique players and demands. This book builds on Dragon's Gift, raising the stakes, making the game more complex, and ending with all plots and relationships more developed and more substantial. Threat still looms over all and the storm front builds. I had the privilege of doing beta reading for the next book in the series, Dragon's Curse.

It too builds from the preceding book, and some very dynamic plot twists wrap the story up in a dynamic, surprising resolution.

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I think every aspect of the series improves as the books progress. The series is recommended for those who enjoy the writings of either of these creative ladies, fantasy romance, erotica, or dragons and their politics. Well done, Ms. Sage and Ms. Mar 19, Camila rated it it was ok Shelves: fucking-terrible , reverse-harem.

Giving this series a solid 2 star rating. Maybe it was the POV in which it was written but it goes from Dareena the commoner to Dareena the Queen who bosses people around and sticks her nose in the air with remotely ZERO struggle or lessons learned or climb to the top. WHERE is the part when these characters are actually interesting!?!? Because they were all one in the same to me. I mean, Luc Giving this series a solid 2 star rating. I mean, Lucyan for example. The third book was far from thrilling or exciting. I skipped a few chapters just to find out what happens in the end.

Newsflash: everything goes according to plan. These books were just plain and not very well thought out. So excited to start something new. Dec 28, Tina Gundy rated it it was amazing. A great end to a wonderful series! In the final book of the series, Dareena and her dragon prince lovers continue their adventures from the previous books- fighting the warlocks with the Elves, trying to break the curse, Dareena is pregnant and spies within the palace are trying to kill her.

Will they find the spies before they get to Dareena? The stakes are h A great end to a wonderful series! The stakes are high in this book. Should you read the book? Know what you are reading- this series contains adult themes such as; sex, swearing, violence. Dec 28, Heather Wasemann rated it it was amazing. I also enjoyed how the story and characters in this series have taken a dive into a more erotic and adult fantasy scenarios that increased in steaminess with each book. The scenes were definitely written more with a female perspective on erotica and are in my opinion more satisfying to read then those that are sometimes written by men.

I hope there will be a possible spin off series for some of the other strong female characters in the series. Dec 28, Anje rated it it was amazing. I have enjoyed Dareena's journey from commoner, to the dragon's gift, then finally to queen and all that she had to overcome to get there! This book was a little longer than the previous two, but it had much more action, adventure, and twists in it than the others, in my opinion; it kept me on my toes and guessing through the majority of it with all of it's tw Jasmine Walt and May Sage bring Dareena and her princes' story to a close in the final book of The Dragon's Gift Trilogy, Dragon's Curse.

This book was a little longer than the previous two, but it had much more action, adventure, and twists in it than the others, in my opinion; it kept me on my toes and guessing through the majority of it with all of it's twists and turns. There was still plenty of romance in it and it does have a HEA; however, it will keep readers up late into the night to get to it. Definitely a page turner! Mar 16, Amber Christiansen rated it it was amazing. Steamy, kinky, and tasteful.

I enjoyed reading this book, as well as the previous two. I love how the underlying story wasn't sacrificed for the alternative bedroom acts. The taboo nature did ramp up the further along the story went, and if you are opposed to anything out of the ordinary when it comes to intimacy, then this is probably not the book for you.

However, if you are more open minded about taboo intimacy and polygamy, then you may very well enjoy this. This series offers a wealth of pol Steamy, kinky, and tasteful. This series offers a wealth of political intrigue along with several surprises.

Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap VS. Dragon's Curse

Each point of view character reveals the world in different ways, enhancing an already amazing story. Dec 28, Alice Smith rated it it was amazing. The Dragon's Gift is pregnant with child. The warlocks are spying on Dragonfell.


The elven princess, Basilla has been kidnapped by Mordan, a warlock prince. Wanting to assist the elven community in rescuing the princess and solidifying an alliance with the elves, Lucyan and Ryolas, an elven prince goes to Sahadowhaven, a warlock community. After the game ends, the player is taken to a " continue screen"; there the player has an opportunity to win a free life potion before restarting the game at the town.

The password saves the player's current form, equipment, and amount of gold; but it does not save any secondary weapons or life potions in stock. Throughout the game, players go through differently-themed levels: underwater, desert, jungle, cave, and sky. At the end of each level is a different dragon. At that point, he loses all equipment and all hearts except one. The magazine praised the game for its challenge and overall look, which it says "will have you manipulating your control pad for days on end".

UK magazines Computer and Video Games and its spin-off Mean Machines — in the latter's premiere issue — gave the game positive reviews. Computer and Video Games praised the animation in particular and called it the best game of its type on that platform, using phrases such as "familiar air of polish and ingenuity" and "piles of addiction guaranteed".

He said that "the combination of adventuring, shooting and platform action results in one of the best games of its type available on any console". Collectively, they praised the game overall presentation and graphics, saying that the sprites complement the background. While they additionally praised its playability for being "accessible from the word go" and longevity, they criticized its sound, saying that it "could have been much better". The Games Machine complimented the game's colorful backgrounds and sprites with "the [Wonder] Boy himself being particularly well-drawn", while they criticized the Master System version's weak animation on some of the characters as well as its choppy scrolling.

The magazine praised the game's simplistic and addictive platforming gameplay and its smooth-scrolling graphics, though they said they were "a little blocky". They noted that the game had excellent music which was "worth listening through some headphones". The review continued, saying that its gameplay is a good example of what makes action-adventure games addictive to play. It complimented the game's depth and wide array of equipment, saying that it "provides an additional touch, which makes [it] the best thought-out game [at the time]".

Upon the release of the TurboGrafx version Dragon's Curse to the Virtual Console in , IGN 's Lucas Thomas reviewed the game, comparing the opening sequence of the game to the opening sequence of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night ; he proceeded to add that the game parallels with games in the Castlevania series, calling the game "a straightforward and simple ' Metroidvania ' adventure" but with "several layers of unexpected depth".

Thomas noted the game's popularity among fans and that it plays almost exactly the same as the Master System version despite graphics and sound improvements; at the time, there were no Master System games on the Virtual Console. He praised the game's rich sound, gameplay depth, and "colorful and cartoony" graphics, which "was perfectly suited to the TurboGrafx platform". IGN's Travis Fahs, in discussing the SMS version, offered another opinion, praising the game as "not only the crowning achievement of the series, but perhaps one the best games of the 8-bit era", drawing comparisons to both Mario and Zelda.

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In this review, he compares the gameplay to Metroid — more specifically the need to gather additional equipment and abilities to advance in the game. While he acknowledged that this version from one of the best Master System games as well as for any 8-bit system, he felt that the Master System's Virtual Console release had a reduced appeal.

He said that the TurboGrafx version Dragon's Curse had already been out for two years and that there was no difference in gameplay between the two versions, but there were improvements in graphics and sound in the TurboGrafx version because of the system's superior capabilities. He also noted that the Master System version suffers from sprite flickering — something the TurboGrafx version did not have. Despite the small differences in the two versions, he decided to give the Master System version the same rating as the TurboGrafx version.

Allgame 's review of the Master System version praised the non-linear gameplay and the ability to change into different forms, saying that it "keeps things interesting and fun" and "keeps the game from getting repetitive". It lauded its visuals and sound effects, saying the "graphics are very colorful and have a cartoon look to them".

Criticisms included slippery controls and the difficulty of getting into doors; it said the controls kept the game from obtaining a perfect rating, and the gameplay was still not as good as Wonder Boy in Monster Land.

Dragon’s Curse by Lili Zander

The review praised the game's brisk pace and gameplay, despite the length of the game. The game supports a different, modern visual style, but retains the same gameplay, level design and story. The game was developed in collaboration with series creator Ryuichi Nishizawa. The game is also developed in collaboration with Nishizawa, though does not use the Wonder Boy name due to Sega owning the rights. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. NA : EU : JP : March 27, EU : JP : January 15, JP : May 31, Retrieved Archived from the original on ACE 26 : November Retrieved 31 March Retrieved 14 November Computer and Video Games 94 : Nintendo Life.

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