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Check out this recipe, inspired by "The Misfit Baker" blog. Combine the shortening and nut butter in a separate bowl and melt. Stir until completely combined. Freebie alert! In a few easy steps, you can bring these nectar-loving birds to your feeder. This kid-friendly DIY will keep similarly hued visitors coming back for more.

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You can help us by making a donation today. Beef fat is not free in my town. I called every grocery store and finally found a local market that sells it to deer hunters to mix with ground deer meat. Hi and thanks for all these recipes. I will try them ALL and come back with my outcomes. I have several seed feeders jn my yard that all birds love squirrels too. I also have a medium sized suet cage that I initially filled with store-bought suets, peanut butter based cakes and suet based.

Of course many types of backyard birds visit to eat…quickly! I also have a birdbath that I keep close by my feeding stations that I clean and fill with fresh, cool water. I am adding nesting homes next….. Please can I add, bacon fat has nitrates not good for humans worse for birds! Sugar is not needed, neither is salt. Feed the birds? But be wise to their needs and health.

Suet: Equal parts of lard and unsalted crunchy or smooth peanut butter-1 cup of each Add a total of 4 cups of goodies! Chipped sunflowers, mixed bird seed, cornmeal,left over baking nuts that may have gone stale, raisins currents. Healthy for them and easy to make! Melting works, takes a while to set up. Press or pour into lined pans chill and cut to shape and size. I saw something like this for sale at the bird food store last christmas and it was molded to look like an owl and had the seeds stuck onto the outside in a pattern and was very beautiful.

What better solution that to feed the birds! My question now is what to use to stick the decorative seeds onto the outside of the feeder.

Make Your Own Suet

My father drilled holes, about 1. The birds loved it. I read on-line that bacon grease was not acceptable in place of lard or suet because of chemicals in bacon?? Does anyone ever add in shredded vegetables in addition to the fruits? Maybe some shredded carrot? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all!! I make suet cakes per batch. I have even used oat flour in this recipe and they love it. I use no. Cardinals, chickadees, woodpeckers and other species wolf it down.

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Homemade Suet Cakes: Helping the Birds in Winter

Prairie Birder. Wow, so many recipes, I want to try them all! Thanks for including mine to the mix. Mari M. Beverly Boisen. Debi Roberts. Eating Healthy To. Ruth Smith. Julie rule. Diane L. Ha ha. That is really funny. Thank you for the good laugh. Pat G. Deborah Sweet. Most all of these recipes call for lard. But is coconut oil a good substitute? Aid 4 Animals. Tammy Adkins. Sandy Deaton. Margaret Land. Margaret, Kingsville TX. They may learn to eat these after sampling suet mixtures containing them.

Training Bluebirds to eat suet from a feeder :. Bluebirds usually need to be trained to come to a feeder although some bluebirds seem to figure it out on their own. While bluebirds prefer insects, mealworms and berries , after much persistence years they sometimes sample or even gobble up peanut butter mixtures. Suet may be a lifesaver in hard winters after Starlings and Robins have stripped all available berries from shrubs. They seem to prefer it crumbled into small, pea-sized lumps. There have been reports of bluebird parents feeding suet to their nestlings. In the meantime, these recipes will be adored by Downy, Hairy and Red-bellied woodpeckers, chickadees , titmice, nuthatches, juncos, Carolina Wrens , etc.

To attract and introduce bluebirds to suet , try cutting limbs from bushes or trees loaded with red berries that bluebirds like, and place them near the suet to attract bluebirds. You can also put some on top of a fence post, or in a bowl covered with hardware cloth to prevent Blue Jay robberies near where they hang out, and then gradually move it closer and closer to the feeder.

To add variety to their diet, you can mix suet in with some mealworms with suet toss to coat the worms in a mealworm feeder , gradually reducing the mealworms until only suet is offered otherwise they might only eat the mealworms. If you're lucky, the bluebirds may just follow other birds to your suet feeder. Never put food in a nestbox , as the babies will not know how to eat it. Do not put suet on top of a nestbox unless it's just a couple of crumbs to try to get them to try it , as it could attract predators or competitors.

Remember that wild birds need a balanced diet. Offering too much suet or mealworms or other supplemental food could result in nutritional problems and negatively affect their health. Bluebirds may also eat commercial suet cakes, however in my experience they prefer homemade. Also see beef tallow preparation suet terms Nifty tip for removing peanut butter from jar. My lazy husband Patrick came up with these nifty trips for easier, cleaner homemade suet preparation :.

Do I need to measure ingredients? Not in my opinion. I really don't measure anything when making suet - I just eyeball it all, and then add more of whatever looks like it is needed to get the right consistency. When I make suet, I use whole jars of peanut butter, because it's easier, and then mix it with an equal amount of lard, which I melt together over low heat on the stove.

Then I add the other ingredients honey, fruit, etc. I wait until the end for the stuff that makes it dry - like cornmeal and flour - because at that point it gets hard to stir. Note : You can also buy inexpensive, large chunks of plain, natural raw beef suet from butchers, cut it to size for your suet cages, freeze it in ziploc bags which will make it easier to handle , and then just take it out whenever you need a refill.

Do not leave raw suet out in temperatures over 70 degrees F for more than 2 days, as it can turn rancid , and get on feathers, causing inflammation of follicles around the bill or loss of feathers.

6 Simple and Easy Suet Recipes for Birds

Use rendered suet instead, which has a higher melting temperature. Commercial vs. Homemade Suet : Most birds prefer homemade suet mixes to store bought. Linda Janilla Peterson reported bluebirds eating Blue Robin Crumbles, and Bluebird Delight when crumbled , but indicated they consistently preferred homemade mixtures. There are "no melt" commercial varieties of suet dough that are less greasy and can withstand warmer temperatures. Beef or Sheep Suet vs. Pig Lard vs. Vegetable Shortening Crisco, etc. Vegetable shortening has a longer shelf life. Suet in its raw form should be avoided.

Beef suet may turn rancid when temperatures exceed 70 degrees. When melted and clarified, beef suet is called " tallow. Some birders are concerned about the health impact of using vegetable shortening. In terms of protein content, suet has about 0. Both suet and vegetable shortening have about the same amount of calories and fat content. Beef suet has more saturated fat which may be harder to digest. JL Peterson found bluebirds preferred recipes made with suet. A friend reported bluebirds in her area preferred Crisco-based suets. If you're concerned about using either of these ingredients, you can replace them with extra peanut butter until the mixture reaches the desired consistency.

Vitamins : According to Dr. Klasing, adding additional vitamin E and other vitamins could be useful for any "suet" cake, because the primary problem with these cakes is that they go rancid over time. People who feed suet usually also feed seeds. Domestic seeds are low in most vitamins, including vitamin E. Adding a multivitamin to the suet mix could be useful. Shoot for about 25 IU of vitamin E per pound of cake.

Don't use a vitamin mix that contains trace minerals, because they promote oxidation. Most of these recipes are easy to make. Making suet is a fun project to involve children with. Note : if you're making these recipes with children , make sure they don't have peanut allergies. Stir until mixture is a flaky consistency. You can add or subtract flour as desired.

I also freeze it. I mold this mixture into a standard basket-type suet hanging feeder also. Melt lard and peanut butter together microwave works fine - keep an eye on things. Stir until blended. In a large bowl, mix dry ingredients, except for the oatmeal. Then, pour-in the melted lard and peanut butter. Next, start adding the oatmeal 3 or so cups at a time.

How to Make Suet Cakes for Birds

The "suet" should be thick. Add extra oats if it is not thick enough, until it is too stiff to stir. Pour the mixture into a greased pan or glass pans - no extra greasing needed , cool in refrigerator and cut or spoon into the proper shape for your feeder. If you don't use it up quickly it can be frozen until needed.

You can add extra chopped peanuts, chopped raisins, chopped sunflower hearts, and powdered sterilized eggshells. Malinda gets boatloads of blues on her log feeder using this recipe. If too sticky after cooling, mix in a bit more flour. If too dry, drizzle in more melted suet. Refrigerate any mix you are not using to prevent suet from turning rancid. You can use a commercial pure bird suet cake, or render your own suet.

Grind or cube butcher store suet. Melt over low heat. Watch carefully as suet is a fat and can start on fire with too high heat. A microwave can be used. Strain out the stringy bits cracklings. NOTE: This mixture is very popular with bluebirders. Some say you can use solid shortening in place of the suet and it works fine. You may want to double up on the amount of suet if the recipe is too crumbly. Nutritional analysis: Protein See information on study at Feeding Bluebirds.

Folks report parents feeding this recipe to nestlings and fledglings. Pour liquid mixture gradually over the dry mixture ingredients , blending it and adding more liquid until it reaches a fairly firm consistency.