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Baking for gluten-free is often difficult. It was superb! Thanks for the inspiration, you made our Easter celebration that much grander. Could you make the cake using the pineapple juice instead of water and mixing the crushed pineapple into the cake? Your email address will not be published. Submit Comment. First Name. Last Name.

Email Address. In fact, I informed my mother on multiple occasions that I was not getting an advanced education so I could spend my evenings preparing meals. Pina Colada Poke Cake. Trust me. Are you with me? Pull the elastic-waist pants out of the drawer and keep eating. Becca Crumbs and Chaos on June 18, at am. Strawberry Croissant French Toast Reply.

Ashley on June 18, at pm. Thanks, Becca! I got that little plate at Pier 1. Susanne McAllister on January 21, at am. Thanks, Susanne Reply. Candi on March 15, at am. Mom on June 18, at am. I loved it. Shirley on June 18, at am. Looks amazing! I want a bite or a whole cake right now. You need to come over and eat the leftovers. CaptainChili on June 18, at am. Sarah Miss Candiquik on June 18, at am. LOL, thanks Chandra. Aimee ShugarySweets on June 18, at pm. Jocelyn Grandbaby Cakes on June 18, at pm.

You always have the most incredible cakes! This looks really beautiful and flavorful and moist! Jocelyn BruCrew Life on June 18, at pm. Oh man, I just have to make one of these now!! I love love love this cake!! Nicole Young, Broke and Hungry on June 19, at am.

Taste Test: Lime Seltzer

Jennifer Fredericks on June 19, at pm. Ashley on June 21, at pm. Rachel Cooks on June 20, at pm. Love this! Thanks for stopping by, Rachel! Hayley The Domestic Rebel on June 21, at am. I know, right?

Trish - Mom On Timeout on June 21, at pm. Thanks so much, Trish!! Sally on July 6, at am. Ashley on July 7, at pm. Oh Sally, I love your way of thinking! Crazy Cook on July 7, at pm.

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Bev on March 11, at am. Substitute the oil that is called for in cake box recipe with softened butter. Beth on July 11, at pm. Rochelle on July 22, at pm. Deebi27 on August 4, at pm. Amanda on August 13, at pm. Emily on August 31, at pm. Linda Boyce on December 30, at pm. Nermine El Refaie on January 21, at am. Christina on January 22, at pm. Ashley on January 22, at pm. Could u please send the recipes for the pinacolada poke cake. Thanks Reply. Pina colada poke cake email it to me please Reply.

Can u use the Pillsbury yellow cake mix in the pina colada poke cake Reply. Janice on May 25, at pm.

Ashley on May 27, at pm. Judith, a yellow cake or white cake would work okay in this recipe also. Tracy Dennison on May 27, at pm. Jennifer M. Jello Portion of recipe After the cake has cooled boil 2 cups of water. Stir in the two boxes of jello.

30 Chocolate Cakes That Will Satisfy All Your Chocolate Cravings

Stir until Jello has disolved. Pour the jello over the cooled cake. Chill at least 3 hours or overnight. Recipe Card powered by. Love Poke Cake recipes? Helene A homemade cake mix would work great! Thanks for stopping by! Sounds like your friend had one of those moms everyone loved to visit!

Thank you Nicole. Anything with Jello is fun for the kids. My grand daughter loved it. So classic and so good! Tara Thanks so much. It does taste so good! The presentation is just to die for. Love the white frosting on the colorful interior! I have never made a poke cake before.

Looks so pretty with the different colors! Karen thank you so much! Your comment cracked me up. Good luck with the diet. Jenne thank you.

Vanilla Cake

You have got to try the new Cool Whip frosting. It is so good. Paula thank you.

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It would be great for a kid party. Your Jello Poke Cake recipe is a keeper! Thank you for sharing this gem. What a beautiful cake! A stunner. As a child, I loved jello squares. Alaiyo Thank you. Jello is such a fun dessert when we were kids. I forgot about these. Oh now I want one! Conni Thanks so much! It is a fun cake to make. This is one fun cake! That is one decadent poke cake! Looks divine! This almost looks too good to eat. I did say almost. Wendy I loved the pudding poke cakes. Renee I know…….. This could have so many variations — great easy dessert. How about the old recipe??

Hi Angie I will be posting a recipe with a cream cheese frosting this week that might make your family happy.

Better Than Sex Cake

Angie Sorry for the confusion. Howard That is so sweet! Thanks for stopping by. I hope your wife has a great birthday. Absolute disaster of a cake. Totally wrong quantities to make a cake. The mixture looks like soup and it does not rise and is a very dense wet 'cake' but you can't really call it a cake. Do not make this! This cake is fine if you double the butter and add an extra egg.

How do you make chocolate cake moist?

I wish I'd read the reviews first as it would have saved me wasting my money and stopped me reaching for the wine! Every element of this recipe is wrong. The sponge took 50 minutes, not minutes, and was extremely runny, although it did taste quite nice. The caramel sauce turned absolutely solid and after adding the cream I stood and stirred it for 30 minutes until it supposedly became smooth, but it never did and just resembled gritty cement.

Better Than Sex Cake Recipe | Favorite Family Recipes

The cream cheese caramel icing was just a joke! That didn't work as whilst driving it to my daughters the top slid off the bottom! This cake was supposed to replicate my daughters wedding cake last year and was such a disaster and disappointment - unlike their marriage. So we had a glass of champagne and ceremoniously slung it in the bin. This cake turned out really well for me! My husband loved it! Apart from it took three attempts to make caramel as it kept burning, I just don't think I'm good at making caramel.

Right listen BBC it was a good recipe so all yall haters I dab on u u sheet a baking. I was a bit unsure about the amount of fat to sugar, and as others have said it doesn't work. So I'm very disappointed, the outcome wasn't good at all. Agree with previous comments that the caramel sauce was a disaster binned so like others, reverted to GF salted caramel sauce recipe. Also noted icing sugar issue and did not need to add second half. The sponge turned out very dense and almost rubbery the sauce and topping were fine , I've had this problem once before when I've used brown sugar or golden caster sugar - what went wrong?

It tasted good, but the texture was off putting. Normally my sponge cakes are always fine, is it a brown sugar problem? Thanks for any help.