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Ein Notebook-Klassenzimmer ist mit einem Lehrernotebook, einem Beamer und einem Drucker ausgestattet. Im Schnitt treten hier Kosten von rund 1. Mittlerweile gibt es auch attraktive Finanzierungs- oder Leasingmodelle mit geringem Kostenaufwand pro Monat ab ca.

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Lichtbrechung, Spiegelung oder Elektromagnetismus — die Funktionsweise von Naturwissenschaften kennen und verstehen lernen. Schirmherr des mit Notebooks erleichtern es, eigenaktives, kooperatives und konstruierendes Lernen zu realisieren. Vorkenntnisse sind nicht notwendig. Was kostet der Besuch einer Notebook-Klasse? Diese Kosten werden derzeit meist von den Eltern getragen, wobei es attraktive Finanzierungs- oder Leasingmodelle mit nur geringem monatlichem Kostenaufwand ab ca. Welche Schulen bieten bereits Notebook-Klassen an?

Zudem wird der Unterricht abwechslungsreicher, da man mit den Notebooks aktuelle und authentische Unterrichtsinhalte, also auch Grafiken, Fotos und Videomaterial einbinden kann. Die Rahmenbedingungen, unter denen mit Notebooks erfolgreich gearbeitet und gelernt werden kann, sind ausschlaggebend. Im Schnitt liegen die Aufwendungen bei rund 1. Hierzu gibt es mittlerweile attraktive Finanzierungs- oder Leasingmodelle mit geringem monatlichem Kostenaufwand ab ca.

Nachholbedarf bei schulischer PC-Nutzung. Ein Beispiel sind Notebook-Klassen. Das Ergebnis ihrer Studie: A dynamic tradeoff model of intertemporal choice. Full text Dallacker, M.

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Lower parental numeracy is associated with children being under- and overweight. The problem of irrationality [Review of the book "Patterns, thinking, and cognition"]. Full text Dawes, C. Egalitarian motives in humans.


Nature , , Full text De Baene, W. Challenging a decade of brain research on task switching: Brain activation in the task-switching paradigm reflects adaptation rather than reconfiguration of task sets. Revisiting the dedifferentiation hypothesis with longitudinal multi-cohort data. Intelligence , 35 , Dynamic modulation of decision biases by brainstem arousal systems. Beware of black swans: Taking stock of the description-experience gap in decision under uncertainty.

Marketing Letters , 25 , Neural mechanisms of individual differences in temporal discounting of monetary and primary rewards in adolescents. Comparing different measures of spatio-temporal patterns in neural activity. Full text Delaloye, C. Norms based on a French speaking population of younger and older adults]. Full text Delius, J.

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Kognitive Entwicklung im Alter. Symmetry recognition by pigeons: Feeling blue or turquoise? Emotional differentiation in Major Depressive Disorder. Sensory evaluation of alcohol-related and neutral stimuli: Psychophysical assessment of stimulus intensity. Addictive Behaviors , 28 , Full text Derwinger, A.

Forgetting numbers in old age: Strategy and learning speed matter. Gerontology , 51 , Full text Dettmers, S. Untersuchungen zu einem psychologischen Rahmenmodell. The relationship between homework time and achievement is not universal: Evidence from multilevel analyses in 40 countries. School Effectiveness and School Improvement , 20 , Students' emotions during homework in mathematics: Testing a theoretical model of antecedents and achievement outcomes.

Contemporary Educational Psychology , 36 , Socialisation in early childhood: Biological, psychological, linguistic, sociological and economic perspectives [July , Statement]. Bailing and jailing the fast and frugal way. The role of representative design in an ecological approach to cognition. Psychological Bulletin , , Evolution of the interpersonal conflict paradigm.

Contribution of neuroinflammation and immunity to brain aging and the mitigating effects of physical and cognitive interventions. Judging students' achievement goal orientations: Are teacher ratings accurate?

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Learning and Individual Differences , 22 , Ist mehr Information immer besser? Full text Diepold, P. Recent models for adaptive personality differences: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London: B, Biological Sciences , , European Journal of Human Genetics , 23 , Emotions at work - working on emotions: Germany, - The production of economic selves in twentieth-century Germany. Full text Donner-Banzhoff, N. Improving the diagnostic yield of primary care consultations.

European Journal of General Practice , 20 , Working memory and postural control: Adult age differences in potential for improvement, task priority, and dual tasking. The Journals of Gerontology: Theory and Decision , 77 , Effect of word arousal and subject anxiety on emotional interference. Psychological Research , 73 , An introduction to history of science and the emotions. Full text Dudey, T. Making good decisions with minimal information: Simultaneous and sequential choice. Journal of Bioeconomics , 3 , Full text Dumont, H. Does parental homework involvement mediate the relationship between family background and educational outcomes?

Contemporary Educational Psychology , 37 , Design and usability of heuristic-based deliberation tools for women facing amniocentesis. Health Expectations , 15 , Basal forebrain integrity and cognitive memory profile in healthy aging. Brain Research , , Neuropsychologia , 46 , Hypercholesterolemia in Asperger syndrome: Independence from lifestyle, obsessive-compulsive behavior, and social anxiety.

Psychiatry Research , , Full text Dziobek, I. An adult developmental approach to perceived facial attractiveness and distinctiveness. Schema reliance for developmental goals increases from early to late adulthood: Improvement for the young, loss prevention for the old. Psychology and Aging , 24 , A database of facial expressions in young, middle-aged, and older women and men. Therefore her version of the Latin slogan Hirundo maleficis evoltat is meant to evoke a second meaning which you may discover by reading it in a different way.

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Is the translator authorized to replace the Latin slogan in the text by another one of her own making? Or do you think that this translation is a failure since it is not faithful to the writer's intention? The Latin slogan in the English editions 1 " I don't know what it means, but it sounds right, and it will have to do, because I don't know what else I can say to God" chapter, 15, p. And again: "Oh God, I pray. Nolite te bastardes carborundorum. Is this what you had in mind? Here I am in the closet.

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It sounds in my head now less like a prayer, more like a command; but to do what? Why did she write it, why did she bother? There's no way out of here" chapter 24, p. Here in this context , it's neither prayer nor command, but a sad graffiti, scrawled once, abandoned". It meant, 'Don't let the bastards grind you down' chapter 29, pp. Fat lot of good it did her. Say Wilkommen to your neuen deutschen Freunde!

Designed expressly for the beginning German language student, here is an outstanding collection of fifty-two Designed expressly for the beginning German language student, here is an outstanding collection of fifty-two short stories, poems, essays, and anecdotes. Each selection has been specially chosen for its power to evoke German life and culture.

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