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President Trump selectively talked up what he said were achievements in ensuring air and water quality, declining carbon emissions and Superfund cleanups.

Washington Post , Tuesday, July 9th, at a. CNN , Monday, July 8th, at a.

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Biden expressed unequivocal support, in both and in the years following, for the law's billions in funding to build state prisons, including in his home state of Delaware. He argued in that the law should include less money for prison construction than Republicans wanted to spend -- but he emphasized that he too wanted to spend billions.

Associated Press , Monday, July 8th, at a.

Michelle Obama reveals daughters were conceived by IVF - BBC News

President Donald Trump is stretching the truth in his legally questionable bid to get a citizenship question added to the census. In recent days, contradictory claims have been made about border issues, including the living conditions for migrants being housed at U. Customs and Border Protection detention facilities. Are the women players paid less than the men? CNN , Friday, July 5th, at p. The president's comments come as the administration is trying to figure out a way to include the question.

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Associated Press , Friday, July 5th, at p. On one of the rare occasions that President Donald Trump stuck to the script, he says the script failed him.

Trump: The Media Is Biased Because It Didn’t Blame Obama for Dylann Roof Killing Black People

Snopes , Friday, July 5th, at p. Plenty of people showed up to celebrate the Fourth of July with U. President Donald Trump despite inclement weather. Here's our fact check. Snopes , Thursday, July 4th, at p. Please visit our Privacy Policy page for more information about cookies and how we use them. Samsung says ads comply with Australian law despite false advertising allegations The tangled web we weave around the concentrated power of Big Tech. Varadkar to lead global group trying to solve massive energy efficiency problem How this team is using IoT to ensure safe drinking water OLED breakthrough could make smartphone screens twice as energy efficient Addition of tiny ingredient could help turn nuclear fusion into reality Intel and major car manufacturers set out safety standards for self-driving cars ESB reveals first Irish towns to receive smart meters in late How many people could live on Earth?

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The vital importance of a positive company culture Why building your personal brand is essential in STEAM What makes Ireland a unique place to relocate to? How can you use creativity in a STEM role? What is a self-directed work team and what does it do? An analytical mind is helpful. These companies are on a recruiting spree this month. Dylan Collins: Why is Ireland going for lowest age for digital consent? Digital safety: Why society needs to get smarter about smartphones Safer Internet Day Tips for parents and teachers Are Irish people becoming addicted to their smartphones?

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