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It yearns to once again be part of them. It calls out as ET did in the movie,. Home Home. The lower part of you is pulled by religion to listen to them. They who have no idea of these deep things. But that light within you which is yearning to be reunited. Now the celestial events are moving at a rapid rate and.

Things are being changed, a revolution is at hand. Those celestial bodies which are known to turn things. And so we see how strangely familiar is the effects of Pluto. And this week the scientists and astronomers on tv ,and radio ,. They have not spoken of Pluto in years, but now they call. What is this all about in suggesting that these signs are so important. The movement of planets and their positioning is so important.

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To correct the inherent defect. How is this summed up for all of us to see in the Bible. Considering electro magnetism and the flow of angles of light. The question of God that you have followed all of your life. God is light. God is photon. The connection between you and what you call God is via light,. Electro magnetism from the universe. The Bible, written by the ancient Greeks who gave us so much.

The very light that comes streaming down upon the earth at the. To heal.

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To change the course of behavior, to give peace and new life. This light is God. Calling you out of darkness into his marvelous light means. What draws you?

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  • Your bodies are those of the earth, Of your mother and father. A fetus developed in your mothers womb and you were. Then the photon light came on an angle from above and. It became you, photon and body. The body to interact upon the earth. The photon to move to the center and by collapsing. The Bible itself addresses this. Your bodies are children of your parents and your family tree. But you, the you that I am talking to now, are a child of light.

    You were not born here on the planet earth in some hospital. You were born of light at a distant place. As it says, you are all children of light. You are photon. By moving in meditation to the center at the Pineal. This is how you rejoin your family. Colossians Giving thanks to the Father, which has made us. Your inheritance is in light, photon. Electro magnetism that flows down to the earth.

    You must move to that place of light. How important is this understanding since. Pluto made its move. Ephesians For you were sometimes darkness,. Not as children of your parents, but children of the light. So then why have we not followed this light through meditation? Why have we had church and religion warn us not to. Why have they warned us that if we go within ourselves. All of this was taught to us by religion, why.?

    John And this is the condemnation,. That light has come into the world. Where did it come from. How has it come? It has come from above as an angle of light but it has been. But now Aquarius is here, Uranus is here, Supernova is here,. Fornax is here, Eta Carina is here, and yes Pluto and Charon are here and it is time. The photons are positioning themselves to come for you.

    Your family is preparing for your return. Angles of light photons are coming down as a giant hand. Now we will begin to go where we have not gone before simply. The initiation is in the understanding, the enlightenment. To become aware. In the ancient text that go back to Sumeria there. He knew that men who took of the Tree of Knowledge,. The tree of knowledge we understand to be the left hemisphere. This is supported by Genesis, or more likely sets the stage for. Adam and Eve ate of the tree of knowledge, what was the result? So just as Enki said in that ancient document , taking from.

    This is the movement of electrical energy up the spine and. Enki was the one who was the guardian of the Tree of Knowledge. He also had another name. They called him Samael. Samael is the one who will direct you either to the left or right,. Azozeo and , and seal yourself with the seal of 8,. You have never heard a statement from Samael. But from ancient Sumeria you will now hear his words. And nothing is achieved by relinquishing responsibility to a higher authority. Belief is the act of believing ,for to be alive is to believe ,.

    There is an ancient writing from Samael himself telling.

    Heroes Chronicles - Conquest of the Underworld: The Boatman (Part 1 of 3) - Impossible

    You simply cannot desire something or an. You must follow that light and phenomena within you. You must not follow a group which will cause you. Samael warns you not to do that. Now Samael has a female counterpart. Samaels counterpart was the death goddess,. Her name was Samothea. This all wise lady instructed persons in the arts, astronomy, and science.

    Her student in the mystical place beyond the veil was Pythagoras. So what Pythagoras learned, he learned from the strange Samothea. The feminine side of Samael. Let me introduce you to another word. Anunnaki is the Star Fire. We are way back into Sumerian mythology which predates Greek. This is the womb from which flows the nectar that is the. Annunaki in this capacity was also called, the Rose of Sharon. In ancient Sumerian.

    Sha means orbit,. Ra and On relate to light. The city of On was also known as Heliopilis which was the. We look to the Idea of March being March 15th of when. Pluto ascended to the farthest point from the Sun as the. Accompanied by the gray satellite orbiting Charon. Known in the Greek myth as the gray boatman who would ferry.

    His name is Charon. So we have if not Sharon, we have Charon. The orbit of the great light.

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    The beauty or rose of orbiting light bears this resemblance to Charon. In the Bible , the Messianic Bride speaks. This would be the advent of cosmic consciousness. Christ consciousness. And what sign do we see related? Song-of-Solomon I am the rose of Sharon,. The coming of cosmic consciousness. In the Bible it says on the very first page. Let there be lights in the heavens and let them be for signs. Charon is the satellite circling Pluto or Hades, the underworld,.

    Anunnaki of Sumeria was the Pineal. The Pineal secretes melatonin. The word melatonin comes from the Greek melos which means black,.

    A Coin for the Ferryman: Charon and the Journey to Hades

    Melatonin actually means night worker. Melatonin is the Hormone of Darkness. Charon ferries us across the river to the House of Darkness. There is a very interesting resemblance, Sharon, Rose of Sharon,. Meaning orbit of light and Charon. Taking us across the river past Hades or Pluto to Elysium. And right in the middle of it , will be Samael.

    Now we get to considering Pluto. If we feel confident that the myth correctly identified. Pluto and Charon for us as was borne out in the discoveries of Pluto. We then must also consider carefully what is said about Pluto. It causes confusion and upheaval. That is astrology, but what about the myth?

    If the myth was correct in painting a portrait of Pluto and Charon. In order to understand what may be expected through Pluto ,. The point being made is that when Pluto, is here and. Uranus is here, and Supernova is here , etc. The Elusian mysteries were actually in existence about They centered in the town of Eleusis. These mysteries focused on interpretations of Natures. The Elusian mysteries were dramatized during different. They were split into two groups. One was the Lesser Mysteries and the other. In order to understand the mysteries one had to be familiar.

    In other words in the world of the invisible. Gladiators who had been sentenced to death fighting in the arena called the noxii who were not treated with honor, like other gladiators.

    Charon in Greek Mythology - Greek Legends and Myths

    The noxii would receive a fatal blow to the head with a massive double headed hammer inflicted by a man dressed like Charon. Their bodies would then be dragged from the arena, sometimes by hooks in their heels, to make the chore easier. Their dead bodies were dragged through the Gate of Death called the Porta Libitinensis, the name for which derives from Libitina who was the goddess of funerals.

    The realm of the dead was guarded by Cerberus the grotesque three-headed dog whose howls could be heard across the dark domain. Cerberus permitted all shades to enter, but none to return. The sight of the massive, monstrous Cerebus was the first to confront the souls of the dead when they alighted from the ferryman's boat following their terrifying journey across the River Styx. In the dominions of Hades there were several main areas:. The imaginary Map of Hades the Underworld provides an overview of the world of the dead.

    Map of Hades the Underworld. The Acheron meaning the river of woe or sorrow was also known as the River of Pain that flowed from the Styx and believed to carry pains intended for mortals back to earth. It also carried the good souls from the Underworld that were sent back to earth after years to be reincarnated as mortals.

    Performing the correct funeral rites and death rituals for the dead was therefore essential to ensure the successful passage of souls into the afterlife.


    The Ancient Greeks therefore included placing a small coin, or obolus, under the tongue of a dead person for this purpose and was referred to as "Charon's obol". An obolus was a small, silver, low-denomination coin of Athens. A single coin buried with the dead and made of gold, silver or bronze was referred to as a danake or as Charon's obol. In the ancient death rituals the mouth of the dead was sealed with such a token or talisman and represented the boat fare to pay Charon the ferryman. Charon's obol sometimes took the form of a gold tablet, placed on the lips, that offered instructions for navigating the afterlife and addressing the gods of the underworld.

    If these conditions had not been fulfilled, the souls were left behind to wander up and down the banks of the River Styx for years as restless spirits. Picture of Tartarus in Hades the Underworld. Facts about Charon in Greek Mythology Charon, the ferryman, featured in the stories, myths and legends in Greek Mythology. Discover interesting information and facts about the ferryman.

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