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He taught us that our Father in heaven will give good gifts to those who ask him Matthew Although these are all good things, Jesus tells a parable about a woman who eventually gets what she asks for c. Luke How well all this may look, and how reasonable so ever it may seem, there is nothing of it in the Bible.

If there is no answer to prayer, prayer is a monstrous absurdity, and God is the author of it, which it is blasphemy to assert. Only a fool will continue to pray when you have once proved to him that prayer has no effect with God and never receives an answer. If it is indeed true that its effects end with the man who prays, prayer is a work for idiots and madmen, not for sane people!

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He desires nothing more from us than that we ask many and great things of him. It is truly a great shame and a severe chastisement for us Christians that God should still upbraid us for our slothfulness in prayer, and that we fail to let such a rich and excellent promise incite us to pray. They do. He will work justice in the world through our prayers Luke 7— 8. There are many things that he says he will not give or effect until we ask James 4: 2b. When we do ask, he will give us above and beyond what we have asked for Eph 3: He will begrudge us no good thing that we ask for James 1: 6.

All of this means we should pray assertively and confidently. We have a God who runs the universe and is also our heavenly Father. By his prayers, Elijah kept heaven shut for two years and a half. So how are we to make sense of this?


Sometimes within the church community, certain Christians get criticized for placing too much emphasis on experience. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

Why Bother Praying?

Philippians It Can Help Others — Do you ever wish that you could help other people…the poor, the hungry, your children, your spouse, the sick, the souls in purgatory? Would you like to help put an end to the evil of abortion or prevent sinners from going to hell for all eternity? You can help out all of these and many more situations by your prayers.

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Why does it work? Only God knows. What we do know is that it DOES work and that the Lord wants us to pray constantly 1 Thessalonians , Luke for ourselves and for others. By expanding our vision and praying not only for ourselves, but for others, we can do infinite good in the world!

Is one way of praying better than the next? More important than the actual method is the fact that we DO pray and that it comes from the heart.

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I would constantly cry out: Pray, pray, pray! Posted in: faith , prayer.

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