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Finally, here's a challenge for you to recommend some books to us: Necessary disclaimer: Information from the International Bipolar Foundation or TTBOOK is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Preston, Psy. Miklowitz, PhD. Why Are We Still Depressed? Related Works:. Madness: A Bipolar Life. Manic: A Memoir. Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania.

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Wishful Drinking. Memoirs of an Addicted Brain. Marc Lewis. Before I Go To Sleep.

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Clarissa Wild. The Fault in Our Stars. John Green.

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Step 1 AA Foundations of Recovery. Step 8 AA Preparing for Change. Weight Loss Self Hypnosis.

Understanding Bipolar Depression

Jo Ana Starr. Martha Davis. Roberta Temes Ph. The Secret Lives of Toddlers. Jana Murphy.

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Baruch Kushnir. Bi-Polar Girl. Gabrielle Blackman-Sheppard. Michelle Newbold. Mark Anderson. Why Me? Lynn Daugherty. Laura J. Dave Hudson.

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Jennifer Stewart. Healing Through Hypnosis. Brenda H. Rozella Hart. Highly Effective Hypnotherapy. Alexander Zimmerman. Hypnotherapy: Using Hypnosis for Weight Loss. Eliza Martinez. Shannon Holmes Shedden. Reginald Thomas. Toilet Training without Tears and Trauma. Penny Warner. Jayla Averill. Lisa Karr. Bipolar: a Life Story. Scott James Jordan. Suzanne Riffel. Alcoholism Recovery. Donna M. Linda Jackson. Surviving Wonderland. Sharon R. Nancy Ross. Potty Training with Love.

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Zshonette Reed. Cindy James. Healing a Child's Grieving Heart. The three Ls are not working anymore. Please I need some new toold to manage my desease. Natasha Tracy. Hi Edward, I write about coping skills a lot as well as treatments. I hope that offers you some hope.

This illness is sucking the life out of me. I get so tired of having the suicidal thoughts. They wear me out, both emotionally and physically. The meds probably help some, but the symptoms are still there. It's no fun waking up in the mornings all amped up and then hours later you started having those thoughts about killing yourself. I hide my moods from my family, because I don't want them to get tired of me or worry. I'm going back to my doctor this week and will be asking him to try something different with my meds. On top of the bipolar I have A.

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  4. Sometimes it seems hopeless. Hi Loretta, You're in a really tough spot as is your daughter. I get scared when she starts yelling at something that's not there. At least I don't see it. She and I believe she has a bad spirit with her and she exhibits behavior that would only happen spiritually. She is 27 and lives with me only if she keeps herself controlled, cause her Manics get loud. I'm always the bad person that I'm hiding something from her.

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    I'm lost and unsure how to convince her to go to mental health And if they can't stop the voices than well try an excorcism but she has way high, highs and deeper deep lows. Can someone help me help her go to get help. Thanks lb Natasha, Beautifully written. Thankyou for sharing. We are the sum of our challenges and accomplishments. It is true that I have been in physical pain [ Hi Ash, That's great. Any way to get rid of shame is OK by me. I know I felt a lot of shame about ending up in the hospital - but like you said, there is no reason to. You are surviving. Good for you. Another amazing post.