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I got elected as a B. Lekstrom left citing a disagreement with the government over the HST, including issues specific to his border riding. On Tuesday, Pimm said he knows there is opposition to the HST in his riding, but added he plans to continue to back the tax because he thinks it is the right thing for B. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Wow, BC we in the rest of Canada wish you the best of luck in getting rid of these Liberals, and fast. Good Luck in your fight , it will be an inspriation to us all. Having a hard time doing his work eh? What a joke this guy is he must be one of the first on the recall hit list.

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Hey Pimm wake up and listen to your people not your loser leader. He will soon be gone leaving you holding his bag. Actualy thats probably what you do now?

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So arrogant and pompous. Clearly out of touch with the wishes of your electoral riding. You will not have your current job for long Mr. Constituents of all stripes like what Lekstrom did because he boldly did what was right. Lekstrom is not a Campbell yes-man gag! Carol Taylor, where are you? Be courageous. His day is over, although he seems to be the last one to understand that emperor has no clothes? But eventually he will! Please picture my limp index finger wagging, for emphasis.

Pimm on HST: "I will hold my head high"

Then Campbell and his family??? What si the reward a cabinet position? This is the Liberals 3rd time at the Provincial Buffet Table. Lekstrom did NOT say he was against the Liberal politics, but was going to listen to the constituents and ask for a delay to review the HST.

A delay was rejected. He is exercising his rights by stepping down from cabinet and caucus.

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No matter what side of the debate you are on, this is to be respected, appreciating what a difficult decision this was. Until you realize you cant collect your pension unless your get re-elected and then watch the guy distance himself from his party. I am sorry to confess that I voted for Mr. Pimm as a resident of the riding.

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  8. I am also very happy to proclaim that I will do all I can to recall the bum. Close What are red words?

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